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"Rock Star: Supernova's" Breakout Star

8/3/2006 1:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

zayra_Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro may be established musical bad boys but to catch some true rock star antics on CBS' "Rock Star: Supernova" check out gorgeous contestant Zayra Alvarez.

With her lively and outrageous performances of The Kinks' "You Really Got Me" and "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence, the Puerto Rican songstress has stolen the show and become the one to watch this season.

Unfortunately, despite haunting renditions of REM's "Everybody Hurts" and K's Choice "Not an Addict," Zayra has routinely landed in the bottom three.

But since you never know what she is going to do, say (her sassy retorts to the judges' critiques are worth the price of admission alone) or wear next, fans are tuning in just to catch the latest episode of the Zayra show.

A fact that even the judges, Navarro and Lee, pointed out on this week's episode.

A mix of Blondie's Debbie Harry with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Karen O, Zayra's fashion forward ensembles (like the blue skin tight catsuit or her cape, gloves, and boots superhero trifecta) are a welcome change to the standard rock star uniform of black jeans, tank tops and wrist cuffs.

Zayra has the potential to become a musical fashion icon - think Gwen Stefani or J.Lo but edgier.

And if Zayra winds up on top at the end of the competition, the leggy Latina may find that the hardest part of the gig isn't winning but fending off Tommy Lee while on tour.

Check out Zayra Alvarez in all her glory on "Rock Star: Supernova" Tuesdays at 9pm on CBS.

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Are you kidding me? Talent? I agree she is a freak

2972 days ago


Danielle, you don't even watch the show. What'cha doin on here? Take your flamin comments somewhere else where they matter.

2972 days ago

Ya Right    

Oh please - someone must have paid TMZ to print those words. She is the worst contesant on the show. Thought sure she would be gone by now. She is an embarassment to Dallas, which we both come from.

2972 days ago


She's been in the bottom 3 several times and they haven't kicked her off yet. OBVIOUSLY, they're keeping her around for ratings. They kicked that one guy off after he'd been in the bottom three two weeks in a row. And they told him that ,"They just couldn't ignore "the people" voting him in the bottom two weeks in a row. Yeah right...but they ignore us NOT voting for her. She's rude, obnoxious, can't sing and will not front their band. Maybe they're waiting to pass her around the band before they get rid of her....

2972 days ago


Go Zayra! The hard core "rockers" don't get you but they are the minority. If they weren't, then the show would do better than 3rd in it's time slot. Keep going, keep it original, and stay true to yourself. Nobody is liked by everybody. Those that don't like you will never like you. There are plenty of people who do - myself included. Love both of your albums. Can't wait for the next one.

And what would happen if you happened to win this thing? The hard core rockers will come unglued. I will be sitting at my computer.........LMAO. Although, I would rather not see you win. Stay a solo artist and let's see some really original stuff.

You go girl!!!!!

2972 days ago


Rock Star supernova is nowhere near as good as last season!!!
Zayra is noway someone to head line their band!!! That is what makes the show a JOKE!!! They don't even tell these singers the truth! It's FRUSTRATING to watch!!
Go Houston Texas ........!!! I think The girl from Houston is gonna go far!!!
well, I guess i'll have to wait & see..this is reality T.V. anything can happen!!!

2972 days ago


I dont think its fair to the other contestents that do have talent to keep her around for just entertainment value....sad sad CBS

2972 days ago


zayra rocks! she continually gets the last crappiest song selection and turns them into gems. "867-5309"... i mean come on! Chris Cornell would sound like a dumbass covering that song, and she rearranged it into a crunchy guitar-driven upbeat rocker! and just wait till she can wrap her vocal chords around a decent song... she'll give you goosebumps! those other growling girls can't hit a high note if they had all the cigarette tar removed from their lungs.

2972 days ago

Lori Faulkner    

I think the "retard in a leotard" is the best post yet!!

2972 days ago


i don't think she is that good of a singer... she doesn fit the band very well either.. she will be gone soon... she was almost naked last show... im sure the band loved it.....

2972 days ago

Krista Caley    

This girl is so bad, that I don't even recognize her name, and I have seen every show. The one to watch is Delana? I'm not sure if I spelled that right. She has a red streak in her hair and has multiple facial piercings. She is has an amazing voice and presence. She has rocked every single song so far.

2972 days ago


I don't think she is right for Supernova, none the less I think she is great.

2972 days ago


OMG I can not beleive that article, she is the worse singer on the show, I was very surprised she stayed on last night, even Dana sang better, and I agree if Zayra wins I will not watch it again, Tommy Pleeze make her go away!!!!!! Vicki

2972 days ago


I agree 1000 percent with Tristin, what kind of crap "article" is this supposed to be? I watch this show, and that goofy beotch causes a lot of people to reach for their MUTE button as quickly as possible. She is a no talent hack, and all she's got going for her is proudly put on display every week so that Tommy (aka "Penis wearing shoes") can ogle her. To think of some of the really good singers who got screwed so they can keep this idiot around is shameful. Oh yeah, her comments are so darn witty, assuming you can understand her, or you're not still deaf and dumbstruck by her preceding performance. Give me a break TMZ, are you owned by CBS's parent company or something? Don't insult our intelligence like this.

2972 days ago


Zayra rocks!! Rock and Roll is not supposed to be're right, she is the only reason I watch the show. As long as she is bringing something new to the table....she will keep on advancing!! Also, she didn't wind up in the bottom three this time.....the people have spoken.

2972 days ago
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