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Lance Bass

Out of the Closet

7/26/2006 11:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lance Bass says he's gay and in a stable relationship with a reality show star.

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Over the last few months, TMZ shot video of Bass and "Amazing Race" winner Reichen Lehmkuhl, and although there was a buzz the two were a couple, they went to considerable lengths not to be seen in the same shot. In one video, as they walked through a park in New York together and saw the cameras, they immediately separated.

Now, Bass reveals to People he is indeed gay and in a "very stable" relationship with Lehmkuhl.

Bass told People that he feared coming out while he was in the boy band 'N Sync because he felt "it would overpower everything."

The 27-year-old Bass, a Baptist, has already told his friends and his "shocked" family, according to the magazine.

Bass now says he's at peace with himself.


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Amy Harnish    

I remember, even as early as Kindergarden, being told be my teachers that we were special in America. That we were free to be anything that we wanted to do, and do whatever we wanted to do. I remember believing that with my whole heart. I remember loudly singing The Star Spangled Banner with my hand proudly over my heart and pitying children in other countrys who didn't have the same window of oppurnity that I did.
In fifth-grade. I got my first dose of reality. At that time, I wanted to be a writter. I wrote poetry and short stories about my friends and family, and about my favorite comic books heros, The X Men.
The first time I noticed that you can't always do what you wanted to do, was when I recieved a detention for my "inappropriate writtings" After my teacher had taken away my first romantic novel and showed it to my mother it would be a long time before I would have the confidence to write again. It was also at that time when I first noticed that my Uncle Ernie was.. Different.
I remember visiting my grandmother that summer. my Uncle Ernie knitting in the kitchen while the other men watched baseball. My mother loved his homemade tomato sauce because he used fresh tomatos out of his garden. But it wasn't until Middle School when I woke up and realized that Ernie was gay.

The second time I realized that something was wrong was when I overheard a conversation between my Uncle and my mother about his parter and him wanting to commit to each other. Of course at the time I didn't know exactly what that ment.. But I remember asking my mother. "Why can't they just get married?"
I remember my mother looking at me like I was insane before she turned, red faced back to her cooking. "Because it's wrong."

But why?? Why is it wrong for gays and lesbians to marry? I've never understood what makes that wrong. In Alabama you can marry your first cousin. But a man can't marry another man. It never made sense to me.

Don't get me wrong, I grew up in a strict Christian household. My mother and I attended the local Baptist church on Sundays. My grandfather was a paster at his own baptist church in another town. My father and his wife were devot Catholics. However, no one in my family believed that homosexuality was a bad thing. Strange and different perhaps to my Grandfather, not he never once said to us that they were sinners or hell bound. (Of course he did say that once about Elvis.... but I think that's just a generation thing..)

In High School my journalism teacher gave me the best advice I ever got in my life... "Question EVERYTHING"

So now, I am questioning my country. Not because of any war, or anything negitave I have heard about our government. But because ever after the Amancipation Proclomation, Sufferage and Martin Luther King. We STILL go after a minority. Like Bullys looking to pick a fight on someone weaker because it makes us feel more powerful in our own skin.
Haven't we advanced beyong viewing those different as second class citizens? Hasn't mankind evolved past the need to single out those who are different or weaker?

I've heard the arguments from overzealous bible thumpers. "God Hates Fags!" "God doesn't want Same sex marriage" Why??

Who are we to judge and say what God does or does not want. I remember when God didn't want us to eat meat on Friday and have sex on Sundays. I remember reading about arranged marriages made by the church and little boys in the chior being castrated so that they didn't loose their soprano voices.. Why doesn't God want that anymore? Who is the one who has the authority to pick and choose? Even John Paul II had no problem with Gay marriage. Did you know that Gay and Lesbian attendence in Catholic churches grew higher during John Paul II rain as Pope??

And what about the economic benifits of allowing Gay marriages? Can you imagine the boom?? Everything from airline tickets to tourism and flowers, Specialty cakes and wedding attire.. The boom would last for years and would help our country.. Not to mention the cost of lisences and chapel rental.

The average formal wedding costs around 25,000 the average informal wedding about half. That doesn't put into account the Honeymoon. And on that note, you would think that after marriage, you would want a house, insurence, a family car. (Provided that you want a family) and other such important things that would also rise in sales.
In a country that is experiencing a decline in patriotism and faith.. Perhaps it is time to reevaluate why we continue to cling to something to outdated as bigotry and discrimination.

