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Bulletin -- Prosecutors Reviewing Gibson Case

7/31/2006 4:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel GibsonTMZ has learned the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has sent the L.A. County District Attorney the Mel Gibson case for review. The D.A. will decide whether to file driving under the influence charges, a misdemeanor, against Gibson.

The D.A. could also file charges of resisting arrest if the evidence warrants. That charge could be filed as either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the circumstances. As TMZ reported, Gibson attempted to flee the scene of his arrest but was subdued by the deputy.

Gibson's next scheduled court date is September 28.

No timetable on when the D.A. will make its decision.


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i am so ooooooooo sick of all the jews on tv talking trash about mel gibson, barbara walters needs a fricking hair transplant, she looks like she's dying, and steve on good day la, he is really making me sick, the ugly stupid little jew, harvey levin get over it, you act like he killed someone, shite, leave the man alone, i agree that the jews start most of the wars though

3009 days ago


harvey levin makes me reallly sick and steve edwards ugly jews, look like they are going to have a heart attaack, steve edwards is always talking trash about catholics, the jews make me sick, they are all about guilt and wa wa, the holocoust get over it,

3009 days ago


This story is getting so tired and old

Show me ONE person who has NEVER made a politically incorrect statement while SOBER. Anyone who claims to live up to the PC standard 24/7 is a fucking liar. In light of recent and ongoing events in the Mid East, only a MORON could take it THIS far with Gibson's alleged statements.

Also, why isn't Hollywood EVER this angered by the filthy racist and stereotypical garbage that comes out in their films/tv shows about Arabs, Muslims, Native Americans, Hispanics, Asians etc? HYPOCRITES.

While I think that Mel should be held accountable for the DUI, his alleged comments are NO worse than what many of us, including the Jews, have said while SOBER about each other, especially during times of Mid East conflict.

This mob mentality against Gibson, a guy who made an alleged drunken statement, really shows the hypocrisy behind Jewish groups and Hollywood executives. It makes me sick.

Mel has my support 1000%

PS: I had a discussion about this with my Jewish friends. They were angry about Gibson's statement but when i pointed out that they were calling the Muslims and the Palestinians all sorts of names and saying all sorts of the politically incorrect and yes, even racist things, they had NOTHING to say. Why? Because even the haters who are hating on Gibson (even after he apologized) are guilty of the SAME CRIME sometime in our life. And if you say you aren't, you're a fucking liar.

3013 days ago

Jon Lee    

Nice to know this is more important than being at the brink of WWIII.

3013 days ago


HA-HA! I _love_ the picture of Mel "What do you think you're looking at, sugar tits?" Gibson that accompanies this article. Could this considered to be subliminal? I'm all for the D.A. investigating further since Mel seems just a little tooooooooo cozy w/ the Malibu police dept. Like he thinks he owns it or something.

3013 days ago


He looks like Jack Nicholson in "The Shining" in that photo.

3013 days ago

Uke Ukemi    

So, basically, your position is that two wrongs make a right? Ethnic epithets in any form are wrong; but to say that, because your Jewish friends (wrongfully) use epithets towards Muslims, it is okay for Muslims to do the same? I would think they would both be wrong.

However, IS in possession of a copy of the original, 8-page, Police Report; and apparently Mr. Gibson blamed Jews for all the wars. Since, history records that Jews were not involved in many of history's wars, it would appear that Mr. Gibson's satement is incorrect. If his statements were not based on facts, perhaps they were motivated by misperceptions on Mr. Gibson's part?

I take it you don't think Jews should be offended when referred to as, "Fucking Jews". Then, I suppose you shouldn't ne offended, were I to call you a "Fucking Asshole"?

3013 days ago

You go Sandra!!!    

On the brink of WWIII??? People have been watching too much Faux News...

3013 days ago

Uke Ukemi    

My bet is that each theater will be picketed by the ADL.

3013 days ago


Gibson Fan-I AGREE with you 100%. Couldn't have said it better.

3013 days ago


Mr. Gibson!
Without Jews, you whoud be nothing in Hollywood !!!!!!!!!!!!

3013 days ago

Neil Schimler    

Gibson shows what a dope he really is. He deserves the same treatment as any other drunk would get for trying to escape from being arrested and driving drunk.
As a Jew, I don't mind him speaking his mind. He has that right. I am also glad that he was smashed so his real personality came out.
Who cares what he thinks. However, his stupidity cost him many paying movie fans.

3013 days ago


You are right, everyone says something that is politically incorrect sometime in their life. BUT THAT DOESN'T JUSTIFY MEL'S ACTIONS.

It's just like saying "I stole a cell phone, but it's ok because the poor man living in a dumpster stole a loaf of bread."

If he is really such a great guy, he should go to a synagogue and pray with a rabbi or something along those lines.

Besides, Israel has had to face total annihilation for 60 years, which may make a few people...................edgy.

3013 days ago


If Mel Gibson had been a young black actor, he probably would have been shot without much media attention paid to it. He is so lucky is he white and easily recognized. That is the only reason he still has all his teeth and his life. He better appreciate it and stop going around disrespecting law enforcement and spewing hate and ignorance.

3013 days ago


Gibson should be treated like any other person who was stopped by the police for DUI. Any comments made should be made public and he should be punished according to the local laws. I'm tired of Movie Stars getting better treatment "because" they are rich and famous. Who cares???

Personally - Mel can kiss my 10 bucks goodbye forever - because I will not ever see another one of his movies. I don't support hate! He is dead to me!

3013 days ago
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