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Lance Bass

Out of the Closet

7/26/2006 11:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lance Bass says he's gay and in a stable relationship with a reality show star.

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Over the last few months, TMZ shot video of Bass and "Amazing Race" winner Reichen Lehmkuhl, and although there was a buzz the two were a couple, they went to considerable lengths not to be seen in the same shot. In one video, as they walked through a park in New York together and saw the cameras, they immediately separated.

Now, Bass reveals to People he is indeed gay and in a "very stable" relationship with Lehmkuhl.

Bass told People that he feared coming out while he was in the boy band 'N Sync because he felt "it would overpower everything."

The 27-year-old Bass, a Baptist, has already told his friends and his "shocked" family, according to the magazine.

Bass now says he's at peace with himself.


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Nick Fisher    

Wow, now Lance Bass and I have something in common, we both came out during the same year! LOL!!

My gaydar sucks pretty bad, but I guess I could see why he was always construed as being gay. Well, alls I can say is that I'm glad he has come to our side!!

3002 days ago


This no shock to anyone who is gay. WE KNEW ALL THE TIME!!!!! When do we get to see the home videos? I get hard just thinking about it!!!

3001 days ago

Horatio Ready    

An endless number of comments and most of them support that he has finally slithered out from under the closet door. He is not normal, he is a fudgepacker. Normal men don't look at other men and think "Wow I would like to get in his pants", that is just plain sick. This poor bastage doesn't have a clue what life is about or how he would have gotten here if his dad had been packing some other guy's butt.

2994 days ago


I called him out YEARS ago. It was so obvious. Why is anyone surprised by this? YAWN

2993 days ago

This one    

Thinking that gay is wrong is not homophobic...its called morality. Nature itself says homosexuality is wrong...have you ever seen gay animals? I don't think I need to be graphic with exactly what gay means...but it is obvious that is not they way it is supposed to be. If anyone is homophobic, it is those who want to name call someone who actually has a moral standard. It is true, it is his business, he has to make the bed he sleeps in (no pun intended)...and, he may be at peace with himself...but that won't matter in the end...what will matter is what God thinks. The only reason Christians say anything about being gay is because we care enough to at least try and warn those that they, like all of us, will have to give an account to God in the end, and what He says will go and believe you me, there will be no public opinion considered in the mattter.

2992 days ago


#135, Nancy, I'm so happy for you that you chose to be straight. God made you just the way you are, and you chose to be straight. What a wonderful God! He's in His heaven and all's right with the world.

2992 days ago


im glad he came out...but i kindof knew that he was gay when i liked yea hes got the hottest boyfriend too!!! GO LANCE!!!

2992 days ago


I can't even believe that this had to be made such a big deal. He's gay. So What! Just gives the narrow minds something to talk about instead of their own hidden disires.

2992 days ago


Thats ok, he's still a hottie. Gay or not.

2992 days ago

nsync fan    

hey i am happy for lance i think everyone really knew it but was never really sure or wanted to admit it to themselfs especially the fans that lance was gay but i am proud of him and i wish i had the courage to come out to people as well of course not as he did but still it would be nice to finally be free WAY TO GO LANCE and YOUR STILL MY FAVORITE well you and JC

2992 days ago

grace cordell    


2991 days ago

I Already Knew    

Why is this such a shock? LOOK @ him! Just LOOK!
Next he'll try to "SHOCK" us with details of whom's screwing whom (Like we don't already know! Bass = Take it in the A**)
I hope this don't give christians a bad name, like "oh! their all gay."
I mean to each their own but why did they have to say he is a baptist?
When others come out they don't mention their beliefs or affiliations.

2991 days ago


I was NSYNC fan when i was lil girl , though i was all bout Justin and never attracted to Lance i didnt think he was gay , but c'mon ppl, It take guts for him to come out and im sure it aint easy when u r in this business.
Good luck Lance u guys make a cute couple

2986 days ago


GOOD FOR HIM!!! All the members are happy for him, people are making this a bigger deal than it should be!! who cares if he is gay or straight!! And NO I dont think this would have made nsync unsuccessful in any way!! nsync fans are die hards and would never judge something like this!! love Nsync and I miss them!!

2972 days ago




3020 days ago
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