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Million Dollar Baby

7/28/2006 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Baby's Bling: Click to watchPeople joke that Julia Roberts has a million dollar smile but rapper Baby literally does - and he has the bling to prove it.

TMZ was there as the Cash Money Millionaires artist had his $250,000 platinum/white gold plated and diamond encrusted grill (which means teeth in old English) replaced with a new and improved one worth $500,000.

The diamonds were designed by jeweler to the stars Chris Aire. Aire is the first designer to provide ascher cut diamonds made especially for use as a dental accessory.

The four hour procedure, performed by Beverly Hills dentist Dr. Daniel Durchslag, may seem bizarre to some, but Baby says he's just looking to "take it to another level."

And to keep his smile sparkling, don't expect to see him using Colgate anytime soon. Dr. Durchslag has concocted a special toothpaste that won't dull or scratch Baby's newly drilled family jewels.

Baby's extreme makeover should come as no surprise since he and the Cash Money Millionaires are responsible for coining the now ubiquitous term "bling bling." Which makes perfect sense since Baby says bling is his "passion" in life.

Besides the costs associated with the oral surgery and the diamonds, Baby also has an insurance policy on his new evil grin estimated at around $700K.

With a price tag like that, Baby's tooth fairy better have the last name Trump.

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Wow! Another way to waist money has been thought of, just think of how many
straving people that mouth could feed.

2975 days ago

the wise old owl    

THAT IS REALLY GROSS. THOSE LOOK SO NASTY. Talk about a vulgar display of trying to show off how much money you have. This guy's EGO is OUT OF CONTROL. He should be ashamed of himself. He should have donated the money to help clean up the HOOD that he came from.

2975 days ago

Shannon in Texas    

I hope he gets mugged and they rip his teeth out. :)

2975 days ago


That has got to be the most vulgar display of wealth that I have ever seen. Makes Donald Trump look downright modest. Why would anyone spend that kind of money to look like a freak and sound like a retard? Can't you just picture grandpa's grillz just scaring the crap outta the kids????

2975 days ago

Aubrey Ford    

I hope he swallows it!

2975 days ago

Ali G    

total idiot

2975 days ago


who told this friek that this is actually cool and looks good??? THIS MIGHT BE THE DUMBEST THING EVER!!! no wonder people in every other country in the world hate AMERICANS! spending this amount of money for teeth when some people can't eat for a week! APPALLING! someone shoot this guy PLEEEEEEEAAAAAASEEEEE!!! who is he anyway?

2975 days ago

get a life people    

OKKK nobody on here said anything about being white or black.....I think everybody that post (except you) agrees it looks terrible and he should have spent his money on something else..........And I am sure most of the people on here do work and work hard....I would hope they had enough sence to spend it on something other then gold on there teeth......

2975 days ago

Monkey Phat    

Absolutely ridiculous and disgusting.

2975 days ago

get a life people    

#14 I am to from La and have been to New Orleans to many times to count...I have never seen anybody with gold and diamonds in there mouth....I am glad he help you out...But just think about how many more he could have helped.....I think most everbody will agree it looks terrible and very trashy...........I am not into rap I think it is nasty music that degrades woman.....Hopefully one day it will be a thing of the past....I can watch behind the music and say oh i remember that......

2974 days ago


Why are all these pinheads so interested in how many bums his teeth could feed or how many 'homeless' (bums again) could be helped? How many did the posters feed, clothe, and find a home for? NADA, ZIP, NONE, that's my guess. So the guy wants to spend his money looking like a fool, that's his choice, it's his money, let hime blow it on whatever he wants. Even if he does look silly, it's his choice. How is it any different than blowing $1,500 on a Prada a friggin purse, or a similar amount for Dolce and Gabbana shoes. People spend money on stupid things, whatchya gonna do, after all it's their money.

2973 days ago


At th end of the day it's BABY's money & how do we know what money he has or hasn't donated to the victims of his hometown?? If I in fact had the kind of money today's rappers make no I wouldn't spend it on this insane ass fad yet people have to realize it isn't you it's them & hatin on what they spend THEIR money on is really no concern of ours!! As long as they pay their taxes & not as corrupt as corporate crooks like those of Enron & the like?? Do ya thang Baby!! To those speakin on Katrina victims have you sent them a dime??

2973 days ago


Not that I agree with the spending of large amounts of money on something so trivial, but it was his money to do with as he pleased. How would you all like it if someone came along to tell you how to spend your own money? Or told you not to buy something you really wanted. Bottom line... it did not affect you at all, and didn't hurt anyone but him, so what does it matter what he does with his money?

2973 days ago

get a life people    

He is another trashy rapper with no talent...He will be another nobody broke on welfare...I guess he can sell his teeth when he is broke......

2973 days ago



2973 days ago
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