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Moonshadows Madness

8/1/2006 7:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned when an allegedly inebriated Mel Gibson left Malibu's Moonshadows restaurant in the wee hours of Friday morning, he walked past the valet attendant with his head down, hands behind his back and uttered "I'm f****d up."

Gibson, who had not valeted, then crossed the street to his car, pulled out, made a u-turn and proceeded to step on the gas, driving past Moonshadows at a fast speed.

Shortly thereafter, as TMZ first reported, Gibson was arrested for driving 87 mph in a 45-mph zone with a blood-alcohol level of 0.12 (the state limit is 0.08).

The valet says the deputy who pulled Gibson over was actually driving in the opposite direction as the actor, but made a u-turn when Gibson flew by.

In Touch Weekly obtained pictures of Gibson partying with fans at Moonshadows hours before being arrested. 



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lily white    

I think he owes a bigger apology to his WIFE and CHILDREN. I would hope that he would be more worried about what they think of him than the rest of the world. I understand he has an addiction, but those photos have to be very hurtful to a woman who has stood by him steadfastly for the past quarter century.
GROW UP MR. GIBSON!! The days of "partying with fans" should be long gone by now. Go home where you belong and stay there!

2974 days ago


Boo Hoo Boo Hoo! I am so sick of the Jews cry, the Blacks cry, the Mexican cry.....everyone needs to get a life! Did I leave a minority out of that statement? Too bad!
So the guy isn't what you want him to be....well stick it in your ear. We all have CROSSES to bear and when any of you can prove you are perfect, then nominate yourself for the next election. Mel Gibson is human and if you can't take what came out of his mouth then get the hell out of the United States. After all, its all you crying "mixed culture addicts" that brought us into this multi racial society so reap what you sow. And by the way, who ever said that when you are drunk the truth comes out? Some of the worst bull shit comes out of the mouths of drunks. Don't apologize Mel, we have freedom of speech or do we?

2974 days ago

James McMahon    

When is Harvey Levin going to come up with the Sheriff's car "dashcam" video of the incident?

We're in a video age - where's the video????

2974 days ago


It seems that many of the comments are filled with the same level of vitriol and hatred that Mel Gibson had recently.

2974 days ago


Gibson apparently made the anti-Semitic rant because he perceived (correctly) that the arresting oficer was Jewish. His comments were not political commentary on the war-- he was harassing a sheriff's officer for being Jewish.

The perception that Gibson is anti-Semitic is based not only on the Malibu rant, but on his reputation in Hollywood, his refusal to disavow his father's Holocaust denial, on his Passion movie, which came not straight from the Bible, but rather was based on an anti-Semitic German book, and on Gibson's antagonistic response to concerns expressed about his Passion movie.

Obviously, Gibson has supporters who defend his right to drink and drive at twice the speed limit, and to harass a Jewish deputy because of the deputy's perceived ethnicity, but clearly Gibson is not defending his right to do these things. I hope that he is sincere in his desire to make amends.

2974 days ago


Yup, lets judge Mel for behaving like King David. Read the old testiment children, the Jews perfected all the sins, even wrote them in stone.

2974 days ago

T. J.    

I believe Jack's on to something with the BAL of 0.12. You would think one would be able to handle themselves a bit better with that level. I felt the same whe I heard it; maybe there's more, such as oxy or hydrocodone.

2974 days ago


Yep, its a pisser when I'm right.....JOHN.
This has nothing to do with hate. Thats already a given for those of you who can't have an intelligent discussion without crying hate or some other mondane word. This isn't the 60's and flower power with love and peace. Too many people getting their poor feelings hurt, too many people wanting hand outs, too many people want the government to do for them, and too many people not recognizing the freedom of speech. Tell you what, lets go communist and you people won't have to listen to people like me or Mel.........or anyone else with an opinion.

2974 days ago


benjamine, john, & chris what are you guys?The three stooges? no disrepect to larry, curle & moe.

2974 days ago

T. J.    

In post 43, Dan stated that the arresting officer is Jewish. If this is true, it explains the remark by Mel. The guy was obviously impaired, and when he realized he was being arrested, it was time to engage the officer. One can tell by his movies and overall style that he can be a "hothead." In my opinion, he was attempting to humiliate or enter into an argument with the officer. Nothing more, nothing less!! He was just pissed at being arrested and just wanted to "get even" by making an inflammatory remark. The officer was offended resulting in a multipage report, word for word, which I suppose is just reward for making the childish statement. I do not believe Mel Gibson dislikes Jews, nor does he believe they are responsible for all the wars of the world. I've been around some drunks in my younger years, and they just make goofy remarks at times.

2974 days ago


so what he made remarks that were offensive. this is America. Why isnt anyone in the media complaining about him driving drunk. Good gawd he could have killed someone.

2974 days ago


Nobody put a gun to his head and made him drink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He is to blame for being a raging Alcoholic. If he wasn't so money hungry and desperate for power he would not have gone crazy from the blood of Jesus that he profited from!

WAKE UP you so called Christians! Your Idol is a hypocrite and all you can say is "don't cast stones" glass houses he's human, don't judge, then in the same breath you spout off your judgements and cast stones at only human Jews!

This thing gets WORSE everyday that is because he made the most SATANIC movie about Christ ever made and YOU SICK DILLUSIONAL people ate it up as Gospel and now THE LIGHT and the TRUTH has been shown to you and your TRYING TO SAVE FACE!

Forgive him.... so what its not a big deal blah blah IT IS A BIG DEAL and I will NEVER forgive him for all the souls he lead to hell and the BLASPHEMY against MY God! The Day I forgive him is the day he admits how satanic his movie is, yes it is about the movie Mel, it is!

Don't be decieved again thinking that Mel is not part of the Illuminati and Jewish Establishment he pretends to be against, he is part of the New World Order, HE admitted it on 20/20 with Diane Sawyer when he was talking about his LEFT HAND. And his movie Company logo IS AN ALL SEEING EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2974 days ago

Jaime Jacobs    

Too bad the so-called news reports don't provide the whole story. The women in the photos have stated flat-out that Mel in no way flirted or came on to them. He talked with them about movies, his family, and his religion and very kindly agreed to be photographed with them. It is revolting that people calling themselves journalists deliberately imply he's a lecher or worse when they know he was only being gracious to fans.

2974 days ago


He had a blood alcohol level of .12?..are you kidding me,there was a bottle of tequila partly consumed and he is raving like a lunatic. The guy owns a zillion acres of private land he can he can get blitzed in ..why do it in public.

2974 days ago

coco puff    

Mel looks good in the first pic. His eyes are nice and white, but ,what is he looking at, the sky. I think he must of just got there. Wow! He certainly looks f*&%$d up in the second one. They must of taking that one at last call! The story is interesting, but why are so many comments full of hate. I people should try and put themselves in Mels place. Tremendously successful, rich, worldly known actor/producer who made some bad decisions that night. Maybe, being loaded, he made some remarks that he thought were funny. If he did his 3 stooges routine instead, the cops probably would of laughed and given him a ride home. He could of signed some autographs for them, in return for there silence. I guess, he was to far gone, to of thought of that..

2974 days ago
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