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Faux Paris to Bare All

7/28/2006 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Natalie ReidNatalie Reid, a Paris Hilton look-alike, will appear in next month's issue of Playboy magazine.

The issue also features a look at the E! series "Girls Next Door" and an interview with Eva Longoria.'s promo for the issue says, "She went from stripping at Scores to living a socialite's life, simply because she looks exactly like Paris Hilton. You won't believe your eyes."

TMZ cameras were with Natalie in February when she took in a few shows during New York Fashion Week -- and people thought she was really Paris!


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I honestly don't think she looks like paris like maybe the hair or whatever but this girls nose is F*#@ up! U could totally tell its not the real PARIS. I just read a thing on E!Online that says this girl is so proud of posing for Playboy she thinks it will help her get into the movies. Seriously have to laugh at that. We don't want to see the real paris in movies why would we want to see a FAKE! Just stupid stupid stupid

2998 days ago

Mom of 2 in PA    

You go *Haley*!!!!
I like Paris also.
She is not my idol but I do like her . I also think the LQQK alike don't LQQK anything like Paris.

2997 days ago

Stephanie DANG    

wtf, shes not even that pretty looking. without the glasses she looks like a retarded paris. i like paris, and this is just .. insulting. hahah. if i was paris id be so annoyed. haha, and if i was nicole, i wouldve slapped that girl and told her that she was pathetic during the season finale. i mean sure, being an impersonator is her job and thats fine i guess, but shes trying wayy too hard trying to dress talk and act like her. she doesnt even tell people that shes NOT paris.
stop trying, you fake
besides, i think people have a hard enough time dealing with ONE paris

2988 days ago

Saber-Toothed Crotch Crickets    

This girl doesn't look like Paris to me. They are both ugly, though.

2962 days ago

the wise old owl    

This is really a JOKE !!! Who wants to see the REAL Paris naked , let alone a classless impersonator? Hell, Hugh Hefner doesn't even want the real Paris because she's all used up and doesn't quote " FIT THE PROFILE OF THE GIRL NEXT DOOR" which has been policy for playboy for years. Playboy must be desperate to pay this phoney to pose nude. I think the magazine is on it's WAY OUT.

3011 days ago

No Need For A Name    

This is such trash! Here is something I cant stand: People who don't succeed being themselves so they stoop
to the level of impersonation. Use the comparison for a good cause at least, not to get a free 5-star meal. The REAL Ms. Hilton should put a stop to this!

3011 days ago


Didn't Paris say she was asked by hefner to pose in playboy since she was 17, and she refused to do it? She'll probably not be to thrilled about this.

3011 days ago


better than seeing the real paris naked...oh wait, i've already seen her naked...about a million times!!!

3011 days ago


That woman's face shape and nose is completely opposite than Paris's. Playboy has gone downhill their models look skanky and too plastic surgery-ized, no surprise they're dipping into the bottom of the barrel, fake or real Paris.

3011 days ago

Irving Johanson    

Why would you get all in a twist over this? She's a professional lookalike, she work at parties. It's a cute fun job and people are entertained. Lighten up. There's a war on and you're upset about celebrity impersonators.

3011 days ago


This girl looks not a liddle bit like the true Paris... She is a cheap imitation...

3010 days ago


*Hayley*....girl....if Paris Hilton is your idol, you're in for a world of hurt and trouble. I dont mean to criticize...but Paris Hilton??? Your idol??? Thats just hard to comprehend. She is in her mid 20's making a living by partying. She has no problem flashing her goodies to the world (in the trashiest way possible too!). If this is who girls are looking up to, theres no hope for the future! She has no education, no job, no goals in life...its just party party party. Shes a rich socialite born into a rich family. There is actually more to life than parties, clothes, money, and boys!!! If you wanna grow up and be like Paris Hilton, then you will have to live with the Reputation of being a spoiled rotten skank! And I know that Paris is hurt by comments like these, but she brings it on herself (wearing no panties in a next to nothing dress...) and you will too. Women have worked so hard over the years....dont set us back anymore. There are much more empowering women out there than Paris Hilton!!

*Hayley*....please....Not Paris Hilton!!!! The last thing this world needs is another snobby rich spoiled drunk girl running around flashing her tata's....please...


It will save you heartache in the future...

3010 days ago


well if you cant get the real one, might as well dumb down for the fake one... haha... god todays world is made up of such losers in the media...

3010 days ago


I think you are envious!!! You are envious becaue you have nothing what she have..and you never get it...i think her goal in her life is that she is Paris Hilton...and all what you write is what you see in TV...but what is what you didnt see in TV??? Question???

3009 days ago


I think you are envious!!! You are envious becaue you have nothing what she have..and you never get it...i think her goal in her life is that she is Paris Hilton...and all what you write is what you see inTV...but what is what you didnt see in TV??? Question???

3009 days ago
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