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Mel Gibson Case -- An Outrage

7/29/2006 3:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson is garbage. What an awful person he is. True enough, I'm Jewish, so the grotesque remarks didn't please me none. And resisting arrest -- let me just say, I am privy to incontrovertible evidence that he did indeed try to bolt. It will come out, and it will shock you.

But even worse is that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has become a shill to celebrities. I knew this 11 years ago with Tony Danza, who beat up a photographer and stole his camera. The Sheriffs were ridiculous -- they merely asked him to return the camera, which Danza did after removing the film. That was just fine with the Sheriffs.

Well, it's gotten a lot worse. In the Mel Gibson case, I called the lieutenant who was on duty Friday, who told me that Gibson's arrest was "without incident." And I asked her about the anti-Semitic comments around mid-day. She said, in the phoniest of ways, "Oh, I'm just sure that's not the case." It was such a lying comment -- I just felt it.

Well, turns out that this time I was right on target. The lieutenant who gave me the bogus statement is the same person who told the arresting Deputy to 86 the truth and create a bullshit explanation for what went down.

The Sheriff's Department is so screwed. They thought they could protect their celebrity resident who did not deserve protection. What they didn't know is that we'd get a copy of the report that they tried to censor. And what's worse, there's evidence that I'm not allowed to report that will nail them to the wall.

There needs to be an investigation of the L.A.County Sheriff's Department and STAT. As awful as Mel Gibson is, the Sheriff's Department is worse. This is a corrupt department. They thought they could get away with this and they got nailed. Now they say they will issue a full report to the D.A. -- yeah, right....because they got caught.

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Unless you were there, how can you judge Mr. Gibson. The garbage people make up on celebraties is a sin. I'm not saying he wasn't arrested for suspicion of DUI, but we do not know what is fact or fabrication. Before judgement, one must hear all sides of the story, including Mr. Gibsons.

2973 days ago


Ew. That's just fucking shady. Stars are not above the law! They deserve to be punished at the full extent of the law, just as everyone else. Money and fame should not shield you from that, and I get a feeling he paid them all off.

That's just disgusting and morally wrong. Boo Mel Gibson and that shady "police department".

2973 days ago

Julia Beker    

I haven't watched a Mel Gibson Movie since his first public remark about Jews and the Holocaust. I would feel the same way if he expressed hatred and racism against any other group of people. He is just another piece of garbage spouting his own version of religion. How do these people know what God thinks or says. The last person who ever had a face to face conversation with God was Moses, who happened to be a jew .

2973 days ago

Private Jolly    

Maryanne quite obviously doesn’t know what she is talking about. I am a pap and have worked Malibu on many occasions. The behavior of the sheriffs department especially in Malibu is completely disgraceful and it is well known among those that deal with them on a regular basis that it is one of the most corrupt in the LA county area. I can not tell you the number of times I have witnessed first hand the flagrant violation of the medias rights and also the slack given to celebrities that have broken the law. Unless you work in the industry I suggest you don’t make ridiculous statements about people making up garbage about celebrities

2973 days ago


He looks just like the smelly dirt-bag that he is. Great example you're setting there, Oh Mighty Christian One! Piece of garbage...NEXT!!

2973 days ago

Sean Gleeson    

I have retracted my endorsement of Gibson for elective office.

2973 days ago

Drew Allan Cicconi, Attorney    

Dear Mr. Levin:

First of all, DUI suspects often come out with rants ranging from their life situation to accusing the AO of being "out to get them." Nothing new here. To say that the LASD did not do its job, or that it is "corrupt" or that it was protecting "their celebrity resident who did not deserve protection," is just wrong. The LASD was only interested in the facts regarding a potential DUI suspect, and whether he should be detained for further testing. You might have a point Mr. Levin if the LASD simply released Mr.Gipson without having him take a breath test, or even after a positive breath test had been performed. Gipson was not released, and the only accomodation appears to be not cuffing him.

The facts are that Mr. Gipson was stopped for possible DUI, and he was questioned by the AO to determine if he had been drinking. I do not know if he took a PAS test, or whether he completed a Field Sobriety Test, but the ultimate outcome of the stop is that he was arrested and brought to the Lost Hills Station for further testing. Additionally, his lack of cooperation may have constituted a waiver of the FST procedure. However, we do know that he was transported to the station, was given breath test and blew .12 twice. This result creates a conclusive presumtion of being under the influence under the California Vehicle Code (VC 23152). Mr. Gipson was then formally booked and has an arraignment date in Malibu Superior Cout (limited jurisdiction), where he will be required to enter a plea to the charges (not guilty, guilty, or no contest).

