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Moonshadows Madness

8/1/2006 7:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned when an allegedly inebriated Mel Gibson left Malibu's Moonshadows restaurant in the wee hours of Friday morning, he walked past the valet attendant with his head down, hands behind his back and uttered "I'm f****d up."

Gibson, who had not valeted, then crossed the street to his car, pulled out, made a u-turn and proceeded to step on the gas, driving past Moonshadows at a fast speed.

Shortly thereafter, as TMZ first reported, Gibson was arrested for driving 87 mph in a 45-mph zone with a blood-alcohol level of 0.12 (the state limit is 0.08).

The valet says the deputy who pulled Gibson over was actually driving in the opposite direction as the actor, but made a u-turn when Gibson flew by.

In Touch Weekly obtained pictures of Gibson partying with fans at Moonshadows hours before being arrested. 



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He said he was sorry - but I'll bet my last buck that's not good enough for those he offended. I think we can pretty much understand how a little booze could set off someone as passionate and spiritual as Mel.

I can also understand his mindset regarding the last few weeks in Lebanon at the hands (and bombs) of Israel. As a primarily Jewish state, Israel is ever ready to take on those who the Israelies feel a threat to them. I was shocked as well about their attack on Lebanon, considering everything else that is happening in that part of the world. I talk about politics with a lot of people everyday and there are many who feel that Jews bring the hatred for them on themselves because of their aggressive nature even though they would like all to believe that they are a peaceful breed of human. Not so - if you look at Lebanon today.

So our Mel had a little too much to drink, which seems to have brought the crazy out in him and also might have caused him to become just a bit too vociferous regarding things out of his control and he blamed those he feels are responsible.

I don't see anything wrong with voicing one's opinion. And we have a first amendment to our constitution for just that. So please don't bombard me for my conjecture about Mel. We need to defend the right to speak our minds even if we are not in our right mind at the time.

Be patient Mel, this too shall pass.

3004 days ago


45 U.S. soldiers were killed in July. Can we keep our eye on the ball, friends?

3004 days ago

Dark Knight    

I don't know how anybody can sympathize with Mel. I'm no saint, but I'm smart enough not to go 87 in a 45 if I've had a couple of beers. Going that fast is dangerous with or without alcohol. He has all this money and can't have a driver pick him up. Eventually one of these people (Mel, Paris, etc.) is going to kill somebody and wipe out their family's fortune in settlement payments to the victim's family. Maybe that's what it's going to take to make these people realize what they have. I'm not even going to touch the anti-semitic remarks because in my opinion he made them and he'll have to live with them. But it's Mel Gibson so nobody will care and just forget it happened. If he makes another movie it will make 500 million and he'll be laughing back to the bank.

3004 days ago

coco puff    

Your right anti Bush& Gibson, we should stop giving Israel billions of dollars every year and see how long they last. I have a question: Israel are supposed to be our allies in the middle east, What have they done for us lately or ever, except stir the sh--! over there?

3004 days ago

sick of the men moochers    

Mel Gibson... what to say or think about Mel Gibson?...
The problem with Mel Gibson is that he is a public Figure - a wealthy public figure at that, and moreso, he has made all his wealth in... Hollywood.

Now, given this, the man is an idiot for thinking and speaking such trash... especially at a time where war and turmoil is such a delicate subject in the USA, with Bin Laden and all these guys...

The man MESSED UP... BAD. He is biting the hand that feeds him.
To make anti-jewish statements like that is not only bad in itself, but stupid, and irresponsible. This is like going to the today prosperous city of Miami, where Music (Pitbull, Rick Ross), Modeling (any working Model will tell you she or he normally goes to or does Modeling business in Miami), Celebrities (where do I start? P. Diddy, J. Lo, the Bee-gees, Gloria Estefan, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson are just a few with places in Miami) and International Millionaires reign today, apart from the vibrant, and Financially and Politically powerful local Cubans, not counting the European and South American International trade communities, and saying: Communism rules.

IT is b-a-d. The man messed up - I wonder what will happen, but if I was one of these guys Mr Gibson works with, who happened to be Jewish, I would make him suffer a little bit... so he learns his lesson, and learns it well. Maybe a short-term boycott, or something like this, like Miami does to commys (communists), and critics. People learn when they are disrupted - esp. Financially disrupted.

Jewish people are brilliant, very hard-working people, who for the most part, stay out of crime (troubles), educate themselves well, money themselves well, take great care of their families, incl. financially, and start and run many businesses, albeit successfully. While being like 2% of the population, and making a difference, this is to be much, much admired.

Mr. Gibson and others need to also look at the great strifes and struggles of the Jewish people, and then look at their accomplishments, and contributions to society, before being so quick to judge, and make stupid childish statements.

