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Million Dollar Baby

7/28/2006 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Baby's Bling: Click to watchPeople joke that Julia Roberts has a million dollar smile but rapper Baby literally does - and he has the bling to prove it.

TMZ was there as the Cash Money Millionaires artist had his $250,000 platinum/white gold plated and diamond encrusted grill (which means teeth in old English) replaced with a new and improved one worth $500,000.

The diamonds were designed by jeweler to the stars Chris Aire. Aire is the first designer to provide ascher cut diamonds made especially for use as a dental accessory.

The four hour procedure, performed by Beverly Hills dentist Dr. Daniel Durchslag, may seem bizarre to some, but Baby says he's just looking to "take it to another level."

And to keep his smile sparkling, don't expect to see him using Colgate anytime soon. Dr. Durchslag has concocted a special toothpaste that won't dull or scratch Baby's newly drilled family jewels.

Baby's extreme makeover should come as no surprise since he and the Cash Money Millionaires are responsible for coining the now ubiquitous term "bling bling." Which makes perfect sense since Baby says bling is his "passion" in life.

Besides the costs associated with the oral surgery and the diamonds, Baby also has an insurance policy on his new evil grin estimated at around $700K.

With a price tag like that, Baby's tooth fairy better have the last name Trump.

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I used to have this look too - when I wore braces during the 80's. LOL! Except I suspect just one of his teeth would have paid for my entire orthodontic treatment.

3004 days ago


Don't get me wrong I don't like the look of grills, especially when they are permanent because your teeth are basically being destroyed. But on the other hand, we are not the ones who started a multi million dollar empire with only 5,000 or gained commercial mega sucess by selling records out of our trunks. Therefore it is not our money nor is it our job to monitor or judge what one does with their own fortune. As for the comments that he should have donated to charity,Why? is he not allowed to buy anything for himself? he does and he did a lot to help rebuild his city, it is not his fault that his charity efforts are not tracked and aired on every station, no celebrity's efforts are-unless you are Brad and Angelina. He earned the money so he should be able to enjoy some of it, does he have to donate it all to charity? To us many of the things that celebrities spend mone on such as multiple cars, houses, and designer clothes may seem ridiculous, but if you were on that level and you had homes, cars and all of your basic necessities including financial security, 500,00 would not be a big deal to you either because you would make 10x that in one year!

3003 days ago

Armiyah Howard    

Not to throw the race card but DAMN! America hates to see young bBack men with money. You guys continue to call him dumb, ignorant, and even Monkey and Orangatan. He can't be that dumb because he is listed in Forbes Magazine as one of the richest people in America after 40. To all the IDIOTS who are to IGNORANT to know about him, he is worth approximately $450-$500 so I doubt his grandkids grandchildren will go broke.

People don't call out corporate America when people go out and buy $500,000 lake houses for "vacation" when their relatives live in trailer homes.

My point is this is America, a FREE MARKET ECONOMY! There is no ceiling on an earning potential and you can spend your earning on whatever you want.


3003 days ago

burt jones    

thank you Demetrious Hawthorne for your comment. I totally agree. What the hell do they know about our culture in New Orleans. Give me "5" heres to you.

3003 days ago


For those of you that say he should be donating the money he used on the teeth... obviously don't know how charitable Baby and Cash Money has been to their hometown...

Alot of Katrina survivors now have homes because of this man.

3003 days ago


Ingorance on a "whole nother level"! I bet his breath stinks! PEWWWW!!!!! He gone mess around and get his mouth bashed in by someone whose trying to rob him of his BLING!!!

3003 days ago


Ingnorance on a "ANOTHER LEVEL". I bet his breath stinks! He need to go sit down some dayum where! I am not feeling hima t all. He gone mess around and get his skull bashed by someone looking to robb his ghetto fabulous azz! (ROLLS EYES!)

3003 days ago


In reading the comments, I can safely assume that the [negative] comments are posted by whites that are jelous of Baby's fame. The key factor in all of this is that it is HIS money. That means he may do with it whatever he damn well pleases and doesn't have to answer to you or anyone else for that matter. Also, you say He's "dumb" and has "no talent"....well obviously he's doing something right if he can afford this kind of Grill. Not to mention, maybe he has donated to charity. And speaking of "a little bit of attention", he's more recognized than you'll ever be. Get a life you ignorant f**kin Klansman!

3003 days ago

get a life people    

# 17 alicia wow what a way to end your comment.....i am from the south but i am not a klansman.....when a white person doesn't agree with what a black person does it doesn't make them a klansman........

3003 days ago

Alex Walker    

I think he could have spent less.And I'm sick of ppl talking down on stars for what they do like Jessica, and Brenda.....DAMN ACTIVIST

3002 days ago



3002 days ago


first of all #36 rap music do not degrade women the women degrade themselves. second of all the dumb ass people who buy his records would stop buying them his dumb ass wouldn't be able to afford the gold teeth. it does look nasty but all men who have gold teeth don't go to that extreme. to baby he feels like he has a image to uphold and he wants to be better than the next man. so basically it is all for show.

3002 days ago


Who is Baby anyway? I bet in ten years (maybe sooner) he will be trying to hock his 'teeth', because noone will remember him and he will be broke. Just like a million other has beens.

I know one thing, I definitely wouldn't want to kiss him, OUCH!!

3002 days ago

Chris Myers    

He is bizzare!!!!!!!!!!!

1623 days ago

Chris Myers    

Birdman is TOTALLY with bling and tattoos... He must be outta his mind, wait, he does not even have a mind... He is just unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1623 days ago
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