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Gibson Says "All My Friends Are Cops"

8/3/2006 5:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson: Click to watchTMZ has turned up video shot by "EXTRA" of video of Mel Gibson with Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, shot in June, 2002, where actor talks about his close relationship with the Sheriff's Department.

Gibson served as spokesman at an event for LASSO (Los Angeles Sheriff's Star Organization), a foundation that gives scholarships to the children of fallen deputies. At one point, Gibson said: "I was late in coming here today and I think I almost got a ticket."

Gibson was praised by the Sheriff as "a wonderful man." During an interview, Gibson talked about how one particular deputy would come by his home every few weeks. "Officer Friendly pops around and just checks to see how things are..." Gibson said. He continues: "He just has a cup of coffee for ten minutes and hits the road."

Gibson said "All my friends are cops...I get on with them."

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johnson....what an appropriate name for you.

3010 days ago


mel gibson made comments while being drunk. while the part of his brain that does sensoring and judgement were rendered useless because he was under the alcohol; therefore, allowing his inhibitions and the truth to surface. he is a selfish, egotistic out of control alcoholic. but he's rich and popular so het gets away with unacceptable behavior!

3010 days ago


I just wanted to say that everyone is acting all shocked and shaken when yet another celebrity has a run in with the law and there is questions of a cover up. Has everyone forgotten about that little incident with Britney Spears driving in her car with her baby in her lap? That also happened in Malibu with the same sheriff's department and they didn't even charge her with child endangerment!!! If it were any of us, who are average people, we would have been arrested and charged, and our baby would have been taken away. Bottom line, if you are a celebrity, than you get away with things normal people would not get away with. I'm not saying that Mel Gibson is perfect, but he is human and he is proan to make mistakes. At least he has openly apologized for his remarks and actions and has taken steps to seek the help he needs in his recovery. Not many celebrities would openly do that.

3010 days ago


I am waiting for the "some of my friends are Jewish" quote.

3010 days ago

phyllis diller    

No matter what this man says, he is an idiot for driving drunk.
All the antisemetic crap he spouted off just reinforced the fact the man has serious mental issues and should be in an inpatient care facitlity dealing with addictions and anger management.

Mel...get help now.

3010 days ago


Hollywood could use an anti-semite. And is it really a shocker that a movie star has questionable morals?

3010 days ago

Jim Lafferty    

Why are you going after Mel leave him alone.
He was drunk he said he was sorry OK.

If you can not accept that then I know and the rest of the Christian world knows why.
You are run by a hate mongering Jew that Levin guy!
The USA and the world are on a tiping point and if the Jewish community push this thing with Mel they could find them self's on the out side OK!

3010 days ago

Angela Brittain    

I believe that, as some have commented in the press, Mel is truly a victim in this situation. For anyone who has ever been addicted to any substance, they know he is driven by the hold that alchohol has on him. What we have seen helpful in our Christian ministry is what is called "inner healing." There truly are generational addictions and bondages that have him in their control (I know this sounds "out there"). The remarks that came out of his mouth are likely the result of the spirits that have influenced his father for many decades (he had commented in one story that it wasn't him saying these things). But if he will address these issues and really search for deliverance and inner healing (our ministry would be happy to point him to some Christian experts in this area) he can be set free!

3010 days ago

lynn stjames    

I heard from a newscaster in regard to Mel Gibson that "Tequilla is the best lie detector". Wise man.

Gibson s words of apology appear to me to be "spin control". After all multibillion career comes first before ethics.

Thank you TMZ

3010 days ago


It is a good thing anytime someone tries to portray themselves as a religious expert (ie.Mel vs. non-Latin masses), only to be exposed as a hypocrite. Maybe he can serve as an example about how ill advised it is to try to tell others how to live their lives.

3010 days ago


Harvey Levin is scum for doing this. No wonder Mel said what he said.

3010 days ago


First, being a famous person he was bound to get some sort of publicity for this.

However, because he is associated with "Passion of the Christ," it is somehow much worse that he was arrested for DWI.

No one should drink and drive, whether you made a movie about Jesus or not. Also, his cop friends should have warned him about the dangers of drinking and driving.

3010 days ago


Why is it that people just can't seem to spell anymore? Sad. And TMZ sucks.

3010 days ago


Oh he only got drunk and drove no big deal it is a big deal PEOPLE DIE that way just beacuse hes an actor doesnt mean its not a bigdeal oh he didnt murder anyone well yes that is good but it doesnt making being a drunk asshole and driving and getting away with it beacuse your famous isnt a big deal i say harass the sh*t out of him he deserves it

3010 days ago


All of you that are defending Mel need to stop and think if someone you loved would have been hurt or killed by him. That happens everyday. Who does he think he is, that he has gotten away with it more than one time. Celebrity status should have nothing to do with endangering the lives of others. People are acting like he was only hurting himself, he just got lucky. Someone I loved was killed by a drunk driver and I will forever despise that person, who happened to walk away from the accident. He started to show his true feelings in Passion of the Christ and now it has come out completely. I am entitled to my opinion as everyone else is and this is mine. He should be treated just like anybody else when it comes to his punishment.

3010 days ago
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