Hopefully everything will work out. No, I'm not Jewish - I am actually Cuban.
And this is what the Cuban community will tell you about the Jewish people, which Cubans highly admire, have stood behind, and attribute similar experiences, and habits to also. - I am not even speaking just for myself - but on behalf of just a few in the Cuban community here and in Miami.

Mr. Gibson... shame on you.

3004 days ago

Teresa Lambert    

Aloha from Hawaii,
Mel Gibson has only shown that he is just like everyone else...human. He was angry and drunk, although that not an excuse, it is an example of how human he is. There are a number of people every single day across the country that shout racial slurs when being arrested. He said things in a drunken rage that really have no bearing on the true person he is. The fact that he has accepted responsibility for his actions, atonement for his sins, and treatment for his illness speaks volumes for Mel Gibson's character and integrity. People want to destroy a man, his life, discount all he has done over one mistake. It seems for such a forgiving nation we are so ready to strip someone of everything they have accomplished and earned over bad action. Forgiveness, understanding and acceptance of others...if the world ran on those energies perhaps there would not be so much hate and war.
Teresa Lambert
Naalehu, Hawaii

3004 days ago


Hey Joy - Did you know that six million non-jews were also murdered at the same time - FOR THE SAME REASONS - and not to mention many for helping Jews. Come down off your pedestal. I hope I spelled everything correctly.

3004 days ago


During World War II -- as now -- it was common for Nazis and fellow supremacists to drink themselves into a raving stupor as they barked their claims of white supremacy. And for a man who believes that Jews control Hollywood, it's interesting to note that Mel immediately told his arresting officer that "I OWN Malibu!" Does this mean that Mel is Jewish? Or that he wants to be? The sad, sick Mel Gibson is no different than any other arrogant, garden variety backwoods terrorist/fascist, with the exception that he's a talented actor and director. You claim to love Jesus and yet "fucking Jews!" is the best you can come up with? Despite the skill of your press agents, Jesus knows a liar when he sees one, Mel.

3004 days ago

Ally S    

In response to post number's 3 and 4, you two are idiots! I love that what both of you wrote is full of terrible grammar. Did either of you finish high school?

Benjamin and John, it is ignorant people like you that make this world an ugly place to live in at times. Have you ever heard of the Holocaust? Perhaps that is the reason that Israel as well as the rest of "the world" (as you say John) is feeling sensative about Mel's horrid, idiotic Anti-Semitic statements. They could not come at a worse time with what is occurring with Hezbollah.

P.S. Benjamin, last time I checked, there was no country called "Arab." Better luck next time.
P.P.S. John, "Middle East" is two words.


3004 days ago


Dear Goose,
Please help! The knightrider is coming for me. I think he is jewish! What should I do? Blow my dog whistle like I did with master blaster? Two men enter-one man leaves! FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3004 days ago


To Chris comment #12 - I seem to recall Marlon Brando saying something very similar to your thoughts about Jews running the entertainment industry. He too felt they monopolized television and movies. And yes - he also took a beating for it.

What a shame that one cannot utilize their right to free speech in the very country whose constitution allows it.

Someone once said, "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it." I think this is pretty accurate. Correct me if I am wrong. I'm sure there is someone out there in angry land who will.

3004 days ago


LEAVE THE MAN ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3004 days ago


I wonder if his wife signed a prenuptial agreement before they married.

3004 days ago


Why judge him so hard??? it´s true he did a bad action, Are you perfect?, i don´t think so, and for the comments he did we are going to do another war? we don´t need them we have enough, maybe he has his own war in home or on his mind, or maybe in his job, we don´t know, he is a human been too!
in the world more than a million of people that doesn´t like jews
if you are going to judge Mr Gibson why don´t you look for that people?..I have nothing against religions, all the religions have my respects, but all the persons too includes drunks, drug people or simply the people that have a bad day like in this case Mr Gibson. deserves a second a third or a million opportunities , Jesus said : love one wich others, like i love you, and He said too: you forgives 70 times 7"
and the person free of sin why don´t launch the first rock??or have you never been driving drunk or said something wrong? dont see the straw in the eye of the other.
nothing have to do the fact that he is famous...HE IS A HUMAN BEEN TOO...LIKE YOU...LIKE ME..... OK?????

3004 days ago


I cannot believe the racist comments on this site. SO a movie star berates Jews and you people stand behind him? OMG he is nothing but an actor that is it..nothing more nothing less. It is what he does for a living and it sure does not make him God. The catholic chruch has come forward and admitted that the Jews did NOT crucify Christ. The church was as smart as you racists on here.

Jewish people have been persecuted for years,the same as the blacks, the same as the Chinese people and Japanese people were. You know just because some morons in power start a war does not mean that the people who live in that country support that war. Just look at what we are doing killing innocent women and children everyday for an oil war!
Someday maybe racism will go away and the hate that goes with it will die.
In the meantime people that rely on the people of all races for their lively hood should keep there nasty foul mouths closed.
I will never go to another movie that he either produces or stars in.

3004 days ago
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