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Top Stories for 07/31/06

7/31/2006 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you're a beleaguered starlet – like Lindsay Lohan – who just got bawled out by your big, mean boss, who's got your back? Why, your mom, of course.

Dina Lohan – mother of the freckled phenom – is lashing out in public at her daughter's unhappy employer, saying that the letter he wrote chiding Lindsay for "heavy partying" is "too much" and that Lindsay is "a wonderful child."

Mrs. Lohan's maternal instincts were sparked by a letter sent Thursday (and revealed Friday to all on The Smoking Gun) by James G. Robinson, CEO of Morgan Creek Productions, which is producing Lindsay's next film "Georgia Rule." In it, Robinson sternly reprimands Lohan for her on-set (and off-set) behavior, and threatens "action" if she doesn't shape up. (Lindsay has since, according to our sources and Robinson himself, been on time for work and has fulfilled all obligations.)

Dina Lohan explains to People that the overheating and dehydration that resulted in her daughter's hospitalization on Wednesday was due in part to Lindsay's "bronchial asthma – so any extreme heat or cold, she can't breathe," and that she wasn't given enough water though she was wearing winter clothes in the oppressive L.A. heat.

Perhaps Mrs. L is setting a peculiar example for her daughter, as she was spotted by Page Six partying until the wee hours at a Hamptons nightspot – though she says she was just helping a friend celebrate a birthday and that her galpals were all "married with kids." And despite Robinson's admonition, Lindsay was out and about all weekend both in LA and in Las Vegas with boyfriend Harry Morton.

Cruise Production Deal Gets Slashed, Big-Time

Tom Cruise has one of the sweetest production deals of any A-list star with Paramount Pictures at a reported $10 million-plus a year, but a story in today's Los Angeles Times suggests that the studio may be looking to cut that funding by a significant amount as the star grapples with his waning popularity.

Cruise and production partner Paula Wagner's deal with Paramount expires today, and studio chief Brad Grey, according to the Times' sources, will be offering the pair $2 million plus a $500,000 "discretionary fund" per year over two years, a far cry from their old deal. Wagner tells the paper that their current deal isn't nearly as much as $10 million per, which would make it at least four times as rich as those of Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt, and Cruise's lawyer, Bertram Fields, says that they are "digesting" the studio's offer.

"Pirates" Cedes Top Spot, While "Vice" Rules

Movie audiences finally went to see something other than "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" this weekend, and many of them apparently saw "Miami Vice." The Michael Mann-directed picture took the top spot at the box office with a $25.2 million debut, in line with expectations.

Of course, "Pirates" didn't exactly walk the plank, pulling in $20.5 million its total domestic haul to $358.4 million, a domestic record for Disney; Variety says that the $400 million mark is a virtual certainty. The high-school comedy "John Tucker Must Die" also opened well with a sold $14.1 million, and Sundance darling "Little Miss Sunshine" debuted with a strong $356,863 from just eight theaters.

Woody Allen's latest, "Scoop," did one of Allen's best openings in wide release with (this is not a misprint) just over $3 million.

Boy George's Karma: Cleaning Steets of Chinatown

Androgynous pop singer Boy George will be completing his court-ordered public service by doing a very dirty job – cleaning the streets of Manhattan under the brutal August sun.

The New York Daily News reports that George will report for community service for a false report of a break-in on August 14 most likely in Chinatown, one of New York's filthiest neighborhoods, home not just to scores of tourists but also to plenty of rotting fish carcasses and other detritus.

"This is the epitome of community service," said Sanitation Department spokesman Vito Turso, who added that George will be issued a shovel, broom, plastic bags, and gloves when he reports for duty. "It's not like he's going to be working in an air-conditioned office."

Kidman to Play Mrs. Coulter

Newlywed Nicole Kidman' next role will be as "the villainous and glamorous Mrs. Coulter" – but not the one you're thinking of.

Variety reports that the Aussie actress will be taking on a leading role in "The Golden Compass," a film based on the first part of the "His Dark Materials" trilogy by Phillip Pullman, to be directed by Chris Weitz. Young actress Dakota Blue Richards has been cast as Lyra Belacqua, who "travels to a parallel universe to battle the forces of evil and rescue her best friend" in the story.

