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EXCLUSIVE: Gibson Skated Twice Before

7/31/2006 2:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Mel Gibson has been stopped for reckless driving two other times in Malibu but he was allowed to leave without a ticket or arrest.

As TMZ first reported, Gibson was arrested on Friday for suspicion of driving under the influence on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu -- driving 87 miles an hour. As we reported, the deputy who arrested Gibson was ordered to sanitize his arrest report to make it appear that Gibson's arrest was "without incident." In fact, The report states Gibson was abusive, violent and vulgar, and even attempted to escape.

TMZ has confirmed that approximately three years ago, Gibson was driving 74 miles per hour on Pacific Coast Highway, one mile from his house, when he was pulled over by a Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy. Sources say Gibson avoided eye contact with the deputy during the stop and even though the deputy was suspicious of Gibson's sobriety, he let him go.

Approximately one year ago Gibson was stopped again, after driving 64 miles an hour on Pacific Coast Highway -- where the speed limit is 45. Sources say that Gibson was so cocky that he was on his cell phone the entire time he was detained by the deputy. Ultimately, the deputy decided to let him go without giving him a citation.

And there's new information about Friday's arrest.

As TMZ reported, the deputy who arrested Gibson was ordered by superiors to re-write his report and eliminate all references to Gibson's bad conduct and anti-Semitic remarks. Sources tell TMZ that Lt. Crystal Miranda told the arresting deputy that Captain Tom Martin talked to Sheriff Lee Baca who expressed concern that the explosive report might leak to the media and that it needed to be re-written in a sanitized form.

Sources say Gibson, who was pulled over early Friday morning for allegedly crossing lanes at a high speed, told the arresting deputy that he was leaving home just after 2 a.m. and heading to his brother's house. The arresting deputy found a bottle of tequila in the car, 3/4 full, in a brown paper bag. We're told that Gibson told the deputy that the bottle wasn't his but, "I've had a little bit."

We're also told that Gibson, who issued a statement over the weekend, suggesting he was not of sound mind when he uttered the anti-Semitic tirade and engaged in abusive behavior, was not in fact "out of it." Sources connected with the case tell TMZ that Gibson was drunk but was in control of his senses. At one point at the Sheriff's station, sources say Gibson was "jumping like a monkey" on a steel cage and told the arresting deputy, "I'm not going to hurt you physically. I'm gonna hurt you. I'm gonna make you lose."

We're also told that deputies at the Sheriff's station were star struck by Gibson and a number of them went to Gibson's holding cell to get a look of the star. The problem for the Sheriff's department -- there's a mounted camera in the station and the deputies can be seen fawning over the actor. Sheriff's officials have called some of the officers who were caught on tape in and warned them they might be subject to discipline.

As TMZ reported, the arresting deputy was ordered by officials to take out references to Gibson's bad behavior. We're told the altered report makes no mention of the fact that Gibson attempted to flee the scene by running to his car to escape. We're also told that the officer checked a box on the report that Gibson was "belligerent." Ironically, even though officials did not order the deputy to remove that reference, they did order him to re-write the report to eliminate all references to the supporting evidence leading the officer to believe Gibson was indeed "belligerent."

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We've got anarchy in the middle east, sky-high gas prices, record U-S heat,
the meth epidemic, etc etc etc and people are obsessing over what a drunken actor said when he got pulled over. Who cares? America, wake the fuck up!!

2985 days ago


SO THE HELL WHAT! Mel reacted just like human beings do. Celebrities are not exempt from behaving like a dayum fool. Not saying that his behavior was appropriate it just it'snot a surprise.

Get over it people!!!!!!

2985 days ago


Let's see, TMZ has the orginal report, but won't say who they got it from. Therefore the whole issue is false, I can't trust an un-named source! I get sick and tired of sources that won't be identified, why? If you don't want to be identifed, shut up and keep your phoney info to yourself. Part of the above states that he was going 64 miles and hour in a 45! SO WHAT! Between Barrington, IL and Palatine, Il, there is a five mile length of new highway. If you don't go 65 in the 45, you will be in danger of getting run over. DUI is a problem, I lost one brother to it, my other brother was an alcoholic until he was almost fifty. He got out of control and woke up in the Mental Block of a institution. He became sober for the rest of his life, which was too short because of the damage to his heart! He almost became spokesperson for the local AA group. So what if he hates Jews, half the world does! Some right next door to you, only they don't get drunk and spill the beans. Be like me, hate all religion! Although I beiieve that something, somewhere is guiding us to be better than a we though possible. Maybe I will start my own church? "The Unholy Church of the recovering Atheists"

2985 days ago

Donna Touchton    

In my humble opinion:
1- Mel should pay the price for the DUI
2-It is a FREE country to say anything you want. Who here is NOT a bigot in some way? Can anyone HONESTLY say that they love each and every person and that they have no rpeconceived ideas about different religions, races or sexual proclivities?
I personally like Mel and his movies. I don't always agree with what the celebrities I like say or do. If that were the case, I wouldn't watch ANY celebrity. I will continue to see his movies.
i for one am tired for people being persecuted for not being politically correct. That's why this country is so screwed up. We have to please everyone!


2985 days ago


Some much for total hate of the man!

Do Gibson's 'despicable' comments change your opinion of him?
No 65%
Yes 35%
Total Votes: 33,761
Note on Poll Results

How will this impact Gibson's career?
He'll still be a top draw 51%
It will take a small hit 40%
He's finished 9%
Total Votes: 34,834
Note on Poll Results

2985 days ago

Lance K.    

