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Mel Gibson

Busted for DUI

7/28/2006 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson BustedMel Gibson was arrested by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department in Malibu, Calif. early this morning for suspicion of DUI. Bail was set at $5,000.

He was pulled over for speeding in his 2006 Lexus as he was heading eastbound on the Pacific Coast Highway and a Breathalyzer test was administered. The arrest report lists the time of arrest as 2:36AM and the time booked as 4:06AM. Gibson was released at 9:45 a.m.

A spokesman for the Los Angeles Country Sheriff's Department told TMZ, "Mel Gibson was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. He was released later this morning. The investigation was still ongoing, just like it would be with any other person."

A rep for Gibson tells TMZ they are "checking into" the matter.

EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: A sheriff's official told TMZ Gibson had a blood alcohol level of .12. The legal limit in the state of California is .08.

UPDATE 9:15 p.m. Explosive new details in this case! Click here.


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Anybody who judges Mel Gibson (or anybody else) for getting one DUI (big Deal!) is a fricken hypocrite. We all have drank and drove at least once or twice. We all make mistakes, occasionally. Do not try to say that you don't, because if you do you are really full of it! Besides, he did not hurt anybody. No harm no foul. So, for you disprepectful hypocrites that are full of blasphomy, take a look in the mirror and get a life!!!!!!!!!

3006 days ago

Donna Lee Carrillo    

Leave the guy alone! So he messed up. Big deal! More than half the world has a DUI. Why does'nt every get off his back.

3006 days ago

Donna Lee Carrillo    

Leave the guy alone. You people make me sick. Every body screwes up once in a while. All you do gooders I would love to follow you around for a week or two. Shut the hell up and leave the guy alone.!!!!!!

3006 days ago

Charles LeBlanc    

From a Canadian point of view? You guys always blow issues out of proportion!!!

3005 days ago


so everyone who says whats the big deal you have some issues what if you had kids or your friend was killed by a drunk driver OH NO BIG DEAL the driver just drank a little and was having a good time you guys are DISGUSTING he shouldnt get away with this drinking and driving is serious it kills people

3005 days ago

Donna Lee Carrillo    

All you "saints" that say I will never go see another movie of his are full of shi!!!! you make me sick. You have """NEVER EVER EVER""" done any thing in your life that you regret. If you say yes your full of SH*T. shut up and find something in your life that dosn"t include someone elses problems. You probly have enough of your own.

3005 days ago


I always suspected Mel to be an anti-semite. First he doesn't say that what his dad believes is not what he believes. Second, there are those who feel that his "POTC" movie was a slap against jews. Then he goes on an anti-semetic tirade while drunk. It lends evidence to those who see his "POTC" as being against jews. Maybe they were right. Now, supposedly there is a damning video out there that was taken when Mel was drunk when he was in police custody where he really goes off the deep end against jews. I hope that it get out into the public and that Hollywood blacklists him and considers him box-office poison. Mel had enough money that he doesn't NEED to make another movie for the rest of his live. He has more than enough to support him and his dozen (or how ever many) kids. Also, I am so sick and tired of when ever a celebrity gets into trouble, the first thing they do is say, "I'm going to rehab." Like saying that will excuse their behavior. I think Mel's punishment should be to spend time with Holocost survivers and he has to listen to their stories, then have him make a movie about their suffering, and donate 100% of the proceeds to a charity that fights anti-semitism.

3005 days ago


Give Mel a break,What a great actor ! He has given the public so many great movies to watch just think being in his shoe's for a day how would you vent? just think a least he wasnt busted for drug posession. The man has to let of some steam some way!

3005 days ago

jay love    

all these right wingers saying he deserves a break, and it would be differant if Ted Kennedy, or Micheal Moore, or Jane Fonda had been busted....yea right it would....all you's on here that are crying to give the man a "break" and leave the man alone, would be sharpening your knives to roast any liberal figure that had ANYTHING happen in their life, whether it was their fault or not? c'mon, at leats have the balls to admit that?

Jane Fonda has been persecuted for almost forty years by the right, and old Ted, he's been called everything in the book for about the same amount of time....and lets not even get into Clinton!!!! just getting a little jail house sex, while working 20 hour days seven days a week to keep the peace around the world, and he's some kind of Ax murderer? even his wife forgave him, that should have been the end of that....but oh no, lets spend 70 million dollars to roast the guy over an open pitt fire for gettin a little under the desk between him and a consenting adult? sure it was wrong, can he apologise and just walk away, hell no....when your a public figure, and you use that public podium to promote what you beleive in, wheter left or right get this happen to you, (A La Dixie Chicks) its a sick american phenomenom, thats not very appealing to the rest of the civilized world....YES, i will forgive Mel, when you all forgive Clinton....or when Piggs fly in downtown Hollywood?

you hypocrits....and if you hate this site soo much, why are you posting your thoughts, little as they may be on it?

3005 days ago

Alfonso Pittman    

I think that people needs to get a life!!!!
most of the people that are speaking so much sh*t about him are probably worst people than him.
after all we are all humas and we do make errors!!!

3005 days ago


I'm still trying to figure out why we are waiting for "Hollywood" to forgive him. That's a little bizar considering that Hollywood has committed more sin than satan himself. The ones that are suppose to forgive him have been involved in more bigotry, adultry, drugs, blackmale, prostitution, shoplifting, domestic violence, murder, etc., etc., etc. I would hate to think that my salvation depended on anything that "Hollywood" or the media might or might not do for me.

3005 days ago


Mel is just another drunken idiot who doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut.
Like they say the truth comes out when people drink so he was saying what he really thinks.I think that more celebrities should step up and refuse to work with the racist A**HOLE!Remember now ,this is not the first time Mel has done this he has a problem with gays also.

3005 days ago

Donna Lee Carrillo    

TO MEGAN, Nobody should get off with the DUI. He should pay all the fines and do the classes. He should never have been on the road drunk. He could have killed someone. They were right to arrest him but all the crap that is going on about what he said is the topic.People say alot of stuff when they get drunk. You can call your mother a WHORE. That dos'nt mean you really think that she is. GET OVER WHAT WAS SAID AND LET THE GUY LEARN HIS LESSON ABOUT DRINKING AND DRIVING. DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3005 days ago


Since when is it illegal to speak your mind (so long as you don't act on it)? Who cares who or what Mel Gibson likes and dislikes? I feel sorry for him. He needs help with the alcoholism and the media needs to find something or someone else to exploit. Even DUIs are now becoming political fodder.

3005 days ago

Broge k    

Mels drunking ranting? OR WWIII being started by Isreal
Where Mel went out OR where are your children when they go out?
Mels career OR how much is TMZ makin off this deal?
Biased reporting? OR a drunks honesty? who's word do you trust?

3005 days ago
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