Goodie Bag: Nicky Out With Brandon Again, and Matthew Perry Not Friendly To Oldsters

Nicky Hilton was spotted over the weekend with her sister's friend Brandon Davis, and the two looked pretty cozy at Miami's Forge restaurant, according to Page Six. "They were...tickling each other and being all giggly. They left together around midnight," says a spy. . .Matthew Perry's older neighbors at his Beverly Hills apartment building don't like his sometimes aloof manner. "He never responds when we say hello! Every time one of us walks into the elevator and he is there, we always say 'hi' because it is nice and neighborly, and he always looks away and ignores us," says one resident of tony Sierra Towers.

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No Avatar


So Dina got off her back long enough to defend her sweet. I love how parents spend quality time with their party in a club all night, share men, snort coke together. Like normal mother daughter whores do. Morgan Creek there were alot of red flags. #1 she was friends with PARIS HILTON. #2 all her movies pre-coke sucked (Just My Luck made like $1 in the box office) and she had her background check done in US Weekly, People Magazine, Life and Style..same pictures a drunk coked out Lindsay Lohan leaving a club. Never do you see her doing something productive like reading a book....EATING. Yet you still hired her. Sad Sad people. AND TO TOP IT OFF....SHE IS FRIENDS WITH KATE MOSS. Stick to normal Hilary Duff. Did anyone find Suri yet????

2818 days ago


I think Lindsay Lohan gets way too much attention for doing what most people do at her age, which is party. Leave the girl alone to do that, and get it out of her system. However, if it is affecting her work, then the letter was deserved. As for her mother's excuses/explaination...fair enough, she wasn't given enough water, but you might want to discuss the issue of your daughter smoking too then if she suffers from bronchial asthma because I'm sure that doesn't help either!

2825 days ago


I can't believe Lindsay Lohan has her mommy fighting her battles for her! Grow up!

2825 days ago


Now that's not a surprise that Lindsay's mom is backing her daughter...she does sign her paychecks. Not to mention that Lindsay's negative action reflect on the way she raised her daughter.

2825 days ago


Lindsay, aka firecrotch BE PROFESSIONAL AND GROW UP. Either party or do your acting job, not both. You are paid to do a job so learn some responsibility now. Nobody ill parties the next day and your partying ways make me sick to my stomach. You are a spoiled, little rotten dummy with mommy to pick up the toilet paper to clean up your ass each time you can handle responsibility, so grow up and learn now that if you get paid to do a role, show up on time and be professional. If you cannot do that, quit the business and party all night.

For those are Lindsay symphatizers, kiss my A$$

2825 days ago


Get over it, Dina. If your daughter can't handle the business, then maybe she should go to college and live in the real world. But wait..... college might be too hard for her. All that walking to class and carrying her own books. She would probably have to go to the hospital for exhaustion or over heating.

2824 days ago


Quite frankly, I think Lindsay, and apparently her mom are nothing but sluts. Her mother is a low life, living off Linsday. And Lindsay is a skanky, slutty party girl. She is 19, folks. She has been partying for awhile. In the public eye. Perhaps her mother should have taught Lindsay how to respect herself. Instead, she is allowing Lindsay to drink, smoke, have sex and skip the meals. Whether you like it or not, Lindsay, you are a role model to young girls. It comes with the territory. And honestly, I think you suck at that job.

2824 days ago


Lindsey is really no different from other people. Im sure at one time or another we partied too hard and couldnt work the next day. I know im guilty of it, and im sure many of you are. Only difference is shes in the public eye.

2824 days ago


Real good mother - allowing her daughter to snort cocaine 6 times during dinner, and ingest God knows what else. Real good mother - not chastising her duaghter for having numerous sexual partners. Surely this young girl (and others like her) has multiple STD's!

Oh yeah, somebody else above referred to mother's paycheck signed by daughter. Never mind.

