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Mel Gibson Case -- An Outrage

7/29/2006 3:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson is garbage. What an awful person he is. True enough, I'm Jewish, so the grotesque remarks didn't please me none. And resisting arrest -- let me just say, I am privy to incontrovertible evidence that he did indeed try to bolt. It will come out, and it will shock you.

But even worse is that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has become a shill to celebrities. I knew this 11 years ago with Tony Danza, who beat up a photographer and stole his camera. The Sheriffs were ridiculous -- they merely asked him to return the camera, which Danza did after removing the film. That was just fine with the Sheriffs.

Well, it's gotten a lot worse. In the Mel Gibson case, I called the lieutenant who was on duty Friday, who told me that Gibson's arrest was "without incident." And I asked her about the anti-Semitic comments around mid-day. She said, in the phoniest of ways, "Oh, I'm just sure that's not the case." It was such a lying comment -- I just felt it.

Well, turns out that this time I was right on target. The lieutenant who gave me the bogus statement is the same person who told the arresting Deputy to 86 the truth and create a bullshit explanation for what went down.

The Sheriff's Department is so screwed. They thought they could protect their celebrity resident who did not deserve protection. What they didn't know is that we'd get a copy of the report that they tried to censor. And what's worse, there's evidence that I'm not allowed to report that will nail them to the wall.

There needs to be an investigation of the L.A.County Sheriff's Department and STAT. As awful as Mel Gibson is, the Sheriff's Department is worse. This is a corrupt department. They thought they could get away with this and they got nailed. Now they say they will issue a full report to the D.A. -- yeah, right....because they got caught.

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2945 days ago


Mr. Levin you are garbage. So typical for a lawyer to blow some drunken rants way out of proportion just to fuel your own agenda!! What a crock of bullsh*t. Just because he made a movie based on biblical fact he is labelled for life as anti-semitic. Mr. Gibson did apologize so you need to drop it and move on!!

2945 days ago

Aaron Fein    

Mel and his f*cking parents are on our short list. Walking dead. All you anti semetics will get yours. The Devil worshipping Islamics will get you if others within do not. Gibson and his child molesting father are low lifes that deserve to suffer a slow and painful death. I am certain they will.

Mel, go back to the country of your birth and take all your sh*t with you. Your money is no good with us. Better stay home.

2945 days ago


As a prosecutor who prosecuted dozens of DUI cases I can tell you that what Gibson uttered would be introduced in court as evidence of his being "under the influence". Threats to police officers are pursuasive to jurors that a defendant was out of control. Vicious tirades about Jews (or any group for that matter) are circumstancial evidence that a defendant was indeed under the influence (very few sober peope would make such statements).
Anyone can make a mistake. I have no problem with that. But Gibson's antisemetic beliefs are a different story. His father was a vicious anti-semite. Mel has shown the world just what a hypocrite this "Christian" really is. He and Hitler would have been great friends.

2945 days ago


Mel is still my man,, he is human after all. Mr Levin, study history. The jews have started many wars, they were the orginial terrorists in the middle east, 1946-1948 with the Irgund. They blew up the King David Hotel killing many British soldiers (who had just fought a war getting many out of concentration camp) and civilians. But who tells the whole story right. You sir have the ax to grind.

2945 days ago

Stacy Harris    

Let's strive for fair and balanced here, as we await what Bill O'Reilly has to say about his friend and business partner Monday night (July 31st).

The excised account begins with the results of Mel Gibson's "alcohol screening." The report establishes that Mel was initially "cooperative with the field investigation," noting that Gibson's behavior "began to change" when notified that he was being "detained/arrested" and the actor became "extremely belligerent as he took stock of his predicament."

Mel's subsequent apology seems to confirm that this summary is a factual account of what transpired. Otherwise, why would Gibson apologize- and for what would he be sorry?

At this point Mel has established probable cause and, having consented to testing of any sort, he has begun to give the evidence that is essential to building the case against him; evidence essential to a successful prosecution. (Prosecutions, however justified by fact, do not go forward when prosecutors believe, for whatever reason, there is a lack of evidence available to prove what is alleged.)

