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Sheriff's Rep:

There Was No Cover-up

7/31/2006 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steve Whitmore, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, just concluded (9:15AM PT) a press conference with reporters, answering questions about the Mel Gibson DUI controversy.

Whitmore, speaking outside the Sheriff's headquarters in Monterey Park, reiterated that there was no "sanitizing" of the police report and that no force was used in Gibson's arrest.

He went on to say that Gibson did not run away from law enforcement officers -- but as TMZ first revealed, the report and other evidence points to the contrary. According to the report TMZ obtained, "Gibson quickly turned and bolted towards his own vehicle." The report goes on to say that "Gibson attempted to escape arrest."

When asked about the case as it relates to the media, Whitmore said, "Is this a cover-up to the press or is it a cover-up to the public? Because we believe it is not a cover-up at all. Having said that, I understand the concern. Is there influence peddling here? Absolutely not."


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Three decades ago, a writer--Ellul--published an excellent tome on propaganda. This firestorm proves a perfect example of its rubrics.

In Qana, a structure is hit, killing many children. The next few days we're talking about a movie producer's alleged comments, taking the children's casualties to the back pages. Ya gotta love Hollywood and its minion's elite publicity/ pr machine (especially those who tried to tell us (Christians) what part of the Bible to read and how to worship on Sundays when Gibson's, "The Passion of the Christ" came out."
Let's see if "Love thy neighbor", and "forgiveness" can be found somewhere in the mitzvots of the Almighty Father God--and who is adhering to them.
As to the alleged comments-seem tor remember some awful things former LAPD Detective Mark Furman said int he OJ trial that caused grief. He seems--at least on Fox TV--to have survived. Let's see how Mel makes out.

3002 days ago


Mel is a disgusting bigot. He offended many different groups during his tirade. He has no respect for police or for the people of Malibu where he lives. He thinks he is the king that "owns Malibu" so he can do what he wants. His real opinion about women came out, "sugar tts". Yes, he's a real religious man. The anti semitic remarks were stupid on his part. We all know that he is a anti semitic bastard. His father tells him that the holocaust never happened and he clearly states that his father has never lied to him. Then he wants to make a movie about the Holocaust to show that he cares. He's a money whore. He just scared now because he realizes that he's offended the main group that funds and makes his movies. WHat an idiot. When people are drunk they say what they feel but normally have the restraint not to say. He hates Jews, has no respect for women, his heighbors and obviously the police. Not to mention the people on the road that he could have killed. Yes, he's a deeply religious man.

3002 days ago


This is for "Dee" -- as a Jew, I can tell you that Jews -- in or out of Israel -- do not hold all Muslims responsible for "problems". Yes, of course, there are Muslims who don't like Jews and who want us gone. There are also Muslims who feel that way about ALL non-Muslims. BUT there are also Muslims who believe what Muhammad and the earlier caliphs taught, which is that Christians and Jews, like Muslims, are "people of the Book", and, therefore, *not* to be harmed or compelled to convert to Islam. There are zealots in every faith.

As for Mel Gibson......let's just say I wasn't a big fan to begin with.....I don't plan on seeing his work again. I hope he sincerely means his apology, but he *is* an actor, after all.....they get paid big bucks to pretend.


3002 days ago

Dee Horne    

Nothing like kicking a Man when he is down.....How many of you have every driven after drinking.......and just not got caught........and how many of you have said racist things......that you really regretted.......Those without sin.........go ahead....cast the first stone........

fair weather fans.........idiots....

3002 days ago


After reading the AOL poll results, I had the thought if Hitler was as good looking as Mel Gibson, we'd all be goosestepping and zeig heiling the swastika.
The cult of celebrity lives!

3002 days ago

Florence M. Sena    

So Mel Gibson got drunk and made derogative remarks! He is not the first or the last person to get drunk and won't be the first or last to make derogatory remarks! You people have made this quite a circus. Don't you remember when you got drunk and were stopped by the police. I am sure you don't remember what you said. Stop the harrassement on Mel. Don't you have better things to do. We all make mistakes and at least he has fessed up to his mistake. Donate your time to charity and make the best of it. In a couple of months we won't remember what happened because it might be you that is caught drinking and being obnoxious!

