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EXCLUSIVE: Gibson Skated Twice Before

7/31/2006 2:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Mel Gibson has been stopped for reckless driving two other times in Malibu but he was allowed to leave without a ticket or arrest.

As TMZ first reported, Gibson was arrested on Friday for suspicion of driving under the influence on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu -- driving 87 miles an hour. As we reported, the deputy who arrested Gibson was ordered to sanitize his arrest report to make it appear that Gibson's arrest was "without incident." In fact, The report states Gibson was abusive, violent and vulgar, and even attempted to escape.

TMZ has confirmed that approximately three years ago, Gibson was driving 74 miles per hour on Pacific Coast Highway, one mile from his house, when he was pulled over by a Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy. Sources say Gibson avoided eye contact with the deputy during the stop and even though the deputy was suspicious of Gibson's sobriety, he let him go.

Approximately one year ago Gibson was stopped again, after driving 64 miles an hour on Pacific Coast Highway -- where the speed limit is 45. Sources say that Gibson was so cocky that he was on his cell phone the entire time he was detained by the deputy. Ultimately, the deputy decided to let him go without giving him a citation.

And there's new information about Friday's arrest.

As TMZ reported, the deputy who arrested Gibson was ordered by superiors to re-write his report and eliminate all references to Gibson's bad conduct and anti-Semitic remarks. Sources tell TMZ that Lt. Crystal Miranda told the arresting deputy that Captain Tom Martin talked to Sheriff Lee Baca who expressed concern that the explosive report might leak to the media and that it needed to be re-written in a sanitized form.

Sources say Gibson, who was pulled over early Friday morning for allegedly crossing lanes at a high speed, told the arresting deputy that he was leaving home just after 2 a.m. and heading to his brother's house. The arresting deputy found a bottle of tequila in the car, 3/4 full, in a brown paper bag. We're told that Gibson told the deputy that the bottle wasn't his but, "I've had a little bit."

We're also told that Gibson, who issued a statement over the weekend, suggesting he was not of sound mind when he uttered the anti-Semitic tirade and engaged in abusive behavior, was not in fact "out of it." Sources connected with the case tell TMZ that Gibson was drunk but was in control of his senses. At one point at the Sheriff's station, sources say Gibson was "jumping like a monkey" on a steel cage and told the arresting deputy, "I'm not going to hurt you physically. I'm gonna hurt you. I'm gonna make you lose."

We're also told that deputies at the Sheriff's station were star struck by Gibson and a number of them went to Gibson's holding cell to get a look of the star. The problem for the Sheriff's department -- there's a mounted camera in the station and the deputies can be seen fawning over the actor. Sheriff's officials have called some of the officers who were caught on tape in and warned them they might be subject to discipline.

As TMZ reported, the arresting deputy was ordered by officials to take out references to Gibson's bad behavior. We're told the altered report makes no mention of the fact that Gibson attempted to flee the scene by running to his car to escape. We're also told that the officer checked a box on the report that Gibson was "belligerent." Ironically, even though officials did not order the deputy to remove that reference, they did order him to re-write the report to eliminate all references to the supporting evidence leading the officer to believe Gibson was indeed "belligerent."

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Harvey LEVIN,

Do yourself and the Jewish community a favor and SHUT UP about this. You're embarrassing yourself because your vendetta against Gibson is SO TRANSPARENT. Gibson should be held accountable for his DUI but you're taking this too far and I wonder if you would even care had he made a similar drunken statement about the Muslims (my guess is NO).

I have Jewish friends that say mean things about Muslims when they are SOBER. We are ALL imperfect humans and we ALL can have the tendency to say Un-PC things. In light of RECENT AND ONGOING events in the Mid East, what Gibson said in his drunken state is not something that I would label as deserving this much attention.

Get off your high horse, Levin. This MOB mentality by the Jewish community against Gibson and his family has been stemming from the filming and relase of "The Passion..." IT's getting OLD so STOP

3014 days ago


Any Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. employee, from deputies to Sheriff Lee Baca, should be held accountable and severely punished for attempting to cover up the behavior of Mr. Gibson. Each and every person, famous or not, should be treated exactly the same!

3014 days ago


This is pretty much a non-story that will blow away in a day or two. Most celebs
who live in or near PCH/Malibu drive somewhat drunk home from parties almost every night of the week, so there's nothing new here. The real story is the dimwitted deputies at the station who get star-struck that re-write citations.
Where's the justice there? Pull over some hispanic, black or average white guy for DUI and the book's throw at them.

