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Back Door Man

7/28/2006 3:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click here to return to TMZApparently Nick Lachey was longing for a little home cookin' last night, as he ditched his fancy Midtown Manhattan hotel room and moved up to galpal Vanessa Minnillo's dee-luxe apartment on the East Side.

Nick had a meaty repast at Virgil's BBQ on his own, then went back to the hotel so he could grab his bag on his way to his lady love's lair. Vanessa, on the other hand, hadn't changed from her hosting gig on "TRL" as she descended the hotel's stairs in a fetching pink minidress. Nick, for his part, eschewed his usual T-shirt-and-jeans for a proto-athletic getup celebrating the University of Cincinnati Bearcats.

And when he arrived at Minnillo's apartment complex, he went in the back door, possibly to avoid the building's gauntlet of doormen, who reportedly aren't as enamored of the more taciturn Nick as they were of Minnillo's last squeeze, New York Yankee Derek Jeter.


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Who cares. i personally think Jessica fell for Nick and then got famous and thought she was too good for him all of a sudden. Little preachers daughter, huh? She's a ho who doesnt want to be married anymore because of all the other guys out there she could be screwing. I'm over it. Not that i think Nick has a hell of a career out there waiting for him but he does have happiness and everybody deserves that. Im personally glad that Jessica is having to sit back and watch him go on with his life. She left him. I wish Nick and Vanessa whatever they are both in it for, rather that be love, crazy sex or just infactuation. Rebound girl or not - they are both enjoying the moment! And no one can argue with that much!

3009 days ago


I don't know how serious this relationship is, but I for one like to see Nick happy. From the first episode of Newlyweds I predicted their marriage would be over in 2 to 3 years. Jessica is a whiney, immature baby who can't make a decision w/out consulting with her daddy and I don't know how Nick put up with that. She tries to play it like she's the "preachers" daughter, but come one how many preachers do you know who live in a mansion, wear an earring and drive around in the best cars. Preacher my a$$. Joe Simpson is a money-hungry leach, who will sell his daughters if it meant making a few bucks. I for one think Joe's whole relationship with Jessica is a little "icky" and any father who would comment on his daughter's, ahem, "assets" has problems in my book. Nick is better off without her and her controlling family. I hope he is happy, but imo, its not with Vanessa. Something tells me that if Derek Jeter was ready to settle down with her, she jump so fast back into that relationship. I just hope she's not with Nick to further her career and exposure. If she is, something tells me Nick will bounce back. He seems like a "regular" guy and I hope he finds a really nice girl who wants to be with him because she loves him not to further her career.

3006 days ago


I think nick is trying to test vannessa out to see if she would be like jessica because jessica was the one who wanted to try new guys out there but ya know vanessa wants a family in the future just like nick and he will realize that they both are in similiar situations.Nick and Vannessa is made for each other not like there ex jessica and jeter is some playas lol...

2996 days ago


vanessa is nothing but a rebound. Nick is still in love with Jessica. Vanessa is all over Nick all the time in public but Nick kind of looks like he doesn't even really want to be with her do you ever see Nick all over Vanessa out in public? Hell NO!

3017 days ago

fyi Nick went to Miami University (Ohio) NOT the University of Cincinnati

3017 days ago


Please, Nick is so over Jessica by now. He looks great with Vanessa and I hope everything works out between them. They make an awesome couple.

3017 days ago


Vanessa is so pretty... I hope they're happy together.

3017 days ago


Nick deserves this babe.....Jessica is a spoiled, unappreciative brat who spit in his face...I hope Vanessa is doing his brains out while Jessica watches.....

3017 days ago



3017 days ago

the man    

Vanessa is just some no talent ho who is seeking to further her career through association with someone who is really not that interesting to begin with.
The guy is so pathetic and jessica is so much bigger than he will ever be.

3017 days ago


Nick needs to find a different girl, vanessa is a ugly philipine looking whatever.

3017 days ago


shes is a scank face with a big pie head.

3017 days ago

the man    

and more:

they are both such pathetic wanna be's.

Jessica was right to dump this loser.
All these hoes are just leaching up to him because he was with such a foxy girl like jessica. They are somehow hoping that her fame will somehow magically rub off on them. He looks gay anyway and dresses like a slob with no fashion sense.

3017 days ago


Ahh excuse me! Nick was more established then Jessica when they first met. Who's money do you think she spent when they married? She only became more famous AFTER The Newlyweds, and mostly because she chose to "bare all" to see in every pix. Now, since Nick is heating up the charts again,.....oh well,....missed the boat Jess!

3017 days ago

vanessa santana    

For all you haters ragging on Nick and saying that this no talent bimbo is so much bigger than him, then let me refresh your memory. It was NICK who paid for the house they lived in while filming NEwlyweds. It was also NICK who paid for their wedding. The only thing that we should all be mad at Nick for is the fact that he had her open for 98 degrees which put this dumb ass no talent whore on the map.

3017 days ago
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