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Hasselhoff Deemed Unfit to Fly

7/27/2006 11:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The same day his divorce became final from Pamela Bach, David Hasselhoff was banned from boarding a British Airways flight after showing up to the gate intoxicated, according to The Sun newspaper.

After reportedly downing bottles of beer and shots of whiskey at a first class lounge at Heathrow, British Airways staff told Hasselhoff he was unfit to board the plane, which The Hoff agreed with.

The Sun also says Hasselhoff told the airline staff he was upset about his messy divorce from his wife after 16 years.

A British Airways spokesperson tells TMZ: "A male passenger was denied boarding flight BA279 as he was deemed to be unfit for travel. He was reassessed by British Airways staff and he was accepted for travel on flight BA283, which left two hours later."



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he had to sent to a hospital in Palm Springs for alcohol poisining so he has a big time drinking problem

3007 days ago


Since when did beer and whiskey become "new medication"?

3007 days ago


is life really about "dising" everyone like thats a big problem in this world make "big news"over something that happens everyday to just about everyone people get a life will ya

3007 days ago


In one word-LOSER!!!!

3007 days ago


It just shows that David is like any other man, he is not perfect. And yes he can be a jerk, and he can also be a nice man. If he wasn't a star they would've not cared one way or another. It also shows he is not god too. But the man has to make a living like the rest of us so give him a break. No one is immune to divorce no matter who fault it is. And it must be tough on him to share his childern with his ex. I say good luck to him and hope he doesn't fall off the wagon to long. and good luck on with staying in his kids lives and that drinking don't screw it up for him and the girls. Dianna

3007 days ago

Michael Alexander    

The real point here is that David proclaims that he's been sober for two years, and has repeatedly denied that he's fallen off the wagon. He's clearly on a path that will lead him to Gary Busey-ville.

3007 days ago


some of you people are so gullible and clueless. yeah lets be nice to the hoff no matter how much BS he spreads. Kinda like how he sliced tendons while shaving.. right? You people probably believed that too.. LOL!!!! he's a friggin drunk has been and deserves all the crap we give him since he's decided to try and continue making a living in the public eye.....

3007 days ago


It's bull that a prescription antibiotic would cause someone to act drunk. Antibiotics do not affect a person in that way. Maybe if he was on a tranquilizer. (FYI, I sold antibiotics for years and they do not have this effect).

What galls me the most is the publicist. Can't you come up with a better lie than that? This one comes directly from the Publicity for Dummies handbook: Client appears drunk, blame it on the doctor. And people wonder why our country is so ethically challenged.

All famous people have some sort of excuse for their behavior so they appear perfect. ("Our marriage is perfect & we are blissfully happy" is also common to hear 2 day prior to the divorce papers being filed.) It's only the "little" people who get drunk - celebs have "medication". Guess what people, just because you have an ego the size of Chicago doesn't make you perfect. It is crazy to suggest that the rest of the world is always misinterpreting the poor spoiled brat's behavior rather than calling it what it is. Even if he was so honest (he did act better than most celebs would have), he still LIED about it! Why not just say he was upset over his divorce so he had a little to much to drink?! Everyone would accept that & move on. But no, got to give the big lie because, you know, they are better the rest of us. They don't have problems; only "we" have problems. That's the reason this is news - the whole "who are you going to believe -- me or your lying eyes?" defense that has made denying responsibility a national pasttime. No wonder kids can't tell the difference between the truth & a lie.

I'll bet you big bucks Lindsay Lohan's "overheating" was another publicist's way of saying she had a hangover (as daily pictures of her nightly partying make the press every day.) How does this girl even get into clubs when she isn't even 21?

3007 days ago


really now who cares... everyone is posting but no one is sending flowers... or perhaps a bottle of scotch... next

3007 days ago


TMZ / Harvey Levin is nothing more than a stalking celebrity terrorist.

3007 days ago

Mike B    

Leave the man alone...He hurt no one but himself and was man enough to accept the consequence"s. Hope he gets further help and continues ahead to a better life.

3007 days ago


"It's bull that a prescription antibiotic would cause someone to act drunk." -- Julie (#27)

If he is on antidepressants it isn't bull. I can excuse the antidepressants in his situation: either he loves his ex-wife dearly (broken heart) or is sad that he has to shell out alot of his paycheck supporting a conniving ***** (Would you want to work to support me for the rest of your life? *hears silence* Thought not.). Either way, I'd be more than a little depressed.

I can excuse the white lie since the whole affair really isn't anybody's business except his and those he chooses to tell. The prevailing opinion is that "it is never ok to lie." then? If you walked up to me and asked a question that was quite frankly none of your business, I'd lie too -- honesty is never desirable when it is at the expense of good sense.
Seems to me your belief contradicts itself -- if it is never ok to lie, then how can you justify lying to yourselves? This automatically makes you all delusional by the way... just thought you should know.

Hasslehoff gets bonus points for behaving in a mature, dignified manner the whole time (did he whine / get violent / start ranting when the airline sind he couldn't board? *looks up at article* Nope.) -- especially depressed and under the effects of a drug interaction that makes the existing problem worse by quite a large multiplier -- and likely drunk on enough alcohol to kill a small child.

3007 days ago


Hasselhoff is god
he can do what he wants
how many of u sang on the berlin wall
that cracker can rock

3007 days ago


Davids (ex) wife is not a "bitch" at all. I was with a girlfriend when she called her from the hospital suffering from that motorcycle wreck that they both were in. It was VERY serious, and I heard the pain FIRST hand. She is a very caring person . Maybe things didnt work out between them and David is a bit upset about that. The best thing he could do right now is focus on sober friends and hang around people who are a good influence. David, a NA meeting might be in order also. You know what Im saying.

3007 days ago


so, why could he not wait until he got to his destiation to get drunk? I have been divorced twice and only took a drink at HOME after second divorce. He is no better than any other person. We cannot get on a plane drunk so why should he?

3007 days ago
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