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Mel Gibson Case -- An Outrage

7/29/2006 3:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson is garbage. What an awful person he is. True enough, I'm Jewish, so the grotesque remarks didn't please me none. And resisting arrest -- let me just say, I am privy to incontrovertible evidence that he did indeed try to bolt. It will come out, and it will shock you.

But even worse is that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has become a shill to celebrities. I knew this 11 years ago with Tony Danza, who beat up a photographer and stole his camera. The Sheriffs were ridiculous -- they merely asked him to return the camera, which Danza did after removing the film. That was just fine with the Sheriffs.

Well, it's gotten a lot worse. In the Mel Gibson case, I called the lieutenant who was on duty Friday, who told me that Gibson's arrest was "without incident." And I asked her about the anti-Semitic comments around mid-day. She said, in the phoniest of ways, "Oh, I'm just sure that's not the case." It was such a lying comment -- I just felt it.

Well, turns out that this time I was right on target. The lieutenant who gave me the bogus statement is the same person who told the arresting Deputy to 86 the truth and create a bullshit explanation for what went down.

The Sheriff's Department is so screwed. They thought they could protect their celebrity resident who did not deserve protection. What they didn't know is that we'd get a copy of the report that they tried to censor. And what's worse, there's evidence that I'm not allowed to report that will nail them to the wall.

There needs to be an investigation of the L.A.County Sheriff's Department and STAT. As awful as Mel Gibson is, the Sheriff's Department is worse. This is a corrupt department. They thought they could get away with this and they got nailed. Now they say they will issue a full report to the D.A. -- yeah, right....because they got caught.

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Del Kane    

This sounds like a replay of the Dianna Ross DUI case here in Tucson a couple of years ago.
Same "do you know who I am?"
She finally skated with an overnite stay in jail in another state!!
Good thing she wasn't Joe Crap, the Rag Man.

2985 days ago


I will wait for all the facts as the media does not always tell the Truth.
GOD Bless. clem.

2985 days ago


Man, I love all the expert opinions here. Especially the moron that gives refrence to "official" reports being doctored, and or altered. Guees what Perry Mason, the officers field report. ( Which is how it is designated up to the point that it lands on an ADA's desk and he in turn files the indicment for the offense(s) committed)) Is NOT an "offical" or "government document.
Bottom line here is that if Mr. Gibson did allegedly make racial slurs while allegedly DUI. They are not relavant in the case before him and as such, should not have been included in the initial field notes.
The arresting officer was and is aware of this and I am at a loss as to why it took 8 pages of field notes to record a simple DWI even if there were additional factors around the case such as the bolting to his car, (had he been arrested at this time?), or being beligerent.
There is no question that he was video taped and consented to a breath test. These factors will be considered when he has his day in court.
My only question is whether or not the arresting officer took offense to Mr. Gibsons portrayal in the Passion of Christ, and I am kinda curious if he is of Jewish descent. I am Jewish but would not have included the inflamatory and irrelavent
statements that were in no way relavant to the alleged DWI case.

2985 days ago


Mel you should rot in Hell for saying that about the Jewish people. I will never watch another movie you make; instead I will picket your movies.

2985 days ago


And another thing, your Passion of the Christ stunk

2985 days ago


The important thing to remember here is people make mistakes as did Mel Gibson. What transpired during his arrest is not for anyone to judge. Mel made the mistake and will presumably pay dearly for it for the remainder of his life especially since things become so blown out of proportion these days it's hard to know what is fact vs. what is fiction. I myself have done some stupid things under the influence of alcohol and regret them immensely as I'm sure Mel and his family will too. How is it that this crap makes it into the media in the first place? How did someone conveniently get 4 pages of this very police report? It's shocking and shameful that people resort to such levels.

2985 days ago


Mel Gibson is human! Humans make mistakes. Leave the man and Law Enforcement alone. The world would be better if you looked in the mirror.

2985 days ago


How understanding and tolerant all the comments are here. "You weren't there," "his statements are irrelevant to his crime." Bullk everybody--Mel's true colors have come through just as I thought between his refusal to refute his nutty antiSemitic father's theories or his crazy pornographic Passion Play on screen. Mel just hates Jews. Other drunks don't say things like that. It's good that the rest of the world knows it now even if it doesn't matter in his criminal case. The fact that the people here are blowing it off shows how little it matters to many others too.

2985 days ago


I read some of the things about Gibson's comments to my girlfriend, who, unfortunately, has known a couple of bad alcoholics. She said basically that he shouldn't be held responsible for his anti-semitic comments. Maybe not. One way or another, his image will be tarnished forever, including with me, a Catholic.

2985 days ago


It's about time this scumbag was exposed for what he is...a sanctimonious, anti-Semitic hyprocrite...this time confirmed by his own loud mouth.

As for those of you who were commenting early after the story broke that you didn't believe any of this, check out Mel's recently released apology including allusions to "despicable" statements made during his arrest. Just what do you think that might mean?

One more right wing nutjob exposed as the a-hole hypocrite that he is, in the tradition of Jim Baker, Jimmy Swaggart, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter.

2985 days ago


I just wish everyone would remember that Mel Gibson is just human like everyone else. The things he said and did were under the influience of alcohol and I don't know a person alive who doesn't run their mouth after having a few drinks. He also goes to prove that he is better than most because he admits to having a problem and apologizes for it. I dont think many other alcoholics would apologize like that.
If Mel Gibson was a nobody like the rest of us this would never have made the news, it would have been just another drunk driving arrest!

2985 days ago


I love all the comments from other drunks saying "oh, you shouldn't judge Mel by the comments he made when he was all liquored up".

Sorry, alcohol may lower your inhibitions, causing you to actually verbalize things you were thinking but would have never actually said, but it certainly doesn't cause you to verbalize things that would have never entered your mind in the first place.

Mel and his illustrious father have been anti-Semites for years. It just took putting some fuel into the old boozebag to get him talking about what he's been thinking for years.

2985 days ago


The Jews in the media have been waiting for this moment. Mel's movie did not incite anti-Jewish sentiment, but revealed a strong anti-Catholic sentiment mostly by secular Jews in the media. Jewish Americans have a remarkable history, but their hypersensitivity to all thoughts anti-semitic is Orwellian in its scope. One cannot question anything Jewish without being considered anti-semitic. How often have Jewish writers in newspapers written disparaging things about prominent Christians like Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell? Have any Jewish writers ever said in a weak moment: F***ing Catholics? Is it published all around the world? I think Arthur Miller's The Crucible is anti-Christian, but it is still good reading for high school students. We need more tolerance for thought and fewer thought police. That includes you Mr. Levin.

2985 days ago

Eric Donovan    

Mel Gibson is into torture. Just look at his movies - from the "Lethal Weapon" series to "Braveheart" - what is the common demoninator? Really sick and twisted torture. So how could it have been a shock to anyone when he decided to make a movie on the "Passion?" Mel Gibson making a movie about the torture of "our Saviour" (OH PLEASE!!!) is like Michael Jackson making a movie about how much Jesus "loved the little children." Remember, Mel - Jesus was a Jew.

2985 days ago

Jackie J    

I can't believe that so many people are bashing the article instead of it's content. It is an outrage that the LASD would motify an official police report to make it seem that Mr. Gibson is a model drunk citizen. He is a fool for making so many negative racial comments about Jews. He is a moron for trying to flee. He is an @$$ for disrespecting the arresting officer. Just because he is a famous alcoholic doesn't give him special priviledges. The report never should have been altered. The person responsible for having it altered should be fired. For someone who is supposed to be so religous, Mel should be ashamed of himself.

2985 days ago
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