2824 days ago


So Little LiLo's mom, DiLo, decides to prove the words of the letter are correct and further portray her as a spoiled child by making mommy come to her rescue and defend her daughter.
Here's a clue, stupid. You get paid very well to do a job that many 'average' americans CAN DO and WOULD DO for far less. With a smile on our faces. You prove time and time again that you have no idea what professional behavior looks like. What, does working 9 months out of the year stress you out so much that you have to party every night?
And DiLo does the WRONG THING by speaking in public about it instead of scolding her daughter. Why? Because the bloodsucker needs her daughters money.
When will hollywood tire of LiLo's stupidity and immature antics and just get over her? Her limited ability, her immature behavior, and her unprofessionalism is a slap in the face of hollywood.
It's time to push her to the side and let a young, aspiring actor get one of the jobs slated for Ms. Lohan - it might light a fire under her ass and remind her exactly how good she has it.

2824 days ago


Why is no one addressing the real and extremely important issue? Lindsay Lohan is an almost "confirmed" coke user. Which means she probably is a coke addict. All of Hollywood knows this--likely her director as well. This gets in every column at least weekly. Why is she not taken to task for this? I would be fired if not in jail by this point if everyone in my town knew I was snorting cocaine left and right. It's disgusting that she's put on any pedestal. She should be arrested and required to go to rehab if she doesn't want jail time at this point. And consequently, She is a disgustingly arrogant person for someone who is lucky to be employed, wealthy, and ALIVE with her set of problems. She should thank her stars everyone turns a blind eye to her illegal activities, including her bosses, the club scene, and her mom. Or, if she were smart, she'd be mad/hurt that they'll all, in their star-struck coma, turn a blind eye and let this behavior kill her. This includes her mom. Wake up. She could be dead by 25.

2824 days ago

Puh der Baer    

She wasn't "given" enough water?? So, either she's either too stupid to know the value of water on a 105 degree day, or if it's not hand-delivered with bow (and a couple of lines...), she won't accept it...

2824 days ago


What cracks me up about Lindsay and Paris is that whenever they're interviewed, all they can talk about is what workaholics they are. Nobody works harder than they do. Nobody PARTIES harder than they do and you can't be both. What workaholic has to go to the hospital on more than one occassion or "exhaustion" or "dehydration" or whatever other made up thing (she wasn't the only one on the set but she was the only one that had to go to the hospital) during work hours so that she can party the same night on her own time. Silly girls.

2824 days ago


Lohan's Mom is the ENABLER. She is paid by her daughter. She is a nothing. If my daughter was on a set of a movie, and I was my daughter's manager (like Dina is) I WOULD BE THERE on the set (or hire a person whose only responsilbility would be to make sure my girl got what she needed when she needed it) MAKING SURE she had enough water/shade. Make sure she DID NOT SMOKE if she had bronchial asthma make sure she eats a few good meals a day.
DO these 2 think her boss at Morgan Creek, and every other hard working person on the set (and in America), doesn't see her inhaling the smoke, see her pics at the hot spots at 3am on the mornings of early calls. If she wants to be an UNDERAGE drunken fool, then she should do it on her time and her own dime. I can only imagine how many millions she is being paid by Morgan Creek. My daughter would be there on time, prepared. rested and ready to go.
DIna says.".oh leave my little girl alone, she is only doing what teenagers do". Well that is WRONG. A 19 year old should not be drinking alcohol. If one is drinking on a regular basis she is a loser AND she is breaking the law. The authorities should look into all the places that serve this teenager and others alcohol REGULARLY.
L.A. really is Lala land. The parents don't care (especially those living off of the talented kids), the police enable, turn a blind eye to celebrity and wealth.
I applaud the Morgan Creek CEO for his frank letter. Dina Lohan wants her kid to be treated like a normal teenager...well she isn't a normal teenager...she is a working person that has millions of dollars riding on her actions and the people that hire her depend on her to provide professional services. Not too hard. Show up on time. Know your lines, hit your marks. Go home do it again. Make a zillion dollars!
If Lohan was a "typical teenager" she would have maybe a babysitting job...if she showed up late to that regular gig more than once or blew it off she would be fired in a heart beat.
Maybe Morgan Creek and other production companies should cast some different new exciting young actresses with better work ethics instead of relying on the same old, used up, over exposed actress time and time again.

2824 days ago


Word to Mrs. Lohan: a 19-year-old is no longer a child. She is a young adult and needs to behave responsibly. You may have been successful in pimping your daughter out and making a lot of money, but as a mother you are a colossal failure. Set an example and grow up yourself.

2824 days ago
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