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Lance Bass

Out of the Closet

7/26/2006 11:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lance Bass says he's gay and in a stable relationship with a reality show star.

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Over the last few months, TMZ shot video of Bass and "Amazing Race" winner Reichen Lehmkuhl, and although there was a buzz the two were a couple, they went to considerable lengths not to be seen in the same shot. In one video, as they walked through a park in New York together and saw the cameras, they immediately separated.

Now, Bass reveals to People he is indeed gay and in a "very stable" relationship with Lehmkuhl.

Bass told People that he feared coming out while he was in the boy band 'N Sync because he felt "it would overpower everything."

The 27-year-old Bass, a Baptist, has already told his friends and his "shocked" family, according to the magazine.

Bass now says he's at peace with himself.


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Lance Bass? Gay? DUH!!!!

come on. i totally knew that. just look at him!

3018 days ago

Brian Wolf    


I dont know if you will read this but I just wanted to thank you for coming out. You are in the public eye and I TOTALLY understand why you didnt come out earlier. I am a gay 33 year old male and I came out when I was 29 almost 30. The only thing I regreat was coming out so late in life. I read on here that you wanted to have a better and closer relatioship with your family and you had to tell them that you were gay to have that. And that is soooooo true. You are one of the lucky ones that you have the suport of family and friends. Some of my family dont really want anything to do with me anymore and I really dont care cuz I would much rather be hated for who I was, than be loved for who I was not. And I also read that you dont want to be a poster child for the gay comunity, and that is fine. I mean its your life and you live it the way you want. I got your back dude and you still rock. Would love to hear a solo album from you one of these days. Take care of yourself and I wish nothing but the best for you in your life.

Brian :)

3018 days ago


Lance Bass revelation of his homosexuality is a typical behavior of a person who is ashamed and guilty of living in sin. Lance you were not born as a homosexual and God did not create you that way. Sin entered your life and made you a homosexual. You should not even use God for your behavior. Your comment of having peace with God by revealing your homosexuality is a lie. Search your heart and conscience deeply and ask yourself if you truly have the peace with God? If you are a Christian a Bible believing Christian, and if you read the Bible then you know what it says about your behavior. In case you have not read it yet, I suggest you read Romans chapter 1 and 2. Particularly focus and concentrate and meditate what it says on Romans 1: verse 18-32, and Romans 2: verse 5-9. After you read this it would give you a different perspective about God. I hope and pray that you would see the light from God that leads to the path of righteousness to eternal life, rather than the darkness from this world that ruled by the devil which leads to destruction and eventually to eternal condemnation. The Bible says that our life in this world is just temporal and it is not our final destination we are just merely passing through it. It is your choice which way you want to go Heaven or Hell.

3017 days ago


LMAO! Everybody knew that he was gay! I just wanna know when Justin is going to come out of the closet...he looks and acts gayer than real gay guys. The Backstreet Boys were always waaaayyyyyyyyyyy hotter and better performers and singers than N'STINK anyway. And we know they're NOT gay since 3 of them are married and some have children and the others keep getting in trouble with the law.

3017 days ago



3017 days ago




He's like insulting my intelligence by coming out! IT was OBVIOUS!

Why was it when they first got popular in 1999 all the other guys were "single" while Lance had the only public relationship with Topanga from Boy Meets World??? ITs obvious they did that as a ploy to look over his true desires!
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++You have to understand his side about coming out. It's not an easy thing to do especially when your under the eye of the public. When he was "dating" Topanga, maybe he was going through some things and sorting stuff out or just plan ducking the press. It's much easier being a lesbian in Hollywood than a gay man. And as far as insulting your intelligence, this isn't about you.

3017 days ago


way to go lance! i love u no matter what happens! youre still the hottest guy who has ever lived and will stay that way for ever in my eyes!

3017 days ago

Hombre Diablo    

Just now coming out? I thought he did that when he joined the BOY band.

3017 days ago


To all the homophobics in this topic:

It's people like -YOU- (I cannot stress that enough), why there is evil in this world. You are not anyone to judge, you are a peon like every other human being in this world, and should you judge those, you shall certainly be judged in return by the almighty. You are no saint, yourself, you close-minded bigot. Go back to the corners of hell where you belong, and stay far away.

To make this simple; You are no angel, so to make such needless insults, shows your insecurity of your own sexuality and shallow humanity.

Worthless. Completely worthless.

Lance, I am glad you are happy with yourself, nevermind those who are insecure of themselves and make such uncalled for remarks. You deserve to be happy just like the rest of us on this planet. Good for you. Hold your head up high!

3017 days ago


To the homophobes:

Everyone will be judged in the end right? But until then, The Christians will do all the judging for everyone and then some huh?

I'm not aiming this at all Christians, I'm only aiming this at the one who have their heads up their asses. They like to quote from them bible and tell everyone what "GOD" said... what bull S***!! Let me ask this.... Do you all eat pork? Porkchops, bacon, sausage,ham....? In that same precious book, "God" said if you eat pork then you are going to hell. WTF?! Please remember, by your own dogma Man is full of sin.... even children are evil due to sin ( its in there, look it up ) So why would you follow a book 'inspired' by 'God" WRITTEN BY MAN!!!!!! In the precious book it also says that father should sell their daughters into slavery. Go GOD!

My God and Goddess teach love. Do you know what that word means? LOVE. Not hate. There is so much hate in this world. So your "God" is going to send people to hell for love. Yep, you are right....that makes a whole lot of sense.

I'm gay and I am not going to your hell. You just keep teaching and spreading your messgae of hate and you will join the ranks of the damned.

Blessed be.

3017 days ago


yeah...zz.z.zz.zzz me 2zzz.z.zz like I care a lot zzzzzz.z.z.zz

3017 days ago


There's nothing so shocking these days to hear about a celebrity's gender preference, especially a D-lister. Lance Bass, however, just might be proclaiming his gayness for self serving purposes: Perhaps this is his way of letting the world know that Reichen belongs to him!

3017 days ago


who didn't already know he was gay????? but i was wondering the same thing..if he wasn't ashamed of himself or the fact that he's gay...then why try to hide the fact that he was walking with his honey in the park??? why did they separate and try to act like they were with girls???? Lance also said in his interview that he "doesn't think it's wrong to be gay"...he doesn't THINK so...okay..whatever...but that's on him and it's his be happy Lance....wish you all the best.

3017 days ago


and I agree TOTALLY with comment #51....what people will do without a career!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3017 days ago


Rock on Lance...You're still my favorite one in the band.I'm little bit stune but everything is good.

3017 days ago
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