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Moonshadows Madness

8/1/2006 7:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned when an allegedly inebriated Mel Gibson left Malibu's Moonshadows restaurant in the wee hours of Friday morning, he walked past the valet attendant with his head down, hands behind his back and uttered "I'm f****d up."

Gibson, who had not valeted, then crossed the street to his car, pulled out, made a u-turn and proceeded to step on the gas, driving past Moonshadows at a fast speed.

Shortly thereafter, as TMZ first reported, Gibson was arrested for driving 87 mph in a 45-mph zone with a blood-alcohol level of 0.12 (the state limit is 0.08).

The valet says the deputy who pulled Gibson over was actually driving in the opposite direction as the actor, but made a u-turn when Gibson flew by.

In Touch Weekly obtained pictures of Gibson partying with fans at Moonshadows hours before being arrested. 



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Maria Conchita    

Poor honey, leave him alone! He should not accept the invatation to speak on Yom kippur, that would be hypocritical. He should stand his grould. I still love you mel, you ROCK!!!!!!!!

2969 days ago


Alcoholics do and say dumb things! He admitted he has a drinking problem. I'm sure several people on this blog has gotten drunk and said something dumb. Good luck, Mel. God Bless.

2969 days ago


Leave the guy alone already! He f''d up and he knows it! How many times can you beat a dead horse? He can't handle his liquor just like a lot of people! He should try weed!

2969 days ago

David Ben-Ariel    

Mel Gibson is just following his leaders, lying politicians (Pope John Paul II Was No Saint), who hate the Jews and pretend they don't; who see Jews as obstacles to their control of Jerusalem and the Holy Land of Israel; who utter pretty platitudes while their hearts are full of ugly hate and deceit, plotting in the bloody Vatican to demand the enforcement of UN Resolution 181, coveting the Temple Mount.

Abe Foxman is right and wrong and as hypocritical as Mel Gibson; having the chutzpah to criticize again a movie of great interest to Catholics and their misled Protestant daughters, proselytizing in a professing Christian country, something Jews would be up in arms if a Christian leader said something in Israel against Judaism (which they're up in arms whenever Pat Robertson or somebody actually says something true); acts interested in Judaism but doesn't follow it to the Jewish Homeland of Israel, choosing to sinfully remain in a self-imposed exile.

2969 days ago


oh come on stop the BS, why is it so big of a F.... deal to say anything about Jews, if he have said the same things about Muslims or any other people Jews would have frame that in gold, lets face it Jews are killing people and the only reason that we are in Iraq is because they dragged us there, hey Gibson you are an embarrassment with that kind of apology, you should have told them to go and F... themselves, let them bitch all they want, it's time to tell them to F.... off.

2969 days ago

Dr. Paul Cooper    

I am a self-employed forensic toxicologist with 25 years experience providing expert evidence in the Courts relative to DUI. It is relevant that I am also Jewish.

I would appreciate it if Mr. Harvey Levin of your organization would forward this, my formal offer to assist the Prosecution in any way in which I am able in respect to the trial of Mel Gibson for DUI, to the appropriate individual. This will be a no-charge service from me.

Dr. P.C.

2969 days ago


I do not think that we as humans are qualified to judge this man. I only know what I see in the media, but I feel he is intrinsically good. He has an illness - alcoholism. It got a hold of him and he acted out with his physical and mental faculties impaired. I believe the embarassment of it all is punishment enough. I think most of us have had times in our lives when we acted out in a way that is uncharacteristic of our normal selves, which we regretted after the fact. The difference being - we are not under the microscope of the media, being observed like an experiment gone bad, during every personal moment of our lives. My prayers are with him.

2969 days ago


I concur Jack, from the pictures he looks completely wasted. Must have been a little extra something something in his tequila.
So he is a racist bastard, so what? Get over it...that's America for you.

2969 days ago

S. Khachatrysn    

Bravo to comment # 58
And this is the most idiotic site I have ever seen

2969 days ago

S. Khachatrysn    

Bravo to comment # 58

2969 days ago


It's important to be intelligent and unbiased when considering Mel Gibson's recent statements. Number one, it is important to remember that there are good people and bad in all religions and societies. It is no secret though, that Hollywood has a notorious anti-Christian bent. Why do you suppose that Mel's incredibly successful, "The Passion of the Christ" was ignored by Hollywood. The Passion was so successful worldwide, but it was IGNORED.

The most disgusting and disturbing fact is that when the movie was screened for the Hollywood big wigs, many spit at the screen. I think that action is far more viscious than Mel's comments. Why has that not made front page news?!!!

You know that when Mel was making the Passion he was the subject of death threats, the movies was tried in the press before it was released, many influential people of Jewish orgin in Hollwood blacklisted him.

You know if I were drunk and had to endure what he did in addition to watching daily the unnecessary current destruction of Lebanon and untold suffering of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians at the hand of Israel. I would be a little "annoyed" to. Now it is true that two wrongs don't make a right but let us put it in perspective. Remember it takes two to tango, which raises the question, Why is there a Hezbolah? What did the Jews do to create such a movement of opposition. The answer is Peace and diagolue not the murder of the innocents.

They spit at the screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get it, Harvey LEVIN.

It is said that only God can bring good from evil, let us look wthin ourselves in order that we may realize that when we point the finger, three are pointing back at us. I leave you with a famous quote, "Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain Mercy"

2969 days ago


"Christ"...leave the man alone, a guy cant even have a few cocktails in this country anymore, whats the big deal? It is a non- issue as far as i'am concerned, he didnt hurt anyone and doesnt hate any group more than any other group. God bless you Mel.

2969 days ago


I always felt that Mel Gibson was arrogant and full of himself. I feel that in Hollywood some celebrities put themselves above GOD and the public because they have too much money, fame and power. Mr. Gibson personifies every bit of it. I believe he really meant what he said even if he was under the influence of alcohol. It has been factually shown that people "true feelings" of how they feel about something really does comes out of the dark when they are put in an awkward position or moment. In Mr. Gibson's case, he truly does loathe Jews. It'scalled "hidden" racism. Why make derogatory statements about a group of people unless that was what he was really thinking anyways.
Mel Gibson's not only have a "continuing" alcohol problem but also a race relation problem.

2969 days ago


I really think that the only people Mel Gibson has to answer too are his God and his family. If he had not made "The Passion" he would have been classified as another actor with a drinking problem. I think he has apologized enough to the Jewish community and now he should concentrate on repairing the damage he may have caused in his marriage and with his children. I will continue to pray for the Gibson family that they can heal and especially for Mr. Gibson that he can get control of his alcoholism. I have family members who fight this demon every day and some days are easier than others. The last time I checked there was only one perfect person and we all know what happened to him and he forgave the people who did it. Mel Gibson is only human and he was drunk when he made those comments. People sometimes say and do stupid things when they are drunk.

2969 days ago


This maybe be irrelevant but my god in the photograph his forearms are like popeyes!!!!!

2969 days ago
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