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Hasselhoff Deemed Unfit to Fly

7/27/2006 11:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The same day his divorce became final from Pamela Bach, David Hasselhoff was banned from boarding a British Airways flight after showing up to the gate intoxicated, according to The Sun newspaper.

After reportedly downing bottles of beer and shots of whiskey at a first class lounge at Heathrow, British Airways staff told Hasselhoff he was unfit to board the plane, which The Hoff agreed with.

The Sun also says Hasselhoff told the airline staff he was upset about his messy divorce from his wife after 16 years.

A British Airways spokesperson tells TMZ: "A male passenger was denied boarding flight BA279 as he was deemed to be unfit for travel. He was reassessed by British Airways staff and he was accepted for travel on flight BA283, which left two hours later."



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To all of the people that don't drink - good for you.
I do know people who basically don't drink except when they fly. Because,They don't have to drive. ( Thats why there is a BAR in the airport.)
I have been there, Good or Bad DIVORCE is always UGLY!
Maybe it was an excuse. A good exsuse. It has been 10 years and my Divorce still hurts. It really hurts when it is finalized.
He had too many drinks or shots. He followed the Airport rules. At least he wasn't a cry baby. so all in all. It happens. People- lots of people drink or get drunk at the Airport. I don't think it makes him a lower Human being. And, I am not even a fan! Don't throw stones......

3007 days ago


a drunk is a drunk and they will lie, and lie to try to excuse their drunken behavior. He is no different just because he is rich and famous. The rest of us would never get away with what this guy has done.

3007 days ago


Father Time & the "bottle" will eventually put many of us in the grave !!!!
Hey David.....the clock's run down to 0....face the music.

3007 days ago

Douglas Palmer    


3007 days ago


You know the only reason the press is making such a big deal about this is that he's famous. The germans can have him, we'll take him anytime!!!!

3007 days ago


For goodness sake...leave the man alone..let him live his life..don't you people have better things to do?

3007 days ago


I know plenty of folks who tell me that they are nervous to fly, and have a few drinks before a flight. Perhaps he is one of them, and a divorce and a new prescription made his condition worse. He was only trying to be a passenger, not the pilot. At least he was not driving!

3007 days ago

Theresa Whittemore    

Hoff is pretty pathetic these days, everyone knows that antibiotics don't make you seem drunk, not in the least. Also, your not supposed to drink ANY alcohol while on antibiotics or they won't work, but that's what drunks do, fool themselves. I drank for 20 yrs so I know. I hope he gets some help, this is a huge problem in our society. God help us all.

3006 days ago


I must be the only female in he USA who doesn't see the "yummy" in Hasselhoff. He did nothing for me in Bay Watch and does even less now. To me, he's an old has been! People are defending him for drinking (just a couple). Another said she hopes he doesn't fall off t he wagon............Helloooooooooooooo? If he is alcoholic and drank enough to be denied flight priviledge, I think he already fell off the wagon!

3006 days ago


Good Golly! If you people had as much interest and respect for others you would not be so judgemental of people when they are down in life! Give a hand up not a obscene leer and quick to cut someone down!

3005 days ago


Yes, he behaved respectful and did what he was told to do! His drinking problem is his afair not everybody elses!

3005 days ago


Don't get me wrong, "the Hoof" is crazy enough without being under the influence of any mind altering substances. That aside, how the f*ck can someone actually BE "unfit" to fly? "Sir, we believe that in your current state, you may not be able to SIT IN A SEAT."

3005 days ago


The first I heard of any problems with David, that I recall, was the allegations of physical, and verbal abuse by David against his wife. The abuse, true or not, which I tend to believe, because I live with an alcoholic, is why alot of people have changed their views on David. I used to like him years ago, but now you can see he has problems. Getting a divorce was the end result of obvious turmoil with their marriage. It doesnt matter if his wife was a beyoch or not, alcoholism affects everyone, and abuse should never be tolerated. Get help David, you look like a jerk and TV is doing you and the public a dis-service by showing you. Watching "you have talent", sadly shows when you open your mouth your really pretty stupid and whimpy. My image of you has been crushed. You and OJ should have a drink together.

2944 days ago


People should take what happened with the OJ case seriously. It is a sad state of affairs when more people rallied to OJ's side, then they cared for his factual physical abuse on his wife. Watch out wife of David, he is crazy with rage and an alcoholic. Very bad combination. TV celebrates a celebrity thats abuses women. must be a Disney station.

2944 days ago

Hammersmith Watney    

Oh my i the only one who can see what is happening here?

Its the Jews!

They put a CGI baby in the front seat of Britney's car, framing her for being a bad mother!

They brainwashed Barbara Walters into firing Star Jones!

They kidnapped Tom and Katie's alien baby!

They made M. Night Shyamalan's new movie suck!

They went after The Hoff!

They got Mel Gibson!


3004 days ago
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