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Pam and Kid -- Diamonds Galore

8/1/2006 2:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Newlyweds Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock arrived at a London airport Monday afternoon and photogs got a first glance of the pair's new enormous and sparkling wedding rings.
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Paparazzi were swarming in St. Tropez this past weekend as the pair wed on a covered yacht on the French Riviera.

Pam stepped off the plane sporting a huge canary-yellow diamond and husband Robert Ritchie, aka Kid Rock, showed off his new blinged-out diamond filled band.

But this ceremony was only the first of four weddings for the couple; the two will soon be tying the knot again at home in Malibu, Nashville and Kid's hometown of Detroit.


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blah blah blah    

I enoy some of Kid Rock's music
Just not much on a woman that has to put 10 pounds of make-up on everyday to try and look like Tammy Faye Baker. If she would take at least 9 pounds of make- off, it might be able to show her "REAL BEAUTY"

2967 days ago


They look happy. Hopefully they will stay that way.

2967 days ago


Those are the hands of a man who has never worked a hard day in his life! Kid get out and chop some wood or work on a car or something geez!

2967 days ago


Isn't that the ring that everyone was saying Vince Vaughn bought for Jennifer Aniston? It looks just as gaudy, and I think it was yellow too.

2967 days ago


Pam is a pretty girl - not sure why she went under the knife yrs ago but still she still looks good. The makeup is for the sleezey looks all the guys love. It makes her money. Kudos to her for being single for so long after Tommy Lee. Lets hope this guy can be stable and be a good influence to her and her kids

2967 days ago


They are two desperately sad human beings, if you can still call her human. Thank god she's at least wearing clothes here. I'd feel sorry for her if she wasn't such a mutant.

2967 days ago


Kid and Pam are a “Perfect Couple” and I wish you all the best in your marriage and the four weddings. Kid Rocks hands are beautiful in my eyes and I have an expert eye for nice hands. He has the type of hands that are made for counting money! lol
In response to all the people that said; (all the negative things about Kid Rocks hands and the couple in general) your nuts!
I say get a life of your own and stop being jealous and bitter that the success and happiness they are enjoying is not your life. Her ring is perfect size for her small frame. I guess you have never met her or him in person? They are both very down to earth people that just happen to have a brand that they are very successfully marketing....Oh and one more thing if Pam wants to go without make up why not? She is the bomb and is one of the few females that are making tons of money and every guy wants her.
Who could ask for more than that….her persona is one thing on television and her real life is another she is a sweet person.
If both of them are tired and want to walk around looking like less than perfect so what! What do you look like on your off time.....a movie star? Please, stop being a bunch of ranting bitches and hit the bathroom to throw up all the green venom, why don't you? Pam & Kid enjoy your careers and have a wonderful life, keep up all the great creative work and if you need any help from another creative soul you can find me at for writers of music, TV, film, actors, and musicians. xoxo Best of luck and watch out for all the haters.

2967 days ago


Pamela Anderson is so trashy nowadays, all anyone knows her for are her ginormous boobs, Playboy, and her bad relationships. Whatever happened to the Pamela that played the Tool Time Girl on Home Improvement? She was semi-respectable on that show...kinda?

2967 days ago

wendell dixon    

Well finally Pam you got hitched on the real..Congrats...and yes the diamond doesn't look to big..but I'm thinking that it's a canary yellow diamond..and if you know anything about diamonds..they don't come cheap...size is not the issue of her ring..its a rare stone...Did Kid pay for that-LOL...good luck yall

2967 days ago


Who do these people think they are? Do they not learn from their own and others' mistakes? Celebrities are too self-absorbed, idiotic, pathetic, egotistical, sad, and self-centered to EVER be in a healthy, successful relationship. Celebrity marriages are a joke! They never work, and they are so incestual. It's gross, really. Wasn't Pam like just with Tommy Lee? What a loser...I give it 6 months...and then she will be marrying Tommy Lee...AGAIN! And telling people how much she loves him. Loser. Go get some therapy.

2967 days ago


the wedding is not valid. the mayor of st. tropez confirmed it.

2967 days ago


Good for "Kid" and Pamela. Congrats!! I pray they actually love eachother, and that they never are ripped apart by drama.

2967 days ago

Tazz Devil    

Who cares about either one of them. Pamela Anderson is looking very long in the tooth and Kid Rock is a skanky hillbilly!! They belong together.

2966 days ago


Congrats to Pam and Kid Rock. Lots of Love and Happiness to them.

2966 days ago


I think Pam has gone through great lengths to send a message to Tommy. Pour Kid Rock. Keep your eyes open. I hate to be negative, but, based on Pam's "announcement" on her website (of her marriage plans), that announcement shoul've read "Dear Tommy ...".

2966 days ago
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