Someone mentiones something about the Lebanese government. Aren't they a democracy or is it that the US only approves of governments/democracies that suit our need

About Mel's Hollywood career. You know my feelings are people have a right to make movies that they see fit. I did not think that The Passion of the Christ was anti-semitic. I thought it was a historical reference. I think that what happened to the Jewish people with the Nazis was horrible BUT...Sometimes they seem to protest too much. They do not care when they financially back movies that slander or portray other races and religions negatively. They can't have it both ways. I think all races and religions have been portrayed negatively and positively at various times but you know what that is the way life is. There is not one race or religion that have acted as 100% saints or good and the Jewish people are no exception. They have skeletons in their closets too just like the rest ofus

2985 days ago


Subject is boring. People get arrested every day for the same thing and it's not big news. Leave him alone. He has a wife and kids and a lot of road to cover with his problem. He's acknowledged is faults, let him work on it himself and not be so judgemental. Look in the mirror and think of how you behave when drunk. He needs his family's support and other people to mind their own business and leave him alone.

2985 days ago


If Mel knew he was going to be drinking he should have gotten a driver "he can afford it. " All the money in the world can't buy a brain or keep you sober but it can help keep his crazy butt out of the drivers seat when he feels that he has to get drunk not to mention help keep other people safe. It's a shame that the police can't do their jobs correctly when it comes to "Stars".
The officials that ordered the report to be rewritten should be DISCIPLINED. Who can we trust in this day and time. "WHAT HAPPENED to the police creed to "SERVE AND PROTECT "

2985 days ago


The comments in "support" of Gibson's actions are even scarier than Gibson's behaviors. The BAL cited in the report in no way would render anyone out of control enough to spew vindictives which were foreign to that individual's belief system. In addition, the defiance and disrespect shown to the arresting officers (not to mention the mysogenistic remark to the female officer) further belie this man's true character. How in the world does anyone with values condone or ethically rescue this guy? He is the embodiment of "The Ugly American", and that is not an image which we should be extolling at this embarrasing moment in America's history.

2985 days ago


This is not the first time Mr. Gibson has been DUI'd
many years ago he did an interview for Cosmo and admitted being
and alcoholic and has driven before. Mad Max #3.. he was drunk the entire
time of filming.. He says that when his family was not around (wife and kids)
he would loose control and get depressed. So drinking consoled him.
It is clear he has fallen off the wagon and needs help.. But he needs to admit
to it for the help to work. I am a very devoted fan of Mel, but my heart sank
with this DUI. I really hope he checks into rehab and cleans up..
Many actors have done the same and are always forgiven, but they must
seek help themselves.. not be forced to do it.

Clean and Sober Mr. Gibson.. its the only way

2985 days ago


I am stunned at the venom directed at Jewish people on this site. So what many of these people are saying is that due to Israel's war, it is perfectly fine to say venomous remarks about an entire race of people? Barring the fact that thousands upon thousands of Israelites have been murdered and blown up, including children, over the years- going onto buses and trains and into schools and marketplaces to kill them and then creating displays to celebrate what they've done (like the Sbarro Pizza display after the killings)? Not once have I seen what has been happening in Darfur (where they are raping and murdering and cutting off innocent people's LIMBS for no reason OTHER than ethnic cleansing) and other places (Bosnia for one) receive such coverage. I notice no one has made ugly remarks about those killers.

Mel Gibson said what he felt and it is unfortunate and sad he feels that way. Thank God he didn't kill anyone while driving drunk. At least he attempted to distance himself from those remarks, as opposed to the nearly deafening applause from some people here for saying what they feel- they hate Jews.

2985 days ago


Give me a break. How many people have gotten DUIs and apologized for their behavior? All you saintly hipocrites stand up and shout how bad Mel Gibson is. How does that old saying go "PEOPLE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULD NOT THROW STONES". Mel Gibson like anyone else has a right to say anything he wants whether good or bad. If I am not mistaken I think that would be our first amendment or has that right been taken away also. People need to look in the mirror and take a reality check, this country is so full of hipocrites who will kiss your cheek and when your back is turned stab you where it hurts the most. I am a Southern bread white female born in this country.

2985 days ago


You know the funny thing is that the police aren't the ones at fault for anything here! Should it be Mel Gibson's fault for not getting a ticket, TWICE for being a star!? I can't say I blame Mel for the prior events. I would love to get 2 "Get out of jail" cards for just being who I am.

As far as the comments he made, well I think it is only fair to wait to see what he says about it. Take a man on his word, not false allegations or stories published about him. If he is a man of truth, like I think he tries to be (and we ALL TRY) then he will apologize for it and get some help. The things he said are terrible, but we all have our shortcomings. Mine, is spending too much time doing stuff like this instead of working! I say we let Mel, deal with the bad things with his Maker, and stay out of his private realm.

2985 days ago


I did not realize there was a correlation between drinking and anti-semitism and sexism. If I have a few drinks, I highly doubt that I would start calling a woman "sweet sugar tits." Nor do I think I would start ranting about Jews being responsible for all the wars in the world.

The bottom line is that alcohol removes one's inhibitions and empowers a person to say what's really on his mind. It reveals a person's true character. Mel's drinking problem is only the tip of the iceberg of his true self.

2985 days ago


This is nothing new...I new he was antisemitic from the time it was told that his father said there was no holochaust. Believe me, Mel Gibson is a antsemite and he should be blacklisted from hollywood for good. I am surprised that none of his fellow actors are saying anything about the matter. Mel Gibson should be run out of town. Besides, for him being drunk and this is not the first time he could have killed an inocent life. GET OUT MEL GIBSON

2985 days ago
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