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Hilton eBay Auction to Be Stopped?

8/1/2006 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonThe Paris Hilton items -- that TMZ reported yesterday are up for sale on eBay -- may not be available for much longer.

David Hans Schmidt, who claims he has the contractual rights to the items, was outraged to find that several of the items from Paris Hilton's storage locker are being over offered up on eBay for sale.

Schmidt's attorney, James Bell, is firing off a cease and desist letter to eBay, demanding them to stop any sale or retailing of the items in the Paris Hilton locker.

Schmidt is in negotiations with several major US corps, including a major health and fitness organization, to trade the items for promotional services to be rendered by Paris Hilton.

Schmidt declined comment on whom he is in talks with, but added that talks are fruitful and he has been laboring on this project since it first broke on TMZ earlier this year.


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It's amazing the hatred some people have towards someone they don't even know. They base their judgements on the media or their own personal perspective. This just goes to show the ignorance of those individuals. Stay in school losers, were rich bitch.

3000 days ago


what did paris hilton ever do to u people! did she ever call u sluts or point out all your inperfections no i dont think she did u know why cuz unlike u people she has better things to do than point out the bad in people! why dont u guys try something new. instead of being so negative why dont u miserable pukes try to see some good in people. some of the things u say r really harsh and i cant imaging what in this world would make u guys think such horrible things i like paris hilton i think shes funny.

2997 days ago


I see that the Paris home movie was taken off Ebay, but put back on with the bidders ID kept secret, but they are still bidding up the tape by fakeing real bids to get the price up. I thought that was against Ebays policys. I hope they get caught, and pay. That auction should of been stopped the first day.

2993 days ago


NYvicky, why are you so interested in what these people are doing? Some people have this stupid jealous streak in them. How do you know if they're not legit bids? Maybe they're trying to protect the people that are bidding. I sometimes sell high priced items on ebay and I always make them private bidding as to protect the bidders privacy and alot of times certain people request. I started doing it because of the amount of requests I got about making it private and all my bids were legit. So don't be so quick to judge people unless you have a personal reason as to why you feel the need to sabotage other peoples businesses. I would just stick to your own business, whatever that maybe and try to make a buck at that, if you can.

2993 days ago


Sara, you are so stupid you know damn well the bidding is all SHILL bidding to get the price up. I think all of Paris friends should start emailing Ebay, and report SHILL BIDDING on this item until it's taken off. If they get enough emails they will shut down the site. Report it at least once a day till its off. I sell on Ebay here in NY, and would never do what that stupid ass is doing with that tape. Private bidding my ass!!!

2992 days ago


Ah, NYvicky, it as though you're the stupid one! Private bidding is done all the time on Ebay even on a lot smaller items! If you're really a seller on Ebay you'd know this happens all the time. Are you one of Paris's friends? Go ahead and emai all you want to Ebay, you think that they care because you have a hunch that someone is "SHILL BIDDING" . Good luck! Anyway take your ignorance else where and happy hunting dumbass!!!!

2992 days ago


NYvicky, why wouldn't you do as "that dumbass" is doing with those tapes? I don't understand what the big deal is. Why can't a seller choose to make it private? That doesn't prove that it's shill bidding or otherwise, it's people like you who are stupid!!!!!! Before you go around calling people names you should maybe do your research and stop being a hater.

