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Bulletin: Gibson Enters Recovery Program

7/31/2006 5:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel GibsonStar Magazine has confirmed that Mel Gibson has begun a recovery program.

Gibson's rep, Alan Nierob, exclusively tells Star, "He is in a program of recovery at this time."

Chris Prentiss, a neighbor of Gibson's and the co-founder of celebrity treatment centre Passages in Malibu, Calif., tells Star: "I understand he has gone to a treatment centre. The center that I've heard he's checked himself into follows the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step program. And I don't believe that will help him."

Prentiss -- who refused to name the rehab center he's heard Gibson is in -- adds: "He needs individual intense therapy by a team of people who know what they are looking for in causes in alcoholism."


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Why most sucessful Celeb has a F***ed Up Personal Life? Look at Brangelina, Instead of self ploclaim '' The onwer of Malibu'' They spent their time, sucess and money for the Poor and homeless of the world! I wouldnt trade your millions for your pitty life Mr. Gibson. Im not sorry for you .. I pitty you.

2974 days ago

Maria Conchita    

Get over it already Mr. Levin. You're acting like an obssessed Jew.

2974 days ago


when your drunk all your inabitions are lowered.... Those anti semetic statements are Mells true feelings... He should suffer for being a Racist.... That is what he is.

2974 days ago


Of course he's entered rehab. His handlers insisted he did. This is the predictable next step that celebrity screwups take to salvage their careers.

2974 days ago


How do you spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E? Is he going to do a self-indulgent movie about this debacle as well?

2974 days ago


In response to comment #5, if the arresting officer had been Jewish, would that have made mel's comments ok? There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of hate-mongering. On the plus side, maybe now fans of the passion will be a little less blind to its blatant anti-semitism.

2974 days ago


And what Prentiss REALLY means is "I want him to spend money at MY clinic with a gang of overpaid hacks wh have no clue about how to treat alcoholism, but play let's pretend and collect the $$$"

Rehab is a fake. These people have no clue about how to cure addiction

2974 days ago

M. Bottemiller    

Mr. Gibson should be finished in an industry that needs to be inclusive
and often tries to use art as a way to invoke social change. There are
many who can deliver stronger, clearer messages of hope and peace.
I won't spend one more penny ever on anything he's in, directs or produces.
People who agree with me can use a power tool in voting with their wallets.

2974 days ago

Nick Cullincini    

Give me a break! AA is exactly what the guy needs! He's just another movie star who needs help with a substance abuse problem. Join the club Mel. The GOOD NEWS is that help is available though the 12 steps of AA that has been helping folks who just happen to be drunks who are as high strung & complicated as Mel for decades. All the other stuff is BS!

2974 days ago


With all the hatred spewing out of Mel Gibson, he sounds like a man who's carrying a lot of pain around. If he works the program honestly, he can only benefit from rehab. On the other hand, if this is just a hiatus from the negative publicity, he's still going to be carrying this burden of pain around until he hits bottom from the weight of it. I wish him luck and I pray for his family.

2974 days ago


Jack, I wish you could have a least said it didn't work for you, rather than the overgeneralization that AA doesn't work. I just celebrated 31 years of sorbiety thanks to AA.

2974 days ago

Nick Cullincini    

To respond to Jack, post #15, the obviously unhappy dry drunk, he must have went to different meetings then I did as I have found AA members to be some of the most well adjusted successful folks around. It's just what Gibson needs. I no longer attend meetings but I have not found a recipe for happiness that works better than AA.

2974 days ago


Let us not be disingenuous: Mr. Gibson is a famously intolerant man. A number of years ago, he gave an interview to a Spanish-language magazine during which he went on a tirade about how disgusting gay men are, and then had the nerve to be upset that it was reported on in the English language press. I believe that Chastity Bono set up a "sensitivity" training session for him, in which he spoke with gays and lesbians in the entertainment industry. Doesn't seem to have done much for his general take on the world, which is that the only true religious salvation can come from the Christian church, and the only good people are those who adhere to his beliefs.

As a Jew I would say that in the end, he's just a movie star, which I think is distinct from being an actor (in my opinion he isn't even a particularly good actor). Though he is able to finance and make films like the "Passion" which ignores the New Testament's depiction of Herod as a bloodthirsty tyrant in favor of casting blame upon the Jewish hierarchy (who, in all fairness, were likely not happy with Christ's ministry, but divisions in the Jewish community are nothing new) who really cares what this spiritually and emotionally stunted man thinks about anything?

2974 days ago


Isn't it ironic that some "religious" people, like Mel Gibson, find it necessary to hate others of different faiths? He and his ilk forget that Christianity is about love.

BTW, an earlier poster to this blog labelled author Levin "obsessive." That individual confuses editorializing with pathology. Perhaps the poster would feel differently if the topic had been a Latino-specific issue.

2974 days ago

Nick Cullincini    

Who cares what you think about anything Don? You sound like the racist.

2974 days ago
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