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Mel Gibson: Malibu's Finest

7/31/2006 2:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel GibsonAmid rumblings that Mel Gibson received preferential treatment from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, a public service announcement that Gibson taped on their behalf has surfaced.

The PSA was recorded back in 2002 on behalf of a sheriff's charity, The Los Angeles Sheriff's Star Organization (LASSO).

In the spot, Gibson, dressed in a sheriff's uniform, pulls over Scott Baio to thank him for supporting LASSO. He implores viewers, "Give back to those who give so much."


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Okay, so he was drunk and driving.. so what if he rambled on and on.. the DUI was against the law, the rambling on and on is not against the law and this officer who wrote it down verbatin did it for his own use.
If he resisted arrest, then shame on the officer for not doing something then.. Mel Gibson like so many of us, except for those who will stand up and say, " I never say any words against anyone". rables when drunk. Show me where that is illegal. Show me also where this is pertinent and news worthy. So he
produced Passions. Like any movie, it is a movie, get over it. Am I a fan of Mel Gibsons, not really, like some of his movies. What I want to know is how TMZ managed to get all this info and then tell me why, they appear on TV and act like they are so perfect and lily white and how they are totally disgusted with Gibson's behavior..whay hypocrites they are... And then to listen to a Rabbi talk about Gibson's predjudices against Jews and how no one should talk badly against another ethnic group. PLEASE !!! watch the news.. sounds like to many of us do not have a life and all we have to do is sit around and wait on the negative news accounts of our highly paid stars..lololol

3006 days ago


and to the former police officer who says shame on the officers supervisior.. Please, give me a breal mr. perfect officer.. NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

3006 days ago


Mr. Gibson truly loves his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Mr. Gibson also has a dire problem with drinking alcohol.
We ALL fall short in this world and the only saving grace is Jesus.
No one person on this earth has the right to judge others, God is the only true judge, but Mr. Gibson knows there are laws in this world that have been put out there for our own protection and when we as people break them we have to face the those laws.
Because Mr. Gibson publicly talks about this faith and love for his Lord the enemy of this world chooses to attack him where he is most vulnerable.
Apologizing is a great first step.
We will pray for Mr. Gibson. Pray that he is healed and delivered of this affliction. God bless you Mr. Gibson.

3006 days ago


Preferential treatment my a**. How many dueces do you see with their statements in the news. The guy was drunk, acted like an a** and was hooked up by a Deputy with a posh assignment in the Boo. Leave the dude alone.

3006 days ago


All the comments raise good points from both sides of the spectrum. But we must remember that the comments were said only in presence of the LA County Deputies and not the public. The comments were then made public. So they only people who have the right to complaint about Mel's comments are the deputies, not everybody else. True to form the First Amendment was designed to protect EVERYONE. Though I must comment the arresting deputy for exercising his sworn duty to include the "whole truth" in his report. I would have to guess that this was his own little way of telling Mel that he was indeed, affended. Maybe if he agreed with Mel's point of view, that we would have never of know what Mel said. Do you all see how life works. If you fuck someone over today, there will always be someone else down the road to return the favor right back up your ass later on. No matter how famous and powerful you are, Mel Gibson or Saddam...sonner or later fate is going to come knocking on your door. Just ask Pamela Anderson. She though sleeping with whoever she could would get her to the top some day and it did. But now the dumb-ass blonde bitch has Hepatitis. Again, fate at it's finest.

3006 days ago

Bernice Bellamy    

So Mel Gibson is going into rehab to save his life and help with his alcoholism, wonder where he's checking into to help his warped mind and despicable anti-Semitic beliefs. He and his lunatic father should be ashamed of themselves. I hope he and that other loon Tom Cruise take huge hits at the box office. We are sick and tired of their antics and ridiculous behavior.

3006 days ago

Sam N Clay    

Mel deserves the following: No respect, No consideration and most of all No sympathy. Why? He drinks and drives which means he feels you, the possibly victimized public deserve the following: No respect, No consideration and most of all No sympathy. Alcoholism is a disease that can be successfully treated, but only when the victim of such a disease decides he or she cares about themselves and others, and given his track record for prejudiced (pre-judged) vocal expressions of hatred for those he doesn't even know, it is likely he will not respond to treatment. And to offer him preferential bias because of celebrity status, it's not unrealistic to predict his untimely demise as was the result of sugar-coating John Denvers' alcohol problem. But, even worse, an innocent bystander will have to die first.

3006 days ago

Kelly Phillips    

Jack Defoe:

"Those who deplore what Gibson said have as much right to voice their opinions as Gibson has to express his loathsome views and I can't fathom the claims that Gibson is somehow being censored. We are all held accountable for what we do and say, or at least we should be."

Why is it the things you say are no more loathsome than the things Mel Gibson or myself says? Consider that your opinion is just as loathsome to one side as the othersides opinion is loathsome to you. The best description is this, unless you agree with my opinion your a raving lunatic. Now how absurd is that now. I like the level of differances except from the critics and hacks. their so self rightoues but unknownly hypecritical.


"Kelly Phillips' intelligence (or lack thereof) is apparent by her total inability to spell or use correct grammar. These are the type of people who scream about the problems in the world being the fault of someone else. Their problems are usually the results of their own laziness and stupidity."

Now Renee I love it when someone shows their ignorance and don't even know it. Just because my name is Kelly Does not make me female. trust me in forums were discussions like these take place I rarely care if I'am Grammerically correct. I'd only be concerned if I'm writting for a group of 8 year old. which by your concern must be your case and opinion that everyone in here is of that age group. How Sad again to show ignorance and Stereotypical assumptions when their is so much more important things to flame and dissect. It' is truely the last resorts of a feeble mind to harbour on such things.
Also for referance Wanda and others have miss spelling in there works no comment from your peanut gallery. I that's right I said something loathsome and poor Renee's sensebilities was hurt and thruogh the anguish she could only think of my penmanship. What a woot I'm betting she's about 8 years old.

