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Bulletin: Gibson Enters Recovery Program

7/31/2006 5:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel GibsonStar Magazine has confirmed that Mel Gibson has begun a recovery program.

Gibson's rep, Alan Nierob, exclusively tells Star, "He is in a program of recovery at this time."

Chris Prentiss, a neighbor of Gibson's and the co-founder of celebrity treatment centre Passages in Malibu, Calif., tells Star: "I understand he has gone to a treatment centre. The center that I've heard he's checked himself into follows the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step program. And I don't believe that will help him."

Prentiss -- who refused to name the rehab center he's heard Gibson is in -- adds: "He needs individual intense therapy by a team of people who know what they are looking for in causes in alcoholism."


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I think they should give ole Mel a bottle and throw him down a dark alley and let him drink himself to death. He has been down this road so many times. Maybe it is his hate and psychosis that is sending him down this path over and over again. I think all those that make excuses for him, should ask what would have happened if he killed someone because of his irresponsibility, and he calls himself a Christian. What a sham. Black ball him out of hollywood and move on to much more important people. We certainly don't need lowlifes like him in or out of hollywood. I wouldn't see a movie that he was connected to even if it was free. Disappear Mr. Gibson. We've seen and heard enough from you. STAY OFF THE ROAD BEFORE YOU KILL SOMEONE AND LEARN TO KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. In fact, nail it shut.

2969 days ago

paris whoooo?    

I still think of Mel as an incredibly talented movie star and film maker. Sorry to hear that he apparently is a mean drunk. I wish Mel the best, and hope that he gets the forgiveness that we ALL want.

2969 days ago

ma nelson    

growing up the daughter and now sister of an alcoholic, i have great anger and sympathy for him at the same time. he needs to clean up his act before he has no one left who gives a shit about him. what the public thinks should not matter in this situation. its how he feels about himself and how his family feels about him that counts. God is the only one who can help him now. this is an awful and all consuming addiction. he also needs to think of the hell he's putting his loved ones through. love can only stretch so far til it reaches it's breaking point. after that it can't be repaired back to the way it was before. i've been a long time follower of mr. gibson's career and life and am praying that it is not too late for him and his family to find peace in this life WITHOUT THE DEMON OF ALCOHOL. ma nelson

2969 days ago



2969 days ago


Jews did kill Jesus. Read the bible! Anti-semite my ass. Anytime you disagree with Jews, they call you names. My the peace of Christ be with you all.

2969 days ago


Well Mel has screwed up.

But remember this everyone screws up from time to time. It just happens when your a c eleb, everyone hears about it. i for one am happy that is is doing the right thing, appologizing, getting treatment and of course admitting his mistake.

It takes a big man to do this.

Lets face it, he has the money, and can affoard a good lawyer, the most he would have gotten is a slap on the hand, a fine and maybe a few hours of community service.

But he has admitted his mistake, he has applocigized and is now in treatment. Sounds like someoene who is sorry and wants to improve his life. After all, he could of just bought his way out of it.

Look at all the other celeb, who do the same thing, and the screem racist, they tell the public, I am being picked on because I am a movie start, I am this or that. It's not my fault.

He owning up to it, he is seeking treatmet, and applogized for it.

In my book, he is one of the better celebs for the way he handled. it.. Even if he is doing it jutst to help his image. Think about it, if he never worked again, if he spent time in jail, if he paid a huge fine, it would not hurt him. He is worth a shit load of money. He will liver very comfortable. So y do this, except he truely feels he needs to clean him self up. This insident was just a wake up call he needed.


2969 days ago

Pam Ragland    

Hi all,
12 steps or not, one thing most people don't realize.. in fact very few... is what really drives addicts of any kind. Just like those of us that have other bad habits, most addicts are simply not doing this behavior on purpose. This has nothing to do with agreeing or disagreeing with Mel's choices or views or words.

I have discovered the average adult today has 97.4% of all their capacity (thoughts) working against them, and nearly all of it is hidden in the subconscious, because I am the first to actually measure it. It amounts to more than three million negative thoughts working against people at any one time--and it is consistently higher in addicts. Up to 99.9% of all thoughts are negative, in fact. These people simply have more visible and arguably destructive bad habits than most of us. But, we all have it.

