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Gibson Comments -- Update

8/1/2006 5:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The ongoing developments in our Mel Gibson story have caused a firestorm of controversy among TMZ users.

Check out some of the best audio comments we've received.


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Jen Black    

Mel was just drung and being stupid like most people are when they have too much to drink!!!!

3014 days ago

The Taxman    

Good Ham, Grammy Hall!!

3014 days ago

The Taxman    

Good Ham Grammy Hall!!

3014 days ago

Liz L    

How many people get drunk, drive, stopped by the police, and are beligerent everyday? Many people say things don't even remember when they are intoxicated. Actors are not different. The only difference here is that he is in the public eye and that makes what he says front page news! Give the guy a break, he has a problem!

3014 days ago


Calling the Kettle Black: Harvey Levin co-executive producer of "The People's Court" seems to be leading the charge against Mel Gibson while allowing his own show to air an exhange where judge Marilyn Milian uses a racial phase of "grasshopper" against an asian defendant. What a hypocrite!

3014 days ago

jay snyder    

as far as i am concerned Mel Gibson can keep his poor excuse of drunken disorderly as a reason to blur out anti jewish remarks. he is a jew hater from birth like his father.
I will never and i mean never spend one dime or one minute watching another mel gibson waste of film movie

3014 days ago


I really comes down to this....There's nothing worst that a redneck....except a redneck with money!!! What an A**ole!!

3014 days ago


I believe that when a person is drunk, they don't remember half of what they do, let alone what they say. I do not think this is an excuse for Mr. Gibson's behavior, but there is more going on here than we know about, or need to know about. Regardless of the situation...I don't want to be the one to throw the first stone. We have all made mistakes and said things that we regret later on in life. I think this is that kind of situation. The man was drunk, so lighten up.

3014 days ago


Why is it always a "black"kettle.....can't you people stop....It's always the same with You's people.....

3014 days ago


His trule feelings came out, his alcohol level wasn't even high enough for him to not know what he was saying! I hope he is finished in Hollywood, I hope the studios are through with him too.

3014 days ago


This has now become Catholic bashing.. saying things while drunk would get most of the world in trouble. Problem is we don't have the life like Mel. He needs help (again) and some sensitivity training .. what about the sexist comments he made? Why aren't women's groups coming after him ? Leave him alone and let him sit in his own ridiculous embarassment. What he reportedly said is horrendous, but continuing to incite the Catholic versus Jewish faiths is even more hurtful.

3014 days ago

Hansi Holloway    

I find it very wrong to judge a person for one wrong thing they have done. What about all the good? Have you forgotten that? Mel Gibson is no more than a person. Money and fame do not evolve you into a super person without faults. We all have them. The sad thing is people with less notoriety do not have to serve two punishments, the punishment by law for the crime and then the punishment that the media has dished out.

3014 days ago

Lynn Hutchinson    

How dare this man behave in that manner and he has 6 children he's bringing up to be racist, nazi's.
This just goes to show you money doe NOT buy you CLASS, wasn't his father a Nazi SS soldier?

3014 days ago

Brenda Eastman    

This sad but every day occurence is being totally blown way , way out of proportion! Everyone, including people who don't drink know that ofentimes when someone drinks too much, they say and do things that are totally OUT OF CHARACTER for them. And, often times, they remember absolutely nothing they said or did while "wasted".
Mel has asked the forgiveness of the people he offended, whether he meant what he said or not.
The Jewish community needs to remember the words of the Bible which says "forgive so your Father in Heaven will forgive you for your own sins..... Whether the Jewish community chooses to forgive Mel or not, he has made things right by apologizing. I am sure Mel feels bad enough about this whole thing. ENOUGH from the media's sensationalizing this already. It's OVER! Get over it, already!!! Quit trying to cause trouble... You make me sick!

3014 days ago


To those of you who say give him a break why should we?

He is a father and a husband and in the public eye and needs to set an example.

3014 days ago
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