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Behar to Gibson -- Get a Public Circumcision

8/2/2006 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NEW YORK (AP) -- Comedian Joy Behar is suggesting a painful way for Mel Gibson to show he's sorry.

Behar said on "The View" that Gibson "needs to be welcomed into the Jewish community by a public circumcision."

Behar also said that Gibson's apology won't change him. She adds, "People like him have it in them to just hate."

Earlier this week, Barbara Walters had said she'd never see another Gibson movie again, and says that his second apology hasn't changed her mind.


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Get over it PEOPLE!! Humans say dumb things every single time they get drunk. That's what getting drunk is all about. Mel Gibson is not different than anyone else and he made a huge mistake. If he really meant what he said then he wouldn't have apologized 3 times already. GET OVER IT!!!

2970 days ago


Jews are a race now? Apologies in advance to the double-think crowd, but TimmyTommy, JustK, Molly, Tina Smith, and several others are right: Joy Behar is a hypocrite and a bigot herself. If there's a difference between the two, it's that Mel was drunk off his keister when he spouted off, while Joy was (presumably) sober.

2970 days ago


I agree with justk the ladies on the view if you can call them that are self-righteous bigots joy behar is the biggest one of all. I like elisabeth at least she has some morals . jOYCE

2970 days ago

Michele Fitter    

Yes, Mel Gibson has said some pretty bad stuff. And, clearly he needs some help with his addiction...thankfully, it came out for him now before real danger caught up with him. Mel's apologized (twice now), so let it be already. Really people. I know for myself that on some choice days, I wouldn't want my life played for the world to see. Let's just pray for Mel to get well and clean up his life and let's stop judging him for his wrongs. Didn't you ever hear the verse that talks about removing the plank from your own eye before you go pointing the finger at someone else's wrongs. Jesus forgives us of EVERYTHING we've ever done and sets us free from our sins...let's think about that and forgive Mel for this one incident for which he is surely hanging his head down low already.

2970 days ago

L. Sheridan    

The 2 ladies at "The View" should be ashamed of themselves! If both of these ladies live in glass houses, they should not throw stones! I am not a big fan of Mr. Gibson's, and yes, he made a mistake, but people are blowing this way out of proportion. Ms. Walters of all people should know to keep her comments private. She has a family, and what if her daughter did or said something like this? Does that mean the tables should be turned? And as for Ms. Behar, it's time for her to go! Did god make her his right hand? Mr. Gibson is not an O.J Simpson, that is someone the ladies should make their rude comments about.

2970 days ago


That isn't news, it's just typical Joy Behar "comedy". Ugh. Yeah, that rather prudish bitch Liz's meltdown warrants celebrity gossip news coverage on TMZ.

2970 days ago


Now now Elizabeth, I understand your stance on the morning after pill but if you are such a good christian person, forgiveness should be in your heart for Mr. Gibson. Love the sinner hate the sin!

2970 days ago

Carol Ann Stany    

I agree with Joy. She is so funny. When a person is drunk they say how they really feel about any subject. No matter how many apologies he gives, His drunken statement will not change for real.

2970 days ago


I can't believe so many of you are defending my Gibson by saying "he was just drunk". I've been drunk many times and I have NEVER spewed hateful garbage like Mel did. being drunk didn't change him, it just showed who most of us already knew he was.

And YES, he has every right to say what he wants, just like we have every right to dislike him, ignore him, not work with him, and boycott his movies for what he says.

2970 days ago


I loved Joys comments....his anti-semetic comments were horendous.I also will not be seeing any of his movies....His apologies mean nothing,all publicity.

2970 days ago


Who the hell is this Joy Person? Comedian? of what? When? Some shriveled up hag . As for barbara walters so you wont see Mels movies, but you sure would interview him if you could..long as it makes you look important. The man apologized who the hell are you to judge him. You would prefer to kiss up to celebrities when you want a story then spit on them when they make an error in judgement ..mel has been a decent man and when he missteps you all attack him.

Turn the other cheek you hags.. I will never watch that crap show you old witches are on.