That little 1-2% can make a big difference. So, the blogger who commented about his past is, in a way, right--because most of that negativity is there as children and we just continually add to it unknowingly.

And, the good news is, it is now possible to be FREE of the reasons people are addicts in the first place, in less than 2 weeks elapsed time, without reliving all the reasons why people do that destructive behavior in the first place. "Thought Shifting" is the new technology. Really, if you are doing illegal or legal drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or addicted to many other things (food, sex, work, gambling, etc.) it's all the same. And, the REAL cause is as unique and individual as every person.

Do I think the 12 steps will help? Well, if you go by the dismal 3-30% success rate (less than chance) then no, I don't. Because for me, the only thing that constitutes real, true help is to be totally free to live the life you were meant to live, as the Masterpiece you are meant to be. And, if you look at what they focus on--fear you will go back to your habit again, so you need to go to meetings for the rest of your life--then I would argue even the people who are no longer addicts are not really free of their addiction. They are simply white knuckling it. After all, if you can never drink again, are you really free? I'm sure a very, very small percentage are. But, not many.

However, have they helped people in some way? Yes, sometimes they do. There are better ways, like removing all the reasons you have the addictions in the first place. But, they don't know how to do that (I do.) And, if he has checked himself into rehab, perhaps he is at least open to getting whatever he can from the process.

So, I say cheer him on for at least trying to help himself. The absolute worst thing we do for addicts is assume they are not going to be helped, anyway. They feel our skepticism and they pick up on that. Some will even sayto themselves "Why bother, everyone expects this from me, anyway." That is a shame for any human, and, celebrity or not Mel is still human.

Pam Ragland (live in 1+ weeks, free info.)

2969 days ago


Maybe the stress of living next door to Britney Spears was too much for him! He was putting his house on the market because of all the press attention and being concerned about his family.
I doubt there is anyone here who drinks at all that hasn't at one time driven drunk, home from a party, etc. It really is very common, though very unsafe. If there were harsher laws for drunk driving it would help deter people from taking this risk, but most states just tolerate it, including repeat offenders.
Seriously, just because he needs help with an alcohol addition does not mean he is a bad person. Everyone has problems, addictions, etc, it's how and whether you address it and try to change it that shows the true merit of an individual.
None of us are perfect, including a lot of you HATERS here who use this sad news for your political agendas. Bless you Mel-may God help you beat this problem for good!

2969 days ago

Frank Ruffolo    

It would seem that those attacking Mel Gibson literally want to crucify him for the alleged comments he made after his drunk arrest. The only two people that actually know the truth of what Mel Gibson said to them after his arrest are the two arresting officers that charged Mel Gibson on DUI charges. On top of that the entire world press has based this story on a phone call made to the reporter that broke the story to the press. The reliabilility of this so called phone call leaves a lot to be desired. A man with an alcoholic drinking past like Mel Gibson who is charged while driving drunk making outrageous comments obviously has a very serious personal problem that needs attention and help. No right thinking person can take any thing he says in that condition with any degree of credibility. The National Director of the Anti Defamation League has gone so far as to suggest that Hollywood distance itself from Mel Gibson. With all due respect to the ADL Director Hollywood quite clearly distanced itself from Mel Gibson the moment he had the courage to direct the highly successful "Passion of the Chirst." Mel Gibson paid $25 million dollars out of his own pocket to make the "Passion of the Christ" because no studio or any one else wanted to help him in Hollywood. He received 100 fold in return at the box office for having the courage and tenacity to make this very beautiful powerful moving film about the last 12 hours of Christ's life. As far as I was concerned the "Passion of the Christ" was one of the best movies that I have seen in the last ten years and quite clearly deserved a major academy award or two. If the National Director of the ADL is so concerned about defamation in the movie industry, Why did he not make claims and charges against the "Davinci Code" movie which savagely mocked and attacked the Catholic Church and more importantly the Divinity of Jesus Christ who is in fact God come to earth as man to suffer crucifixtion on the cross for the salvation of all mankind? What does the ADL say about television cartoons being used to mock and blasphemy the Virgin Mary and the Catholic Church, and shows like Comedy Central which are also be used to mock and attack the teachings of the Catholic Church and even mock one of the most beloved Saints of the Twentieeth Centurary, the late Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta who was lovingly know as the "Saint of the Gutters. because she served the poorest of the poor, many in their last hours of life. The National Director of the ADL should be less selective and more proactive because Hollywood has been responsible for an awful lot of anti-catholic defamation through their recent movies and television programs. Unfortunately for Mel Gibson his greatest sin in the eyes of Hollywood and others is that he had the tremendous courage to make the "Passion of the Christ" which became a phenomenal blockbuster success all over the world. And unlike the "Da Vinci Code" and another movie like the "Last Temptation Christ", Mel Gibson totally made his movie according to the Gospels in the bible. "The Da Vinci Code" on the other hand was based on fiction and total fabrication to the point of blasphemy. I have stopped seeing Hollywood films in recent years and refuse to even see any awards shows expecially the academy awards because of their total snub of Mel Gibson's the "Passion of the Christ." I definately plan to see Mel Gibson next blockbuster film "Apacolytco" which was filmed entirely on location in Mexico and is to be released on December 8, 2006.