Observations of Gibson's resisting arrest, if Mel, in fact, resisted, clearly add to the body of evidence against him. Mel's attempt to pull (celebrity) rank on the officer, to use his perceived influence as a celebrity to get the officer fired, Gibson's profanely- expressed fear of the fallout from his arrest on his career as well, as the anti-Semitic language Mel is alleged to have used (and which he does not deny using) are also relevant to establishing Gibson's demeanor. Anti-semitic language, in particular, cuts one way when directed at a Jewish officer and another when directed at an officer Mel has no reason to believe is Jewish- again, with respect to Gibson's demeanor and state-of-mind as each relates to the extent to which alcohol impaired his judgment at the time of the incident.

The concealed open bottle of alcohol adds to the evidence against Mel and Gibson's previous arrest on a similar charge will be considered, too, at least in terms of public opinion.

Much of the above (save for the anti-Semitic language), reminds we who are popular culture analysts of George Jones' 1999 arrest. The country singer, who, like Gibson, had a history of alcoholism, crashed his Lexus SUV into a concrete bridge after purchasing a pint of vodka and reaching for something while talking on his cell phone, had been previously arrested for DUI in Tennessee in 1982 and before that had been charged in another state.

As with Gibson, Jones' publicist, Evelyn Shriver, famously tried to play down the incident that almost killed her client, defending him by saying it wasn't as though his actions had hurt or killed anyone!

The damage control we already see in the Gibson incident- from both Alan Nierob and Sheriff's Sergeant Rich Erickson-
once again recalls the Jones situation. After the 1982 arrest, which was captured by WSM-TV cameras, Jones claimed to have quit drinking and started befriending cops in a manner ranging from casting them in his music video to campaigning for and appearing with Williamson County's Singing Sheriff Ricky Headley.

Jones' getting around having to do serious time for his second arrest within Tennessee is a story in itself.

At that time, here were the stats (and Jones' history):
Blood alcohol levels -- derived either by a breath or blood test:

.10% ... Driving Under the Influence in Tennessee
.08% -.10% ... Driving While Impaired in Tennessee
.23% ... George Glenn Jones' level, according to a blood sample, at Vanderbilt hospital after his 1999 wreck

March 25, 1982 -- George arrested in Hinds County Mississippi, on charges of public intoxication (and cocaine possession)

March 26, 1982 -- Jones totals his 1981 Lincoln. He is arrested and charged with DUI in Hamilton MS.

April 1982 -- Jones is committed by his family to a Birmingham Alabama psychiatric hospital for alcohol addiction.

May 25, 1982 -- Jones is arrested for DUI by Brentwood TN police.

July 12, 1982 -- Jones is indicted in Jackson MS for cocaine possession.

July 14, 1982 -- An arrest warrant is sworn out for Jones after he fails to appear in Williamson County General Sessions Court on the DUI charges. He surrenders to Williamson County police on July 15th day, is given a 30-day suspended sentence, fined $50 and court costs and has his driver's license suspended for six months.
Feb 1983 -- Jones is ordered to perform a benefit concert in Jackson MS in a plea bargain on the DUI and drug charges.

Mar 6, 1999 -- Jones wrecks his SUV while drunk. He is hospitalized at Vanderbilt Univesity Medical Center.

Mar 12, 1999 -- The Tennessee Highway Patrol says a bottle of vodka that had been opened and resealed was found under the passenger

2945 days ago

Sylvester James    

You're kidding, right. This is news to you that the rich and famous gets treated differently, in L. A., Hollywood, Beverly Hills, California, Anytown U.S.A? And why not? They pay good money to be treated differently. They're just getting what they've paid for.

2945 days ago


I strongly support Harvey Levin. We need to expose the racists and anti-Semites in this world. I hope the Hollywood industry boycotts Adolph (oops, I mean Mel) Gibson.

We need as Americans to address racism. We are fighting a war in Iraq based on pure racism. They are not Islamic militants, insurgents but racists. They hate Jews, Christians and Hindus. Go ask the US, Russia, Israel, India, Nigeria, Sudan, Turkey, Tajikistan, Spain, England, etc. Unite against racists. Way to go Harvey!!


2945 days ago

Estelle Diamond    

I just read a comment that the LASD didn`t give Gibson a break....That was correct they should have given him a break... a broken arm , a broken leg......

2945 days ago


How funny..rumors about Mel's and Tom's gayness have been around for years.
Tom hides in the Scientology closet and Mel hides behind a odd for Mel to say he was going to f***the male deputy who arrested him. Hmmmm, well they say people usually speak the truth when intoxicated. Of course good old Mel is anti-Jews...look at what his father said about Jews a few years ago. Usually the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree.