2992 days ago


I have been reading all the previous comments and all seem to be from people with absolutely no factual knowledge as to the real situation, but seem very opinionated. Let me clear up a few things for those of you that wish to be informed. First off Mr. Schmidt has absolutely no exclusive right to the items; if he did the items would not still be at auction. Second, as a possible prospective buyer of some of these items I have done my homework, the items being offered are all genuine and will come with # certificates of authenticity showing the buyers name and they will be kept on file with the attorney representing the true owner of the items. This means no fake certificates will be able to be passed off with bogus items later by people saying they purchased the Paris item via ebay. Only the original true item with a corresponding serial # certificate will be authentic. Third, the reason the auction was changed to private was due to some of the bidders receiving unsolicited bogus offers to buy “copies of the tape”. I know this because I received 1 of the offers and emailed the seller regarding it. Fourth, as to the alleged fake bids, if you notice the reserve has not been met and the auction is going up in relatively small incremental amounts, the pervious auction was at 125k when it was pulled, the current auction is at 76k., if they were involved in fraud they could simply place a bid just below the reserve and wait for someone to go above them where the item would sell. I placed a couple bids and I know mine are legitimate, who cares anyway as it will not sell until the reserve is met and who knows where that is set? Lastly as to those that feel it is wrong to sell these items... these items were legitimately purchased at auction. The person that bought them had no idea what they were purchasing and by luck ended up with something of tremendous value. They took the risk and therefore should be rewarded. If these items were important to Paris she should have taken steps to insure their security. They no longer belong to Paris Hilton and the owner has the right to do with them as they see fit, besides from what I have been told Paris has had the opportunity to purchase back the items and has not done so. I do not know anyone that would do anything different if they were in the same exact shoes, business is business

2992 days ago


Hey ROGENNYC what are you smokeing?? Get a life, and stop all the lieing. You must be the seller of these items to come up with all that BS.

2990 days ago


NYvicky, what is your interest in this matter? Do you suck that much at selling on ebay? GET OVER IT........GET A LIFE.......and find some trash to sell. I would love to see the type of product you sell. Your a complete idiot and have no kind of business sense. Why don't you comment on other more important posts, instead of making random acqusations that you couldn't possibly back up. You're a stupid, stupid person that need to get on already.

2990 days ago


nyvi... first off smoking is spelled "smoking" not "smokeing". Please, if your education is that limited use spellcheck. NO i am not the seller. im in N Y also. Wish i was, as they are probably making some pretty good money. I am just a person that checks his facts before making comments, unlike someone such as yourself that continues to spout off rediculous crap. I have a life, pretty good one if I do say so myself. I have found common sense to be the best indicator when dealing with things like this. What kind of money have videos of celebrities generated in recent past? I believe the the videos of Pam & Tommy and also the video of Rick and Paris generated multi millions. Who knows exactly what is on this first video? Anything news worthy or titillating will be worth a bunch. I know it must be hard for you to understand but please limit your comments to subjects you have some knowledge on. there have been many replies to you telling you how dumb you sound, start listening.

2990 days ago


ROGENNYC such a long posting!! Must be telling a lot of lies, or have a very guilty conscious about something? Are you touching yourself while you are posting that bunch of crap??
My interest in the tape was as a buyer. I have one of the largest collections in the world of one of a kind items mostly paper items. ( a few movies). Since these tapes sound like they are already copied this auction sounds BOGUS!!

2987 days ago


You continue to sound more stupid every time you post. It is long because there are so many issues to correct you on. Speaking of correcting you, once again you have demonstrated your ignorance. Conscience is spelled conscience when you say guilty conscience not "conscious". It does not surprise me you would stoop to such a low level and say something about touching myself while writing as you obviously have some serious mental problems. You have 1 of the largest collections in the world of 1 of a kind items, says who? Compared to what? Who cataloged your junk and compared it to others? I have seen stories about people like you on the news, they are called packrats. Neighbors are all upset due to the smell, yard full of junk, and probably can’t even walk thought he house. Please, no one cares about your collection, if you are interested in the tape then bid, just like everyone else. Where does it sound like the tape is copied, they specifically state there is only 1 tape and not to ask for it to be copied. If the tape had been copied you would have seen it or parts of it being broadcast somewhere. The auction pic clearly shows a mini dv tape with a hand written label, again the feedback I see from recent auctions it seems these people are walking the walk, including the certificate issue I spoke of in past comments. Go get a life

2986 days ago


The few comments by rogennyc sounds like all lies to help that stupid auction. If you read past posting there sounds like there are many copies made of the tapes, and the bidding is being done by the sellers only.

2985 days ago


hey TMZ, we didnt care when you first reported this nonstory and we dont care now.

3003 days ago
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