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K-Fed Gets a Job

8/2/2006 4:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Proving he does work sometimes, Kevin Federline rocks some hip new duds as the face of Five Star Vintage's Fall 2006 advertising campaign.
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Federline's stylish gig has him striking a pose and hamming it up for the cameras on the set of the photo shoot for the men's clothing company.

Mr. Britney Spears sports a few different looks that help to raise the budding rapper's style status way, way up.

And since we're all for anything that gets K-Fed out of his trademark wife-beaters and boxer-baring saggy shorts, we couldn't be happier.

Check out Kevin's Five Star Vintage ads in the September issue of Stuff Magazine.


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melbourne chiqa    

Who cares is K-FEd's working or not? At the end of the day, it's Britney's problem not ours. If she doesn't mind supporting him, then so be it! They're in GET OVER IT! I also think he looks HOTT @ tjis photo shoot! Yummy!!!

2980 days ago


What a dumass freakin douche this guy is. When is Brit going to dump this leach? She needs to Papazooooow his ass right to the curb.....w/ his "Kraft dinners, Fruit of the Loom wife beaters and smokes" LMAO!!!! Courtney

2980 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

k-thug gets a job?britts boy toy?he better get a job,child support is steep,oh hes a thug,he needs no job,he can sell nickle bags on the corner,that what a real thug does for a job,dam sure not going to sell any records

2931 days ago


Anything he is pitching I sure as hell ain't buying. Unless I want to look like a tool with a fake sense of accomplishment, then i'm all over his style.

2982 days ago


I can't wait to see what the real rappers have to say about this.

~evil grin~ ha ha ha!

2982 days ago


WHAT A JOKE!! It really pisses me off that dickwads like him are making millions of dollars and there are boys his age and younger fighting for this country getting paid absolute shit!! What the hell has this pissant done to make this kind of money he's not talented AND he's not attractive!! What has he done except marry a washed up pop star who can't sing?????

2982 days ago


This guy is a douch bag. Never seen someone so pathetic and desperate to be in the spotlight. Rapper? Ha! Lets see how many rappers give this clown any props.

2982 days ago


I don't think we have to worry about him selling a lot of records or anything. i guess we'll have to wait and see (and wait to laugh our asses off) when he performs at the MTV awards in August.

2981 days ago


People keep complaining about him, but it is sites like these that keep him in the public eye. So how bout we ignore him, maybe he'll go away...I hope

2981 days ago


K Fed...... rhymes with " *X@# " head. Good God man - why won't you go away????? Britney, please pay this guy off in $50's, cases of Kraft Dinner, Fruit of the Loom wife beaters & smokes & get this guy into a trailer in Alabama. Trust me - he'll take the deal. Skanky, greasy, zit-faced punks with NO talent are not in demand & you deserve better. Pop this next one out & get him to sign off & find a REAL man to treat you like the barefoot in a public washroom, trailer princess that you are.

2981 days ago


#7 You go girl.. You hit the nail right on the head. Cases of Kraft. LMAO

2981 days ago


A pimp is as a pimp does.

2981 days ago

wendell dixon    

Yeah I think that sh##it would be funny..Kevin trying to get respect as a rapper...LOL...dude you are way to hilarious...he almost put me in the mind..well im gonna try this see if this work..if this don't going to try this..In the rap industry..I think that you really need to have mad skills...from the bits I head of your track...even your wife couldn't bring life to the crap you think that your rappin...Kev you are truly a class act...I agree with sound more like trailer trash that struck it rich..

2981 days ago

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