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Mel Gibson Case -- An Outrage

7/29/2006 3:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson is garbage. What an awful person he is. True enough, I'm Jewish, so the grotesque remarks didn't please me none. And resisting arrest -- let me just say, I am privy to incontrovertible evidence that he did indeed try to bolt. It will come out, and it will shock you.

But even worse is that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has become a shill to celebrities. I knew this 11 years ago with Tony Danza, who beat up a photographer and stole his camera. The Sheriffs were ridiculous -- they merely asked him to return the camera, which Danza did after removing the film. That was just fine with the Sheriffs.

Well, it's gotten a lot worse. In the Mel Gibson case, I called the lieutenant who was on duty Friday, who told me that Gibson's arrest was "without incident." And I asked her about the anti-Semitic comments around mid-day. She said, in the phoniest of ways, "Oh, I'm just sure that's not the case." It was such a lying comment -- I just felt it.

Well, turns out that this time I was right on target. The lieutenant who gave me the bogus statement is the same person who told the arresting Deputy to 86 the truth and create a bullshit explanation for what went down.

The Sheriff's Department is so screwed. They thought they could protect their celebrity resident who did not deserve protection. What they didn't know is that we'd get a copy of the report that they tried to censor. And what's worse, there's evidence that I'm not allowed to report that will nail them to the wall.

There needs to be an investigation of the L.A.County Sheriff's Department and STAT. As awful as Mel Gibson is, the Sheriff's Department is worse. This is a corrupt department. They thought they could get away with this and they got nailed. Now they say they will issue a full report to the D.A. -- yeah, right....because they got caught.

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I live in Malibu and I have had a situation with Mel's best friend who lives on his property in Serra Retreat. His best friend, David, threatened to kill us and after we called the sheriff's, we were told that we were the ones at fault. David's girlfriend, Marie, who is an out of work actor, who lives on the same property as us told us, "I can't believe you called the police. Don't you know, they love Mel. They went over there and laughed about you." By the way, David also called me a chink. That's his best friend.

3010 days ago


I'm sure the Jews are ecstatic with something else to whine about. Gibson was drunk; he was wrong; he admitted it; he apologized. Now the Jews will make another cottage industry about his remarks and the discussion will continue ad infinitum. It is getting old and stale, folks.

3010 days ago


Absolutely fantatstic journalism. The Los Angeles Times had nothing about this. Let's dispesne with the minutiae -- Gibson is a freak, a liar, a bigot and probably a delusional psychotic. But hey -- anyone here didn't KNOW that before this story broke? What's really BIG here is that the management of public institutions like the LA Sherriff's department which exist to serve and protect all citizens equally can no longer coast along with their corrupt tactics and class favoritism. If you're one of those pathetic drunks inclined to come to the defense of a self-entitled millionaire who thinks he can threaten and demean rank and file police officers and boast about "owning Malibu" then I hope you experience the joys of a DUI arrest, act like Mel and see if you're entitled to the same treatment.

3010 days ago

Bonnie Baker    

Last Thursday, the real Mel Gibson was revealed. After all, he's a card carrying member of Opus Dei, a radical fundamentalist wing of the Catholic Church. His recent behavior demonstrates the highest level of hypocrisy. What "family values" married man with seven children is out drinking and carousing in the wee hours of the night, speeding through Malibu? Worse yet, when he gets caught, he doesn't even accept responsibility for his actions but blames his drunken, arrogant, and racist behavior on his "disease."

3010 days ago

Victoria Secret    

This has got to be a joke. Mel Gibson is not anti-"Jewish". It just is a bunch of people that refuse to face the facts that Jewish people might have treated Jesus Christ badly. So what! It's a part of history, quite factual at that. So what if the world knows the truth. This has little to do with Mel Gibson getting a DUI.

It cracks me up that these people with no lives are grabbing at straws to attack him. God forbid if it's a Jewish actor or director. No one knows what happened there, if if the complaining does anything; it just makes people wonder why people are attacking some guy that was drunk. He has a drinking problem, not a thinking problem.

I have no problem with any "people" but obviously a lot of Jewish people have a problem with anyone telling the truth. Their anger has nothing to do with the DUI as it does the move that Mel mad $375, 000, 000 by doing the movie with his own money.

Good Luck, it really makes you look worse than he does right now.

3010 days ago


Mel Gibson is a normal person like everyone else, he makes mistakes, he has some biases, he got drunk. Whatever, he's already apologized and he'll end up paying highly with his family and career for what happened.
Mr. Levin needs to get over himself, he makes money off celebrities like Mr. Gibson.
At least Mel Gibson doesn't send his cameras to stalk people.

3010 days ago

Henry L.    

