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"Rock Star: Supernova's" Breakout Star

8/3/2006 1:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

zayra_Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro may be established musical bad boys but to catch some true rock star antics on CBS' "Rock Star: Supernova" check out gorgeous contestant Zayra Alvarez.

With her lively and outrageous performances of The Kinks' "You Really Got Me" and "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence, the Puerto Rican songstress has stolen the show and become the one to watch this season.

Unfortunately, despite haunting renditions of REM's "Everybody Hurts" and K's Choice "Not an Addict," Zayra has routinely landed in the bottom three.

But since you never know what she is going to do, say (her sassy retorts to the judges' critiques are worth the price of admission alone) or wear next, fans are tuning in just to catch the latest episode of the Zayra show.

A fact that even the judges, Navarro and Lee, pointed out on this week's episode.

A mix of Blondie's Debbie Harry with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Karen O, Zayra's fashion forward ensembles (like the blue skin tight catsuit or her cape, gloves, and boots superhero trifecta) are a welcome change to the standard rock star uniform of black jeans, tank tops and wrist cuffs.

Zayra has the potential to become a musical fashion icon - think Gwen Stefani or J.Lo but edgier.

And if Zayra winds up on top at the end of the competition, the leggy Latina may find that the hardest part of the gig isn't winning but fending off Tommy Lee while on tour.

Check out Zayra Alvarez in all her glory on "Rock Star: Supernova" Tuesdays at 9pm on CBS.

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I want Marty Casey back!!!

2971 days ago

Your Momma    

Opinions are like butt holes, everybody's got one.
And as you have your opinion, I have mine.
Let's leave it at that.
Thank you

2971 days ago


She sucks and why she is still there is waaaaaaaaaay beyond me!!!!

2971 days ago


@ Tatoo:

I don't watch the show .... but it is funny to me that you would make fun of her speech especially since "pronunciate" is not a word. One can "pronounce" or "enunciate", but it was good for a laugh. Thanks.

2971 days ago


She's so super hot... and I like her crazy out-of-tuneesque voice. Reminiscent of Bjork and Karen O with a Shakiran accent! Love it.

2971 days ago


The whole show is a laughing stock. I actually watched the last half hour of the last one. Only one guy has talent. Navarro, Lee and the rest of the judges are idiots who are completely delusional and Brooke Burke has the personality of a piece of cardboard. Why waste your time???

2971 days ago


A musical fashion icon like Gwen or J LO? Who the hell are you trying to kid? Like them or not, Gwen and J LO have talent. They CAN sing. I have seen many of Gwen and J LO's acts on stage and I have NEVER seen them on the verge of an epileptic fit! They are true sensual beings and I have never seen them stoop to Zayra's level to sell a record. The ONLY reason Zayra is still on that show is for the major hard on she's giving the men. Put some clothes on her and make her "sing" and she'll be the next one out. You people owe Gwen and J LO an apology!!!!!

2971 days ago


BREAKOUT STAR? Are you kidding me? This chick is absolutely horrific. Worst singer that this show has had on in it's two years. Even the other rockers are shocked when she isn't booted off, and they've been caught on camera laughing at her performances. She's AWFUL.

GO DILANA! I'd love to see her win.

2971 days ago


It's good to see the 8 or 9 passionate Zayra haters from the MSN boards have made their way over to TMZ and spreading their message of love over here.

Everyone knows she's not right for the band. But without Zayra, it's 60 minutes of Lukas posing, Toby lamenting over his performance, Ryan giving his best Bruce Springsteen impersonation, Big Storm giving everyone crazy rock eyes, Dullanna being hailed as the greatest vocalist of our generation and more blah, blah, blah.

The One was cancelled very quickly and so Tommy and Dave and the other executive producers need her on for at least three more weeks to them to the top 6 so they can coast on the ratings through the end of teh show. CBS will probably put pressure on for some double eliminations.

Anyway, Zayra is one of the two that wouldn't get lost in the band. SO it is what it is, a TV show in need of ratings. Zayra is what she is a dynamic and engaging singer. People that say she can't sing, but Dullana and Lukas or Ryan can are funny. They probably also like Fallout Boy or any other popular band with real , uh, talent.

Big Storm and Magni are the best singers on the show. Zayra just happens to be a more complete package.

2971 days ago


I think she is awful...a joke compared to some of the others with real talent like Delana, Toby and Magni

2971 days ago


Com' on who wrote this story about ZAYRA! They must have been paid Zayra or her family! I can't believe she has not been voted off yet! There are 3 people on the show that really have talent -- and FIT the part of a rockstar! Zayra is not one of them.
I like the show a lot! But that Lucas does freek me out a little. His look kind of scares me -- great singer and talent. Storm is great all around. The best part is watching the reactions of Tommy Lee and band. I get a kick out of it. Except for the devils hat Tommy Lee put on last night - What's up with that!
I would never though Tommy Lee would have a soft spot -- and actually feel bad about hurting someone's feelings -- that actually shocked me! It's a nice thing!

2971 days ago


To Danielle: Boy guess ya got me. Woo hoo!

2971 days ago


i love Zayra! she's so edgy and sexy.. she should def. win this show... the band would rock !

2971 days ago


@ Tatoo:

Awwww..... don't take it so personally. I'm just saying, people in glass houses....

2971 days ago


IF her voice was as hot as her looks, then she might have a strong chance to front the band and not be a distraction. It's all about ratings. I wish I had a girl like that though. She has nice stage presents though and does mix it up. WOW!!!!!!!

2971 days ago
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