We as a nation need to take a deep breath and remember.. Our own people are not the enemys. Why must we hate our own people and deprive them of something to precious and so glorious as the right to love, openly and honestly. Love is a gift weaither you are straight or gay..

And Love is a gift fro

3016 days ago

Tom Clark    

Ok so he is gay, That don't change anything he can still sing. In fact he can sing better than any of other members in that group. And from what I can see from all of the remarks about him being gay, I don't blame him for wanting to keep it private all of those years. The only thing I can and will say is Lance just be yourself and be happy...

3016 days ago


i met n*sync on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno ( i have pictures to prove) about 6 years ago. Lance was my favorite member and I was TOTALLY obsessed with him. My mom thought he was gay and she even put a bet on it. i didnt believe her, but coincidently BOTH him and I came out this year. IM A LESBIAN - and it doesn't change who I am, its just part of who I am. what does it matter who you love? Gay or straight, we all deserve the same. rights and respect. So, screw all the people who dont see that LOVE IS LOVE.

3016 days ago



3016 days ago

Delores Williams    

It is no surprise that he is gay. Maybe he was the last to know. He might as well kiss his career goodbye in mainstream since no one wants to destroy the fantasy that he is "hot" eyecandy to females. Basically, he perpetrated a fraud on Women. Heck, if he had come out in the beginning no one would care, but years after the fact, and it shows fraud.
Before you blast me, name one male singer that came out late and is now still on the charts. Can't think of any. He burned himself.

3015 days ago


So what would you suggest Delores? Stay in the closet? Hide himself for longer than he already did? You're damn right I'm going to blast you. You think you are different? I'm sure there is something in your life, you've done in your past, that you wish you can take back, but guess what? Life's a bitch, and you can't change what's already passed, so stop dwelling on it, and move the fuck on. And I doubt he'll have financial problems, considering he has a large amount of it already, not to mention his lover with it.

It's not fraud. He wanted to come out, but he was looking out for his fellow band members, which is VERY admirable.

3015 days ago



3015 days ago


please who didn't know. thats why they sounded like they did

3015 days ago


To me, it doesn't matter that Lance is gay. He's unique in his own way!!! So are a lot of other gay people!!! I'm not gay, but I'm just speaking out for the sake of people just like Lance. :)

3015 days ago


With all the women in the world and the money that he has, the question is why? Instead of "Kiss me baby one more time" Its "Bend over baby one more time".

3015 days ago


I just dont know anymore? Can someone show me where GOD talks about "Adam and Steve" I always thought there was "Adam and Eve"? Did'nt GOD destroy Sadam and Gamora? Is it still in exsistance? Let's see.......Can I guy get pregnant? And if so....would the child come out the anus or the tip of the penis? So what your trying to say is the snake in the tree of life was actually an oversized penis and the apple was the temptation to bend over.......Ohhhhhh eureka..... boldly bend over where no man has bent over before......

3015 days ago


Wow, Mario. What are you? Thirteen years old? If not, you're sure acting like it. I'd also like to point out that I strongly believe that Sadam and Gamora was destroyed because of all the adultry that was going on in that city (men sleeping with each others wives, and vise versa), it's not SOLELY based on homosexuality. I suggest you read up on your bible.

If you want to talk about morality, I suggest you step back and vision yourself for just a second and actually ask yourself if judging someone's life is really your position. Because I can truly say it's not. :)

3015 days ago


He just had to go and give all of the pseudo macho men a reason to gloat. I would of liked him to stay in the closet so I wouldn't have to hear my brother tell me I told you so...

3015 days ago

dennis walters    

BIG DEAL; not that there's anything wrong with that, no of course not!

3015 days ago

Hammersmith Watney    


Lance Bass is gay? That's just not possible. How could someone who seems so virile and manly be gay? I never would have guessed in a billion years that he was gay!

What a total, complete and unexpected shock!

I mean, George Michael and Elton John coming THAT was a surprise. I mean, those guys had always seemed so manly and virile.

Rosie O'Donnel? I was shocked. I NEVER would have guessed he was gay. I was just beside myself. Rosie always seemed like a regular guy to me. Never in my wildest dreams would I have said 'Oh yeah, that O'Donnel guy is gay'.

And now Lance? My God. When will it end? Someone please tell me Clay Aiken is not gay, because he's like a regular John Wayne to me.

None of these people ever seemed remotely gay at all so I'm telling you...another bombshell dropped on Hollywood. Man, the world has gone insane. Who's next Richard Simmons? Please.

Like HE is gay.

3014 days ago
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