Where did the LASD give him a break?

The arrest report should not editorialize or put in material that is not relevant to the stop, detention, testing procedure, arrest, and booking. Regarding the anti-semetic comments made by Gipson, although unfortunate if true, are relevant to the LASD only in showing someone under the influence of alcohol or drugs (irrational behavior). However, the more important evidence is his performance on the FST, his PAS test, and the breath test performed at the station. Video tape evidence is also helpful, as it can give the jury a fly-on-the-wall view of the condition of the suspect at the time of the arrest. What I do find disturbing is Gibson's alleged attempt to evade arrest by bolting to his car, but this is the problem of the prosecuting attorney when he or she reviews the facts at the arraginment (the complaint can be amended to include charges not originally set forth in the initial charging complaint). Also of concern is the release of unapproved portions of the AO's initial narrative, which is not generally made public.

2973 days ago

Franz Ferdinand    

"It was such a lying comment -- I just felt it." "And what's worse, there's evidence that I'm not allowed to report that will nail them to the wall."

Intuition-still not admissable in a court of law. As to the "evidence", who's holding you back. Are you afraid of the consequences of releasing it. If such evidence exists, and you withhold it out of cowardice, are you not just the same as the sheriff's lieutenant who led the alleged cover-up. Either quit being such a wus and do the right thing or quit being such a liar!

The real conspiracy is, there are no conspiracies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2973 days ago


What a bogus celeb-basher this whole story is. I have a friend who KNOWS people in that department. She made a call or two, and every story she got was the same. The dude was never even cuffed, AND he signed autographs for the officers while he was there.

What a bunch of hate-mongers. Why don't you guys go bash someone that deserves it? Like... I dunno... Paris Hilton. She's famous for having no skills whatsoever, and her singing sounds remarkably like stereo multi-tap delay done in a studio about a hundred times to make it sound halfway decent.

And I should know. I've done plenty of studio work to recognize it.

2973 days ago


I think the writer of this article might want to go back and take a journalism course or two. This peice is frought with cliches and accusations that are unsubstantiated. Sounds like you just have an ax to grind. Have fun with that.

2973 days ago


What a bunch of baloney Mr. Levin's comments are. If I am stupid enough to get arrested you are not going to see my comments published in any newspaper. The lawmen only did the decent thing and tried to keep incidental information out of the newpapers. The statements, while irrational and incredibly stupid, have nothing to do with Mr. Gibson's arrest and have no relevance to the arrest story. Discretion is a lost art, double especially in the news media. It's about time someone showed some sense.

2973 days ago


Why not comment the deputy who took a drunk driver off the street. Why is the Sheriff's department corrupt in your eyes. the deputy arrested a drunk driver and booked him at the Sheriff's station. The drunk driver talked smack while drunk. The Sheriff's dept should not comment on the case untill after the suspect has his day in court. It's ok to be angry at a drunk who put all of us at risk and is a jackass.

2973 days ago

garrett lumbattis    

Isn't an interesting development that someone like Mel Gipson) has some poison in side of them. How shocking Mr. Levin, ahhhhhhh maybe not so shocking seeing how all of us are failures. All of us includes you my friend. Now at least he'll get an opportunity threw this failure to purge himself of this Evil that was implanted in him as a child. How about the evil that lurking inside of you that you is not aware of? Hmmmmmmmmm

2973 days ago

Philip Davies    

I think the story you wrote sounds ridiculous and although people care about the truth, you make it sound like The Passion of the Christ was pulled over. Honestly, Give me a column and I'll write a story that tells that facts, interests people and does not increase the hostilities between Media and Celebrities. Why does the media find it so neccessary to sensationalize every thing about celebrities?
Get a Life, you are not a reporter you are a gossip columnist.

2973 days ago


I like Mel Gibson. Its unfortunate that he was arrested he obviously broke the law. I dont understand why his statements were made public. How did that information get out?? Personally,I think the Jews have been responsible for a lot of wars in this day and age. Whats the problem with that statement??

2973 days ago
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