2945 days ago


Of course the officers "report" is a goverment instrument, his/hers FIELD NOTES are not. The 8 pages of notes were reviewed by a superior and found to contain TO MUCH information.

The Deputy was asked to re-write the final offical report without the inflamatory information that was of no need in the investigation of the crime. There is a breath test, there is a video, there is plenty enough evidence that was obtained to investigate the crime(s) alleged.

Whether or not he made such statements that were included in the field notes is irrelavant and inflamatory. The Deputies supervisor(s) were correct in removing the inflamatory information that was in no way pertinent to the charge(s).

If the Deputy felt such a deep need to solidfy his case, he need only include the words beligerant and irrational into his report. From the time of contact, arrest, and transport to jail, an average intoxicated individual will ramble, curse, scream, on frequent occasions urinate on his/her self. Hell, most of these people you could write a book on but is that necessary? A 1 page report will generally suffice but in this case it was such a head line grabber was it not?

As far as the comments to the press about the contents of the report, that was very unprofessional and may well result in a reprimand from the officers agency of employ.
This information was passed on within hours of the incident. Looks to me like someone was looking for a little sensationalism.

It makes no difference who is guilty of what. That is for a court of law to decide, not the court of public opinion, especially when based a large part in gossip.

An LEO knows better than John Q Citizen not to jeporadize a case by releasing to the public more than a synsopis of the event(s).
If he was drunk and driving, he will be convicted of such in a court of law.
He will not be convicted of any crime relating to statements he may have made unless they were conveyed as a threat.

Who knows what he said? Better yet, who cares?
Last that I knew, this was America and we have the right to free speech (whether drunk or not), again, as long as such speech is not conveyed as a threat.

He may have damaged his image by the alleged statements made while he was allegedly intoxicated but that is of a moral issue, not a legal one.
This information should not have been made public prior to the finding of his guilt or innocence of the alleged crime(s).

If it was the guy down the road, a brother-in-law, uncle, even yourself......whatever, would we be sitting here debating how wrong it was for them to get drunk and run their mouth about anything and everything that they won't even remember 8 hours later? They would not make the headlines so the answer is simply no.

2945 days ago


Bravo!!! Mel showed his true colors. It's following an expression ''WHAT DRUNK HAS ON HIS TONGUE , THE SOBER HAS ON HIS MIND''. Mel after all ''a real son'' of his nazi, blood thirsty father. The only thing that left is to stop playing the games and come out of the closet. The government of Iran will love you brother.

2945 days ago


As a recovering alcoholic, I understand Gibson's relapse. As a Jew, I'm horrified by his comments and obviously anti-Semitic mindset. As a citizen, I believe the LA Sherrif's office has a lot to answer for.

2945 days ago

Jeannine Alyward    

It is evident from many of the comments that many people are not acquainted with the disease of alcoholism. It changes people into something they would never be and makes them do things they would never otherwise. This is about each day having to make a decision to face the demon alcohol and having to beat it down.

I have seen very little compassion for a very sick man. I only wish I could see him personally and express the compassion I feel for him. Trust me, comments that are made by someone under the influence are not their true feelings.

I am married to someone who has suffered from this disease for most of his life. He is the kindness, sweetist, most gentle person I have ever known but in the past when he drank his words and comments were horrific. He rarely drinks now but he sometimes slips. Instead of judging and condemning him, I try to be loving and supportive to him. There is nothing I could say to him that he is not already saying to himself.

My heart goes out to Mr. Gibson for the suffering he must endure as a result of this incident. I think the Sheriff's department handled this with compassion and kindness. Unfortunately, we live in a time when people are only satisfied with blood letting. Shame on you.

2945 days ago


Great Work!Let everyone who thinks Mel Gibson is a saint read the police report that you've obtained.The facts don't lie.Mel Gibson has been exposed for what he is.A hateful homophobic, anti-semetic, loud mouth women degrading drunk.The people who defend such behavior probally also thought OJ was innocent.If anybody else had been pulled over and behaved in such a way they would have been charged with more then DUI.Keep the story alive because after the public apology, comes the rehab, the People magazine cover story about his battle with addiction, the prime time tv puff piece etc.Don't let it happen

2945 days ago
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