The Hoff Has Last Laugh

7/27/2006 3:35 PM PDT

The Hoff Has Last Laugh

Like it or not, David Hasselhoff has become a huge star again, thus proving the freak factor never fails in Hollywood.

In the last few months, Hasselhoff has been accused by his ex-wife of wild brutality (which he denies), he's been through the ugliest of divorces, he's proven America really doesn't have talent, he's been barred from an airplane because of bizarre behavior and he's a big star again.

Last February, a gaggle of paparazzi told TMZ that they could only get five bucks for a David Hasselhoff pic. Who would have thunk, just months later, he'd be a hot commodity?

Surely you know in Germany Hasselhoff runs a close second to Jesus Christ. People sob at his singing, and not for the obvious reasons. They like him. They really, really like him.

In America, not so much, but then again, they watch him. He's got that Paula Abdul/Paris Hilton quality -- you need to watch to see if he falls off that cliff. In Hollywood, that translates into stardom.

Don't hassle The Hoff.