Isn't this the same police dept. that let OJ beat Nicole senseless many times then screwed up the case against him with sloppy police work? The gov't lies ALL THE TIME. The gov't censors all the time especially when they cage peaceful protestors and pressure Amazon to drop the book "America Deceived" by E.A. Blayre III. All celebs are above the law just ask Kobe and OJ and Speilberg and Blake and....
Final link (before Google Books is censored):

3010 days ago


Just a couple of comments from a 22-year law enforcement veteran: First, the arresting officer's report is indeed an "official document" as soon as it is submitted. Doesn't matter if it's submitted for charging consideration. Second, all information describing the violator contact and subsequent arrest is extremely relevant. Having arrested hundreds of DUI suspects in my career, I know that a successful prosecution relies on a whole lot more than the results of the blood-alcohol and field sobriety tests. Judges and juries look at the whole incident to reach the truth. Comments made by the suspect , as well as conduct such as running from the officer, go toward establishing the liklihood that the suspect was indeed impaired when stopped. Most people, and I assume that Mr. Gibson falls into this category, behave themselves when sober. Alcohol reduces inhibitions, and tends to encourage intoxicated people to say stuff that they would never utter (in public, anyway) if not drunk. Again, this all goes to proving the allegation, or at least establishing probable cause for the arrest. just based on reading the four pages of Deputy Mee's incident report, he did a thorough, professional job in documenting what he witnessed. (Thank goodness for law enforcement officers who are still willing to go out there and put their lives on the line every shift, despite the mudslinging media REMFs!)
As for the "cover up" by LASD, well, knowing the tendency of the media to conduct a trial in advance of the legitimate one, it makes sense to file a "bare bones" report that is available for pre-trial public disclosure requests, with the supplemental reports containing the more "juicy bits" restricted to the prosecuting and defense attorneys until after the entire investigation is complete. (This exemption is allowed under the the Freedom of Information Act, plus the California Public Disclosure Act.) It's common practice, especially in homicide or other major cases where publishing/broadcasting sensitive information could destroy the investigation or trial.
Is Mr. Gibson an "Adam Henry"? Very likely, at least while intoxicated. Is Mr. Gibson entitled to a fair trial, untainted by the usual media frenzy? Very definitely, and that's going to be very difficult thanks to the poisoning of the jury pool. But hey, as long as the sensational stories crowd out legitimate news, and we keep aiding and abetting it by our readership/viewership, guess we'll just keep the pseudo-journalists and their media outlets employed and in business.

3010 days ago


Harvey Levin is a Hypocrit, When Michael Jackson Was on trial and Harvey Levin Found out about ..Michael Jackson's Trip's to the Orient to have Sex with under age Boys what did National Reporter Harvey Levin do?....You Guessed it ..He Buried the story .....He just plain buried it....Perhaps because Harvey Levin is Gay and didn't Want to Expose a fellow Homosexual. So Mr Levin Get off your high horse and judge not less ye be judged...........oh thats Right YOUR NOT a Christian ....just a Hypocritical Gay Jew.......................

3010 days ago

Kika Bran    

Mr. Levins comments are disgusting. You show yourself as a sniveling crybaby with a lot of deep seeded hatred. No forgiveness? Who are you to criticize this amazing and generous man named Mel Gibson who has given millions upon millions for those in need!!
Alcholism is a sickness and he has tried to deal with it. Your character Mr. Levin shows what you are worth. Zero.

3010 days ago

Kika Bran    

Harvey Levin - you are "garbage". Your own quote. You owe Mr. Gibson who is a much better person than you an apology. He has drinking issues. Whats your grief besides hatred toward anyone who is Christian or Catholic.
You make me and this world sick.!!

3010 days ago

carol kramer    

what a lousy catholic mel gibson is. a racist, anti semite christian? does he
realize christ was jewish? he has always been a drunk and i feel sorry
for his wife. i guess money to her means more than self respect.

the next time he prays to his jewish christ, he should beg forgiveness for
his obvious lack of respect of the jewish prophet.

3010 days ago

Willy Mall    

The man has apologized..and that's it...Guess the world has other problems than this slipshod remark.BTW he referred to the Zionists
..not to the Jews.Which makes a difference.

3010 days ago


Let's not be a bunch of hypocrites. If he went on a rant about some other race, religion or nationality, I doubt there'd be this much furor. And I doubt the same people making the fuss right now would be the ones complaining. I, personally, don't care what he says or does. He is allowed to say and do as he pleases. He's not allowed to break the law and case public disturbance, etc., so I am glad this was dealt with. You know, the sad truth is, all of the things he said are things I hear people say all the time. He simply got caught.

I don't think a person's race or religion should make them superior or inferior to anyone else. So I don't think it matters who is what, therefore, to me it is all irrelevant.

3010 days ago


Be careful of your tongue, it also reflects on you: Some thought starters-
(Psa 34:13 KJV) Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile.
(Psa 52:4 KJV) Thou lovest all devouring words, O thou deceitful tongue.
(Prov 10:31 KJV) The mouth of the just bringeth forth wisdom: but the froward tongue shall be cut out.
(Prov 15:4 KJV) A wholesome tongue is a tree of life: but perverseness therein is a breach in the spirit.
(James 3:5 KJV) Even so the tongue is a little member, and boasteth great things. Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth!

3010 days ago
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