3014 days ago


Stupidity abounds. A .12 BAL is PROFOUNDLY impaired. It is lucky he didn'y kill someone.

The report should NOT be sanitized-- the entire arrest was audiorecorded from the cruiser, and completely subsatantiates the officer's report of the incident. In fact, resisting arrest, attempting to flee, and being verbally abusive and threatening more than one officer is important.

The celebrity culture that somehow thinks this is ok is grotesque.

MG is known to be anti-semityic, as is his father, both of whom are documented to deny that the Holocaust occurred.

Get a grip-- MG is a dangerous drunk and an idiot.

3014 days ago


Compassion doesn't mean someone can't be held accountable for their actions.

Mel Gibson, like so many others in the entertainment and political industries, exemplifies the great, growing hypocrisy of our society; espousing wholesome values to and for others while expoiting the power of his fame and fortune to indulge his own vices. When faced with expsoure, he - like so many others before him - plays humble and contrite.


Alcoholic or not, he should be made to face the consequences of his actions, including revelation of the gross and ugly truths about himself.

And that includes not getting any more money from me. Not a stretch, actually - I stopped supporting him when his anti-gay slurs came out years ago.

3014 days ago

Toni James    

Clearly Mr Gibson's actions under the influence were not a responsible persons antics, I'm sure he would not of acted that way or said those things without the alcohol on board, while that does not ultimately excuse his behavior, it does bare some understanding of the situation. He did apologize and I feel most likely rues the event ever happening. People are human folks, even stars make mistakes.

3014 days ago


Wow, hypocrisy at its best. Jewish studio execs consistently have made TV and films that have degraded Muslims/Arabs and Blacks, Asians, Mexicans, etc. and yet they are denouncing an actor for a drunken statement? Give me a break.

Also, i highly doubt that TMZ or Levin would give 2 cents about this story had Gibson made a statement about the Muslims.

If i had a dime for every UN-PC thing said by the Jews about the Muslims in my lifetime while sober and of sound mind, I'd be a millionaire.

Gibson should be held responsible for his DUI but this call to boycott him from Jewish execs and demanding that he be held to a "hate crime" by the ADL only weakens the claims of real anti-semitism. And it makes you all look like the biggest hypocrites there are.

3014 days ago


What kind of idiotic reasoning allows that a jewish man shouldn't chastise a powerful, hypocritical anti-semite at the moment of his greatest vulnerability?

Go, Harvey, go - thank god SOMEONE working in today's lousy media still has the balls to investigate coverups and tweeze out the truth... for those of us who can handle it.

3014 days ago


This reminds me of stories of Peter Himler's cocaine addiction!

3014 days ago


Jesus said "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks". It never would have came out of his mouth, drunk or not, if it wasn't very much in his heart in the first place.

3014 days ago


MizLiz is right when she refers to 'in vino veritas'.

I have no doubt that Gibson will express 'profound regret' for what he had to say to the police officer in question. This will not alter the fact however that what he did was to blurt out his true beliefs and feelings towards the Jews. Thanks to the vino his inhibitions were down and that is why the truth popped out, confirming previous suspicions that he really is the profoundly unpleasant character that until now have just been straws in the wind. His profound regrets will simply be that he has unwittingly exposed himself as the racist bigot he really is and nothing more.

3014 days ago

Bruce Denton    

I guess hes been treated differently for so long while being pulled over and let go that he had a God complex. How dare anyone arrest me. I'll show you I will act up like a spoiled child.Now, that I've said that. I like Mel Gibson and i will continue to watch his movies.I think its wrong the way he acted ,but thats Hollywood.

3014 days ago

Herbie J Pilato    

You know, not for anything but, it's pretty safe to say that EVERYONE was responsible for killing Jesus - the Romans AND the Jewish people. The real issue should be, why didn't anyone attempt to SAVE him?

3014 days ago

Mel Gibson JR    

The "f* ing Jew"ish
are you Jew"ish ?
my wife she f* b***
TMZ you can s** my d***

3014 days ago


in vino veritas (or in this case, tequila) absolutely.

0.12 BAC does not equal drunk. especially for a person of Mel's size.

3014 days ago
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