Ok Now I hear alot about these people ranting about the Passion of Christ and Mel Gibsons Views on the subject. but I believe his movie is drawn from the bible and unfortunately the bible has a hugh flaw it white washes everything Mel just put a face on it within his movie. I never say it because from experiance and thought I envisioned Jesus tribulations and knowing history and the Battlefield myself can say it isn't pleasant. Those of you that preach christianity please look further past christianity and the Vaticians version and you'll find a wonderful world of Paganism entertwined within its covers. So are you christian or Pagan?

Clarity on my views so as not be construed as hate. I don't like Catholisism, Protestant, Christians, Muslins, Fanatics, Cultist (I know all previous entries are redundant but is there for the mentally impaired and self rightoues), Black and White who promote unjustified violence against another person because of pride or vanity, Democrates, Republicians and well most definately Liberals since their the product of European Education set on Americas Demise.

I have read the Toran, Quran, Bible, and the Eastern Religions Which I wish I had the streghth to live by it's message. because it really has nothing to do about anything other than self awareness. Unlike the other belief structures mired in their only horrific pasts and barbaric and infidel beliefs that theirs is thee only true path.

Enougn of my ramblings I believe Mel got druck and drove. very irresponsible. I believe he had a rant when he got caught. So What!
I beleive that the police made a fair call inregards to his rants and dismissed them as such. It's not like they can charge him for it.
So bottom line is an actor got caught on a DUI. Big Deal. It's only a big deal to the Cultist out there.

3006 days ago


Leave Mel Alone! He's not perfect but I can tell you this..............he has given more money to charties than you and I will ever earn in our lifetime. He has done more good as a human being than most of us will ever be able to do. We let O.J off the hook for Murdering 2 human beings.Remember the pharse.........sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me..............what ever happen to that?.......................I know.......political correctness strikes again. That will soon be the death of us all

3006 days ago


What I find more disturbing is how many of you feel that what he said was right. There is so much hatred in the world and definitely no peace. How can there be peace when our own government (democrats vs republicans) can't get along and never have. They are at war with each other and there are many different nationalities in the senate and house. How do you expect peace when families are at war with each other? There is so much bigetry in this world and it will never end.. Why? Because all of the people in Iraq, Iran, have been taught to hate at such a young age just as the people in the United States have been taught to hate because of their race, religion and where they came from. How truly pathetic.

3006 days ago

Kelly Phillips    

Jeff York Sorry but Mel Gibson had that happen once if I'm not mistaken. No license..... I'll double check though. I hope before you wrote that uninsightful comment about Mel you made sure he hasn't paid before.

However I cannot name one person rich or poor, dumb or stupid handicapped or not that with exception to myself....... Nope not even me, that has entertained the notion that the law or outcome of some sort shouldn't apply to themselves.

their is an old saying a Colonel told me once and I've lived by it for 25 years. Never believe anything you hear(Like Fanatics with a book in there hands bearing the Word) and only half of what you see. (Like a Democrate with a gun duck hunting by pushing for gun control)

3006 days ago


It is sick to think that there are people out there who think that "Jews are to blame for the ills of the world." This person (Ash) obviously is disheartened with their own life and feels it is necessary to blame someone else for his or her own inadequacies. Grow up, enter the civilized world!

3006 days ago


it blows that mels comments were leaked to begin with. try finding info on crook sheriff joe arpiehole, from phx. you won't find anything about this dirty cops arrest record!!!!

3006 days ago

Kelly Phillips    

Posted at 4:30PM on Jul 31st 2006 by Alexandre # 63

I always love it when people say it was his childhood and that he is only repeating what he heard or experianced as a youth. As If a grown person doesn't have the sense when they get older to research and learn and make or modify their opinions. Mel Gibson I believe is an educated man and through his studies has made up his own mind about things. I dislike having to point out that the only people that are the victims in life is those that believe something written by a specific group and believe that the whole of mankind must comply to its words or perish in hell or by the very hand of those believers. I Concur with Mel Gibson's Opinions and some of them I don't because my education has proven otherwise. I say Do pity others for their beliefs, but pity yourselves for not educating yourselves to a level that when something that is said against your beliefs don't hurt you.

When I meet Mel Again I'm Going out and Buying him drinks and get sauced up and talk about these jews that chose to have executed the greatest Man in human history. what a bunch of dim witts. Their loss not mine. I'm a pronounced Pagan and I'll go to Valhalla in Due time.......

As for DUI, Hell - Because of all this Bullshit Media Crap I'd sentence him to time served. just to teach the stupid horn blowers without a cause a lesson about keeping their mouths shut. (Devil Advocate Opinion)

In Reality I'd throw the book at him like the courts did to my brother years ago.

3005 days ago


hmmm...this is quite a 'Chainreaction' from people who obviously believe there is a 'Conspiracy Theory' behind every 'Tree of Life'. Not withstanding the comments from 'Complete Savages', I have to say the 'Signs' indicate that there was a 'Lethal Weapon' invovled when he drank and drove. However, even if you partake of a few ''Tequila Sunrise's, who are we to judge whether his remarks flowing through 'The River' of news commentary actually is hate or just self 'Punishment'? Besides, Mel 'Never Promised You a Rose Garden' this might all be 'Payback' for his anti-establishment films but we know he has a 'Braveheart' and we want him to keep 'The Passion'!

3005 days ago
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