2969 days ago


Prentiss's comments are absoluelty irresponsible and self- promoting - Passages believes in "massage therapy" will get you sober for 50,000 dollars a month. And exactly how many people have stayed sober that went through Passgages? Everyone in the sober community knows that place is a joke. AA is free. Prentiss is a snake oil salesman. shame on him

2969 days ago


I predict that he's going to check himself into rehab . . . at the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Marvin Hier is going to become Mel's new best friend.

2969 days ago


FYI MEL IS NOT A CATHOLIC. Mel Gibson is not a Catholic and the church has distanced themselves from him. He is not part of the ROman Catholic CHurch (ie the Vatican does not recognize his chapel at his house as being part of the Catholic Church) so whoever said the church needs to distance itself from him well how can they when he isnt close to them anyway? He is what is called a traditional catholic. He rejects everything that Happened in Vatican two (changes made within the church mostly the fact that the Mass is no longer said in Latin) and some other things. So he is not a catholic.

2969 days ago


Glad he's getting help, in whatever form. Who hasn't done/said something completely idiotic when using??
Relapse is hard on everyone, but to have it debated and splashed around the world has to be incredibly hurtful and humbling.
I wish him well. It CAN be done.

Still Reaching!

2969 days ago


Man oh Man what is this country coming to , HEY GET A GRIP !!!! we have more important things to worrying about other than trashing Mel Gibson Leave Mel alone it
It really doesn't matter,don't ya have a life? get out of those people lives in Hollywood and get your own, he's in REhab how, tring to get his house in order
you should do the same weather you need to or not theirs a dark clude a coming
you should worry youself and yours, instead trying to get in mel's life besides the man apologized, weather or not you forgive him it's up to you
he's no anti semite any one with half a clue can see that , and I'll see his next movie sure as sh&# don't judge a man until you've walked in his shoes give him and yourself a break

2969 days ago


Alcoholism knows no financial boundaries. We've all had friends or family that do and say stupid things when they are drunk.
When things like this happen to a celebrity it amazes me how the comments fly from those that are holier then thou.

Alcoholism only has two ways out. Get sober or eventually die. Even when one finds sobriety they can relapse years later and pick up right where they were. Studies are showing it is hereditery, It lives in people wating to take hold of their lives....and it does
Those who think it is a choice are not informed. It is clearly defined as a disease.
I'm sure that those of you that are being judgemental have lived a perfect life, never done one thing you are ashamed of, and have every right to sit on a pedestal looking down on others.

WE as a people are responsible. We have created this society.
Did you know there is enough food on this earth to feed all people? Yet , we ask why does God allow hunger? WE allow it!!! No one else.

*jumpng off soap box now*

2968 days ago
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