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Marie Osmond's Medical Emergency

8/2/2006 2:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Marie Osmond spent two days in a Utah hospital last week following a bad reaction to prescription drugs, but her rep denied a National Enquirer report that the incident was related to a suicide attempt.

"She had an adverse reaction to some medication she was taking," said Amy Hawkes, a spokeswoman for Osmond. Hawkes confirmed that Osmond spent two days in Timpanogos Regional Hospital, but disputed a report in the Aug. 14 issue of the Enquirer that Osmond, depressed over family problems, intentionally swallowed two bottles of pills and scribbled a suicide note with lipstick on her bathroom counter.

The tabloid said the drugs involved were Adderall, used for Attention Deficit Disorder, and Klonopin, an anti-anxiety drug. Hawkes declined to confirm that those were the drugs involved.


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When was the LKL show w/ Donny & Marie aired....I missed it. I have seen her on QVC & always thought she laughed far more than anything warrented (in my opinion...) I think she's been under undue stress for years & years & years--perpetrated initially by her parents. When 'THE OSMOND' coffers would run low it seemed to be --Marie to the rescue--I think she's a person of very high character & perhaps unattainable personal expectations. So Marie--the people who love you do so because of what we've already seen--not for what you can't possibly do w/ 24 hours in a day. I wish you peace of mind ¬hing but the best.

3002 days ago


It was very clear she has some emotional problems. She displayed her inability to stay focused on a serious conversation while on Larry King. That alone would not be enough I admit to say she is not well, but add to that her past issues with mental illness, which she admited to she also has SEVEN CHILDREN !!! That could trigger some instability in the best of us....Yet despite all of this So What !!! Yes perhaps she has attempted suicide why such a stigma??? She deserves privacy. The Enquire should be very worried even if it is factual they could be sued if indeed this information was obtained thru any medical personnel were she was hospitalized. Mental illness is as real as any disease.....

2999 days ago

Alice C.    

"So...I know both Jes and Marie. I worked with Jes and it is horribly sad how badly she has been treated by both her parents. Of course Marie exposed her children. She will do anything to get back into the spotlight, even if it means sacrificing her own children. Donating money for children-all a show, anything to get back into the spotlight. It was ridiculous what a joke Marie was. She does not care about any of her own children, and i know for a fact that she's beaten Jes more than once. It's just sad."

2998 days ago


I recently saw Marie and the rash from the medication she reacted badly to. People are so mean and condemning when they really do not even know the person. Marie is a working mother, just lost her mother and has her father and husband suffering from very serious health conditions. No one is perfect and Marie would be the first to tell you that. Unfortunately, her life is under a microscope, thank God mine isn't. Parents rarely please their children all of the time and especially when there is a disagreement as to responsibilities and behavior. I am sure she did not in any way try to take her own life, she has been very honest in telling her story when she struggled with post-partum and depression. I wish her all the best and I wish for patience and understanding from this cruel world!

2985 days ago


Is'nt it funny how dirty laundry is the first thing we will believe before the truth. let's give the facts time to air out before judging by one persons or magazines point of view. gossip is the only way to hurt not to heal. So give Marie a chance for her side if she wishes to discolse it. After all it is her prerogative to do so.

Best wishes Marie,


2982 days ago


Poor thing! i hope it is not true. I will pray for her to get better. This is not a joking matter, and I know she will get better if we wish her well. Please remember Marie's great charity work, "The Children's Miracle Network" and pray that she recovers if this is true.

2942 days ago


Hope she feels better. I hope that her Faith in God
will help her sort this out. I DO NOT THINK IT IS

2942 days ago



3006 days ago


I am a 45 year old woman, and growing up, I loved the Osmond Brothers and their Sister Marie. #1. They are to religously Mormon to take their own life. This in almost every religion ( exception Muslims) is a most grevious sin. and #2) why are people so jealous of people who do not extend themselves to the "media" frenzy of society?

3006 days ago


sure hope it;s not true! suicide never solves anything.

3006 days ago

Sam Doe    

I love the Osmonds, they remind me of Windy Moore.

3006 days ago

Sam Doe    

I love the Osmonds, they remind me of Windy Moore.

3006 days ago

Ida Clair    

The Osmonds have talent. I'm not sure why Windbag Moore would remind you of that.

The video is lousy, nothing to even suggest talent by Windy or the producers.

3005 days ago


I call bullshit.

And by the way. HOW in the freakin' HECK would the ENQUIRER, a crappy tabloid, get the EXACT medications that she had taken or is taking? That information is just NOT given out. Let alone to ANY publication unless the person themselves has disclosed that information.

It sure looks more exciting to say suicide attempt than a simple averse reaction to medications, doesn't it?

UNLESS Marie herself discloses this as being factual, and that she indeed did do this in an attempt to take her own life, I'm not buying it. This really honestly does NOT sound like something she would do.

3005 days ago


Please...say it isn't so! Love you Marie!

3005 days ago
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