3002 days ago



3002 days ago

R O C K Y    

What a way to ruin a carear! He had it coming to him for a long tme. I thought he was a great actor,but after listening to his anti-semantic ramarks...forget about it. His father , who is a preacher, doesen't believe that the holoicost ever existed? " The twig doesen't fall too fo far fromthe branch" It is a shame that there are actors out there who don't even get a chance to perform and this PUTZ just screwed himself for good. I will never ever go to see a Mel Gibsn movie nor ever watch him on T/V. For my part, this thing we call a man, is garbage!

3002 days ago


Does anyone out there understand addiction? Mr. Gibson had nothing to gain by shouting anti-Semitic comments upon his arrest and everything to loose. Of those that have ever had one too many,are there any that have not made a complete fool of themselves -on at least one occassion? Mr. Gibsons' battle is is with nothing external-Jewish or otherwise. His souls' enemy-like yours and mine- "prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour". The producer of The Passion never portrayed himself as the Savior-or even as savoir-faire for that matter; he is a mere man, flawed like the rest of us. While I agree that special treatment should not be afforded a drunk driver-no matter his notoriety, there is another side to that coin. Do you suppose that the police report for the average citizen-say you or I-would be broadcast for the whole world to hear? I think not. As a nurse, I have a professional obligation to maintain patient confidentiality. It is my opinion the arresting officer need improve his professionalism despite what Mr. Gibson did/did not spew forth while being taken into custody.

3002 days ago


screw all you reporters.i love mel.and you are the ones making this into something .the media is the problem.they always do shit to push things to top.not caring who gets hurt .the media has the power and it's all about money.who can sell the most so the media is turning this into something .let's do something that well help ever one but the media is all about hate and who they can destory and hurt the most get off of mel and do some real reporting let's do something about all these drug somethind postive.leave mel alone and get a life.

3002 days ago


WOW! What devastating consequences will arise out of this. Shame on the police department for not keeping this hush hush! If Mel did make anti-semetic remarks, remember he was not in the right frame of mind. It is true that alcohol can act as a truth serum, but truth serum that exagerates and exaserbates issues. Read Plato's Symposium, for example.
Mell will surely pay for his actions and his career as director and actor will suffer greatly. However, that doesn't change the fact that he's a talented and inteligent individual,,,,as well as a drunk. Some of the best literature exists because of drunks. No I'm not supporting alcoholism, but society needs to quit speaking with a forked tongue (they need help in a world that encourages drinking). Let's just thank God he didn't hurt anyone that night.
The police department should feel ashamed for releasing this, whether it was the deputy or chief! The controversy they started in Hollywood is insignificant to the lives that may possibly suffer because of this! Has anyone been watching the middle east? The release of this will impact the world. His actions and the actions of the police department will affect many lives. Now, all we can do is use this to put an end to the bloodshed. Let's not forget all the police coverups that take place daily! I know, I can speak from experience. Iv'e lived it, breathed it, and did it myself.
Somethings are better left unsaid and unreported!!!!

3001 days ago



3000 days ago

Jud Kastner    

very few people don't have prejudices over something. That is all about life experiences. If one apologizes for his action, especially under duress or influence - then accept it and move on. Life is too short. People should forget and go on with the short life they have - we all make mistakes - unfortunately, not all will accept that for whatever reason or prejudice they to have.

3000 days ago

Ron Mueller    

Bottom line, Mel Gibson was driving drunk and could have killed someone. He resisted arrest. If anyone on this board committed the same infractions you would be serving time(at least in Massachusetts).

His anti Semitism is well documented as his movie the Passion was the Gospel according to Mel, not the Gospels themselves. Read the gospels and you will not find many of the anti Semitic scenes that were invented by Gibson who thinks the Holocaust never happened.

3000 days ago

Dee Horne    

God Help each and everyone of you who gets drunk and says comments that you are sorry for later. I know all of you kicking this man now are flawless and never do any of this sort of behavior. If the comment wasnt about the jewish, this story would have died much faster. hmmmmmmmmm now why is that? Nothing like kicking a man when he is down. and kicking and kicking......... a million apologies would never suit most of his detractors, They are out for blood.. Enough is enough. We gonna arrest and lynch all hollywood and all the politicians? Get a life people.

3000 days ago
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