Vanessa's Back Door Man

7/28/2006 3:13 PM PDT
Apparently Nick Lachey was longing for a little home cookin' last night, as he ditched his fancy Midtown Manhattan hotel room and moved up to galpal Vanessa Minnillo's dee-luxe apartment on the East Side.

Nick had a meaty repast at Virgil's BBQ on his own, then went back to the hotel so he could grab his bag on his way to his lady love's lair. Vanessa, on the other hand, hadn't changed from her hosting gig on "TRL" as she descended the hotel's stairs in a fetching pink minidress. Nick, for his part, eschewed his usual T-shirt-and-jeans for a proto-athletic getup celebrating the University of Cincinnati Bearcats.

And when he arrived at Minnillo's apartment complex, he went in the back door, possibly to avoid the building's gauntlet of doormen, who reportedly aren't as enamored of the more taciturn Nick as they were of Minnillo's last squeeze, New York Yankee Derek Jeter.