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Lance Bass

Out of the Closet

7/26/2006 11:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lance Bass says he's gay and in a stable relationship with a reality show star.

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Over the last few months, TMZ shot video of Bass and "Amazing Race" winner Reichen Lehmkuhl, and although there was a buzz the two were a couple, they went to considerable lengths not to be seen in the same shot. In one video, as they walked through a park in New York together and saw the cameras, they immediately separated.

Now, Bass reveals to People he is indeed gay and in a "very stable" relationship with Lehmkuhl.

Bass told People that he feared coming out while he was in the boy band 'N Sync because he felt "it would overpower everything."

The 27-year-old Bass, a Baptist, has already told his friends and his "shocked" family, according to the magazine.

Bass now says he's at peace with himself.


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Mike M    

WOW!!! I am really shocked! That was my FAVORITE boy member from the Backdoor Boys!

2975 days ago

I am really upset, but it just goes to show that the end is near. Jesus is comming back and in the bible it talks about how the people will turn from God. I am sorry to say this, but lance is not a true Christian Baptist or he would not be gay. I am not babtist, but I know that they believe the bible and live by it daily and the bible says that being gay is wrong! In the Old testement it talks about the city of Sodom and Gomorrahin 2 peter2:6. In the bible that city was a bad place full of homosexualls and gods/ildols and alcoholics. The bible eventually destroyed that city with fire that fell from heaven.The bible calls homosexuallity a "grievious sin"-Gen. 18:20. In Leviticus 18:22 the bible strickly says do not lie with a man like you do a woman. it shows right there that that is wrong. Some people believe that the Old testement is not for today, I personally believe the whole thing is for today, but lets just say that is isn't. The New testements says it is wrong in Romans 1:18-23 also in 1Cor. 6:10, by Paul , but it says in the next verse that you can overcome it and you can change your life around. I am not trying to preach I just wish people would wake up and know that Jesus is going to come back soon and take only those who are ready to go to heaven then we will have what is called the tribulation. It is going to be hard to live throught those times so it is time to get you life right now. If anyone wants to talk for a while my e-mail is

2975 days ago


First of all Joey, it's NOT because they feel it's wrong. It's because they are afraid of close-minded people out there that will ridicule them, and bad-mouth them and say stupid shit like they're going to hell, when truly NOBODY can say that but god. And for any religious person saying they are going to hell, is playing god. You cannot do that. And it is totally uncalled for.

If you want to say homosexuality is an abomination, well let's not forget what else is considered an abomination, here you have it:

Shaving - Leviticus 19:27
Shrimp - Leviticus 11:10
Tattoos - Levitcus 19:28
Working on Saturday - Levitcus 19:30
Wearing Polyester - Levitcus 19:19
Bunnies - Levitcus 11:6
Hamburgers - Levitcus 17:10
Vegitable Gardens - Levitcus 19:19

If you're going to quote one. Quote them ALL.

I honestly think what people honestly should focus on, are the 7 deadly sins, and the 10 Commandments. Those are the most serious, and most important. Homosexuality is a mouse, compared to the rest of the things the Bible speaks of.

Let me tell you why people think it's wrong; Simply because they cannot reproduce. WELL. You might as well hate a female who can't have a child, OR a man that's gone sterile. Because they can't reproduce either. So you might as well hate them too!

Damn people are so stupid sometimes.

2975 days ago


Its a shame that Lance had to go through so much pain in "coming out" and having to expose his "stable "relationship which will most likely go the way as most same sex relationships and end up down the drain in no time and soon we will be seeing him in Hollywood with George Micheals standing right next to him.
p.s. I am not homophobe I am homo as well just realistic thats all!!

2974 days ago

Ric H    

Who cares?? This is the 21st Century for Heaven's sake! Nobody cares who's gay and who isn't anymore -- well, except for republicans!! As long as it's not your first cousin or a pet, you should be able to fall in love (and marry) anybody you want to!! Hahahah! Go Lance!! Have a wonderful life!!!

2974 days ago


and we are supposed to care because??????????????

2974 days ago

Ric H    

Thanks for your comments Andrew! Much appreciated. Leviticus also states you must give up your first born child into slavery.... I don't see us doing THAT anymore. And don't preach that "sanctity of marriage" crap to me either. 50% of all marriages today end in divorce, and the gay folks certainly didn't have ANYTHING to do with that!! Jesus, himself, NEVER EVER condemned homosexuals - NEVER.

2974 days ago


What! someone from a boy band is gay? no way! So when is Justin Timberlake going to come out?

2974 days ago


I Emailed Reichen from the email he had on his old web site, i includded a picture that was not me, but i why not he will never get back to me. Then i got all these emails from him. We chatted online and he never mentioned the picture. Finally he gave me his phone number and we talked every night for like a month. He began begging me to come out to Cali to see him and i could move there and live with him. I told him i was not out and he wanted to fly to FL and out me! It was intense how hard he tried to get me to come out, I think Bass might have felt that. He also wanted my address and he continued to call me and beg for me. There is alot more to this story......

2974 days ago


Good job Lance! Justin, it's your turn.

2974 days ago

mr joe    


2972 days ago

Michelle Ross    

Hello, Bass is not a Baptist. Baptist do not condone homosexuality. He is not even a Christian because a Christian knows that homosexuality is a sin to God and No One who practices this lifestyle is a Christian. They can call themselves whatever they want, but doesn't mean it is true. I can call myself Queen of Columbia, but that doesn't make it true!!!

537 days ago


ok who here is shocked by this news? No one!

537 days ago


Gay, straight, who cares. why even announce it.

510 days ago


everyone who didn't already know raise your hand!!

218 days ago
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