2970 days ago

Frank Ruffolo    

With regards to Barbara Walters and her clapping trained seals on the view....P.U. Because I have no intention of seeing a group of woman especially Barbara Walters who spews anti-catholic venum on her show on occasion. The real story behind the entirely sad Mel Gibson incident that is completely being ignored by and the rest of the world media, is the twenty four million dollar question that everyone refuses to ask: Who at the police department leaked the report to the media which was obviously done with the intent to defame and destroy Mel Gibson's carreer and reputation, and more importantly his ability to make a living in Hollywood.? In the past few days the National Director of the Anti Defamation League was calling for Holly wood to distance itself from Mel Gibson. And just yesterday a very well known and powerful Hollywood Agent has now called on the industry to boycott Mel Gibson. Quite obviously the punishment that is being called for does not fit the crime because all Mel Gibson was charged with is DUI. The comments Mel Gibson made while totally inappropriate were made in a drunken state after he was charged with speeding on a highway and charged with drunk driving. Drunks make the most inappropriate and fouled mouthed remarks whenever police officer apprehend them for some crime or driving while drunk. The inappropriate comments were made to two police officers in the middle of the night on a darkened highway. How do comments that were made to two police officers by a visably drunk man who obviously has personal problems and caught speeding and driving while drunk become an international story around the world. It was obviously leaked from within that police station by someone who was privy to all the details of this sad debacle. It should be a priority for police authorities to investigate who would do such a low and cowardly thing while working in a police station. As far as I am concerned this secreative individual or mole that leaked the exact details of the comments made to those two arresting police officers can somehow be viewed as a modern day Judas who probably received their 30 pieces of silver for their deed. Now Mel Gibson who made the blockbuster "Passion of the Christ", is having to carry a cross of his own for actually having the temerity, tenacity and courage to make that 2004 Blockbuster film that was a huge world wide success despite spending $25 million of his own money to make that tremendously movie successful movie about the last hours of the life of Jesus Christ. Everyone quite clearly understands that the severity of the fall out for Mel Gibson totally stem from the fact that he challenged the power structue of Hollywood and succeeded beyond their wildest expectations by making the Passion without their financial backing. I just want to add my prayers and hopes for Mel Gibson and his family and that God will be able to make Mel Gibson and his family much stronger because of this terrible set back for himself and for relations between Mel Gibson and the Jewish community. May an infinitely forgiving God of mercy and love bring peace to Mel Gibson and those in the Jewish community he may have offended with his unkind remarks while caught drinking and driving.
God Bless Mel Gibson and the entire Jewish Community. Peace and forgiveness without any conditions are the way to go. God does not make conditions when we repent of our sins and he forgives us, and neither should anyone ask conditions to offer forgiveness to someone who has offended them.

2970 days ago


Interesting to hear Barbara Walters say she wont go to another Mel Gibson movie. I wonder if she and Joy Behar go to Woody Allen movies aka (I married my stepdaughter, and dated her when she was a minor) and Roman Polanski movies aka(child rapist)
Those two guys are still making movies and get standing ovations. Hollywood and hypocrisy are incredible... Elite hollywood liberals are the absolute worst.

2970 days ago


We all have done some pretty stupid things while drunk...Mel's no different than anyone else. The man has apologized profusely for this although in my mind this is really his personal battle and he shouldn't have to be worried about public outcry in the first place. This really does stink of the press trying to draw all of the attention away from Israel's war in Lebanon...they've done a good job so far, look what we're all wasting our time with. As for the view...what the hell does circumcision have to do with being Jewish anymore? I am Catholic and am missing a bit of skin down there, if you know what I mean, along with I'm sure quite a bit of other non-Jewish types. That comment by what's her name on that show makes no sense at all...come into the 21st century with the rest of us for God's sake. Good on ya Mel...hang in there, get well, get back to doing all the good things you do! Time to get out all the Mel Gibson movies and enjoy the performance's!

2970 days ago


I don't like extremists in any religion and Mel is extreme in his. Yes, people do believe that much of the USA's troubles are because we support (financially etc.) Isreal. Soon to be host Rosie O'Donnell says inflamatory crap all the time....can't wait to see the cat fights on the show. Mel is ignorant and so is her blog she is sympathetic to those we are fighting abroad. It is a free country and we do have freedom of speech or does it depend on who is saying it??????

FDA needs to approve the morning after pill NOW.....for our girls who have to suffer the shame....of their innocent ignorance.

2970 days ago
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