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Madonna's Good Deeds

And Not So Good Deeds

8/3/2006 5:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

CrossAngelina Jolie
better watch out because Madge is gunning for her crown as the Third World's philanthropy queen.

Madonna revealed to TIME magazine her plan to care for the orphans of Malawi, Africa, and has committed to raising $3 million for various programs.

Madonna's charitable crusade includes building an orphanage that will feed 1,000 kids a day and financing a $1 million documentary -- not about her latest tour, but about the plight of the children.

While the orphanage has no religious affiliation, the center will offer programs based on Spirituality for Kids, Kabbalah's children's program.

The Material Girl is the religion's unofficial spokesperson, and says, "One of the main precepts of Kabbalah is that we're put on this earth to help people. And your job is to figure out how you can help, and what it is that you can do."

While Madge's new religion may be singing her praises, her old one - Catholicism - is up in arms over her latest antics.

Madonna's Confessions Tour arrives in Rome on Sunday, and the Catholic Church believes her onstage mock-crucifixion with a fake crown of thorns thrown in for good measure "comes close to blasphemy."

This latest controversy comes on the heels of NBC's decision to air her concert special in November with the "Live to Tell" crucifixion routine reportedly still in place.


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Madonna is "so over" that she has biggest grossing tour in North America this year. Her latest album went to number one in 29 countries, including America.

She's far from over.

Jealous much?

2967 days ago


I love when sorry saps come out and diss Madonna, please keep doing it, if it weren't for you haters she wouldn't be the biggest star in the world. And she is, dont you hate it?

2967 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

You all WISH Madonna was over. Madonna won't be over til SHE wants to be over. People have been counting her out for years. She keeps coming back stronger and better than ever.

2967 days ago


Madonna is just doing all of this for one person. Madonna. That's all she cares about is being in the spotlight she will offend every religion known to man if it gets her picture in a magazine.

2967 days ago


interesting that TMZ and others in the media have NO problem with Madonna mocking the Catholic/Christian faith. Mel Gibson makes a drunken statement and it's on TMZ and the media every waking moment for the past few days and Madonna mocks what Catholics and Christians consider as their Lord and commits sacrilege and it's totally fine.

interesting. hypocritical much?

2967 days ago


I like madonna. But you can tell she is getting a bit desperate for shockers now. Its so predictable.

2967 days ago

Alex Groleau    

Haha, also she was nominated for 5 VMA awards in the USA. Yea, she sounds TOTALLY out to me :-P

Madonna FOREVER!

2967 days ago


What a crock! If she really wanted to help she would build the orphange herself and not be "committed" to raising the money.
She is doing this for her usual wanting attention.
Everyone is jealous of Angelina Jolie who did it out of her heart and not for the attention for herself but the suffering individuals.
Oprah also is building a school over there. Good for her. She does alot of good things too.
"Madge" has plenty of money so she could afford alot more than just her plastic surgical planted face in the media.
You might know she has to have it affiliated with her beliefs. we go again. Women are not even suppose to be studying Kabbalah.
Go take care of your own kids and protect your property there in England where you can now shoot trespassers.

2967 days ago

Coco Puff    


2967 days ago

urban shaman    

I always love when silly queens start spouting foolish about how madonna has the top grossing whatever. its cause bitch is chargin your dumb ass top dollar. How about attendance? Does her concert have the biggest draw? No, didn't think so. Just baffoons like you who are willin to spend 300 buck to see a tired old tranny do the same dog and pony show. How tragic are you?

2967 days ago


I hope Madonna has the same pain that Jesus had when he crucified that may teach her how to jeer at him. I know that she is a big star but in the same time a big a**hole as she has had 48 years old .

2967 days ago


Madonna, is an entertainer. Dancing is entertainment. If you don't want all the disco balls, dancers and other props go see Celine Dion in vegas.

Madonna does have a good singing voice. She wouldn't have just tied Elvis Presley for the most top 10 singles in the entire rock era if she couldn't sing. They both have 35 top ten singles.

Madonna writes most of her own songs. So she can sing, dance and write music. Pretty damn talented indeed.

So that is Madonna, talented and the biggest female rock star in history. Bar none.

Now let's talk about the religious right and their controversy. They bash gays to gain support from the weak-minded. They support going to war against countries that didn't attack us (Iraq). They butt into people's personal lives, just ask Michael Schiavo how they tried to force their way into his and his wife's personal life. They want to ignore science and force a book of fiction, that has gone through more translations than you can count, onto every child(student) in this country. The christians hate the jews, even though their jesus was a jew. They focus on discimination and bigotry instead of paying attention to the real issues in America. For instance they focus on anti-gay marriage amendments while the rest of us worry about:
1. This bogus war driving us into the biggest defecit in american history and taking the lives of our loved ones
2. Our jobs being outsourced on a daily basis to other countries
3. The corporate tax breaks that the middle class and the poor have to make up for

So there you can see how the churches use controversy, such as gay marriage, to gain popularity.

And one last but very important contrast between Madonna and the right-wingers.

Madonna is a strong human being who makes her own choices.

The churches always look for the down-trodden, weaklings of society. They have nowhere to turn so they see one of the many signs on churches (such as "feeling alone, jesus loves you" or "nowhere to turn, turn to the lord"). So the church preys on these types as they are ripe for brainwashing. So churches are for weak people who need to be told how to live because they can't think for themselves.

Madonna does something good for starving children and it is the fundies who find a probelm with it. How christian of them.

There are no bigger HYPOCRITES than the religious right!

2967 days ago


Madonna over? Please....get it right. She is the biggest performer of our time. I remember when she first came on the scene, my mom was like "you won't even know who she is in 20 years". Uh-huh......just the biggest solo star in the world.
She writes her own tunes, dances, acts and is raising her children. I own every album she has released, have attended her concerts (and to the person who said they were oversold? what the hell do you mean? Fans lined up and tickets sold out in a matter of minutes for most shows........She is an icon!!)

She is giving back to the world, too, thru charity. Why all the hate towards her???? Jealousy, pure and simple.

2967 days ago


Madonna just can't stand not being in the spotlight for one second. There is not one thing appealing about her yet people continue to buy her cds and go to her concerts. I do not get it.

2967 days ago


The reality is, whatever your religion, if you want to do charity work, you should LEAVE YOUR RELIGION OUT OF IT.

And that goes for EVERYONE'S religion, no matter what it is ... Christian, Jewish, Muslim ... otherwise, it's just a form of blackmail. Think about it ... if I was hungry enough, and desperate enough, I'd worship a tree stump if you told me to. As long as you fed me and my family.

Charity work is great, no matter why you're doing it ... if Madge is doing it for the publicity alone, so what? Just as long as she helps someone, I say great. But she shouldn't use this opportunity to force her beliefs on someone else.

As I recall, she did something similar during the 2004 tsunami. Only in their case, she sent cases of "Kabbalah" water to the victims. Tom Cruise did something similar for the firefighters from 9/11 - only he had them go through some sort of electrical "Scientology" equiptment to free them from bad electronic waves.

I'm all for celebrities doing something to help others no matter why they're doing it. Hollywood's a rich, ridiculous environment.

But not if it means the person they're helping has to agree to belive in their weird spiritual demands. That's just wrong.

Having said all that, I hope that Madonna's efforts in Malawi actually help someone. I think it's good for the people of Hollywood to put all their money to good use.

2967 days ago
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