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"Apocalypto" Star Comes to Mel's Defense

8/3/2006 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the stars of Mel Gibson's "Apocalypto" has come to the director's defense, saying the Gibson involved in the recent DUI arrest and anti-Semitic remarks is not the Mel he knows.

Mauricio Amuy Tenorio

Mauricio Amuy Tenorio, a former model who stars as a Mayan chief in the film, tells "EXTRA" in an exclusive interview that the Gibson scandal has taken him by complete surprise. "I don't have the right to judge what he did," he says.

Tenorio also says he never heard anti-Semitic remarks from Gibson while on the film set in Mexico. "I don't want to say that he's anti-Jewish," he says.

"Apocalypto," filmed in the state of Veracruz, is scheduled to open in theaters December 8. Check local listings for "EXTRA" show times.


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Gibson is a nasty homophobe as well. He has said similar things about gays. Says, " just because I'm an actor, doesn't mean that I am gay". His homophobic diatribe is well known on the subject.

2966 days ago

coco puff    

The more Mel pisses off the Jews the more I like the guy! Keep up the good work Mel, your on the right track!

2966 days ago


Regardless of who you are, If you're irresponsible enough to drink and drive -- you deserve to get arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Be honest people -- you all know that when a person is drunk/high, what they say IS THE TRUTH!!! When a person is in a drunk/high state, their mind is not able to filter their thoughts and responses.
So the TRUTH IS OUT MEL -- YOU A R E an anti-Semite!!!!
Be a man and BE HONEST!!! It doesn't matter whether his comment was against the Jews, Catholics, Christians, Hindu's -- a viscious, hateful, predjudice remark IS and ALWAYS will be WRONG -- no matter which group of people it was said against.
Enough already with the..."What would the Jewish community have done if..." It doesn't matter which religious writings were mentioned to be different in the movie -- it is simply a MOVIE, NOT the law!!!!
By the way --- what is the REAL truth anyway???? Were you alive during Biblical times?????? Of course not -- so -- LET IT GO ALREADY about that movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2966 days ago


As a matter of FACT --- The JEWS did NOT start the current war with Hezbulah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The TERRORISTS CAUSED THE WAR!!!!!!!!!!!
Why not blame them??????????? Israel ahs simply been fighting back to protect themselves!!!!!!!!!!!! Israel DOES WANT PEACE!!!!!! Why are YOU -- (THE HALF JEW AS YOU CLAIMTO BE) so hateful of Jewish people???) YOU need to get all of the information BEFORE YOU make your uneducated and hateful comments. It only makes YOU sound STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!

2966 days ago

Pony Dog    

All that Mel need's is a good set of "sugar tit's" and a bottle of Tequila and he will be fine! Leopard's don't loose their spots and Mel will never change, he will always be a liar, bigot, drunkard,coward,crusty,cad,calculating,manipulating,unhappy man. Let's move on folks and concentrate on someone worth fawning over! George Bush!!!

2966 days ago

Lillith Jaffe    


I agree with you. "The halfie" is a riot. I was hoping she'd be back to offer a few more informed insights into the Jewish collective consciousness. Actually, I feel sad for her; her post speaks volumes.

New York is full of these (shiksa-by-default) mutts. She has probably never quite measured up to her family's (maybe even her very own) intellectual expectations, so she has decided that it is in fact HER that is rejecting the JEWISH COMMUNITY and not the other way around. If this alleviates some of her growing pains, then so be it. The Jewish community has fully secured her right to broadcast her half-assed claim to Jewishness without the slightest fear or hesitation.

Unfortunately, she doesn't have anything smart to say!

What a waste of a good half Jew...

2966 days ago

coco puff    

Sharon, I think your the one who needs a reality check. If Israel wanted peace, they would of given the Palestinians there own state. Instead, all they have done since inception is treat them like third class citizens. Israel will never have peace if they continue to make the same mistakes of the past. Why are you, and most of Jews in America, of that thinking. Wasn't it Einstein who said "the definition of insanity is doing the same as before and expecting a different result". Israel should learn from the past, instead of repeating it.

2966 days ago
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