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Britney Like You've Never Seen Her

8/5/2006 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Check out this clip from YouTube -- It's Britney like you've never seen her! And yes -- that's Kevin playing cameraman.

Britney Spears stoned

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Pretty scary stuff. Her idiot husband actually sounds smarter. Dumb ass twit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2999 days ago


What Happened to Her, after that KISS with Madonna, she WENT down HILL from there.. BRING THE OLD Britney BACK..

And not disrespect to Madonna at all, she is a STAR!

2999 days ago


Now how could this have been leaked? I'll bet her stinking husband did. He's out to ruin her so he can get some "creditability" poor Brit! We've all probably had night of too much consumption and sounded this stupid too. I know I have in my day. This was obviously taken some time back it doesn't look recent.

2999 days ago


I'm sorry but Kevin won this one. After watchin' , this I'm on Kevin's side. LOL I thought he was a loser but damm look at her!!! She seems more of a loser than Kevin. BIG UPS TO YOU KEVIN!!! LOL

2999 days ago

One of Britney's poops that got out of the toilet and found a comp with a decent internet connection    

As you can see from my name...i'm a poop of Brit's...please don't any case, man she is GROSS (and that's coming from a poop)...when i dropped out of her anas i threw up a little in my mouth cause that shit was NASTY...also, when i was in the "making", i saw kevin's weewee and i was NOT impressed...also, keving federline's poops are all mushy and watery!

2999 days ago


This should not be aired. How stupid, what is wrong with people and especially Kevin, he is the definition of "Geek" for sure.

Very personal and horrible.

2999 days ago


I think you have been leading a sheltered life, probably not your fault. Not all women get drunk in a hotel room with there b-friends but they do at home or at a bar. Many women have spent the night in hotel rooms with their boyfriends and they are not sluts and they do not get raped and gang banged. By the way if you are the SOCIALITE you say you are how do you know GANG BANG? My point was She kicks back at the end of her day and gets silly with someone she trusts and loves. Whether it be in a hotel or an appartement.(As I said before). So stop being so dramatic and get the pickle out of your A**!!!!!!

2999 days ago


At first I wondered how this could have been leaked because it's extremely unflattering. Then to hear SHE released it on DVD? Does she not have advisors, or are they all carnies like her husband. Does she think this is endearing?! I think she has gotten picked on a lot as a mom, but Jesus Palomino, she does bring some amount of crap on herself. I never would have guessed he was smarter than her. I hope she doesn't blow all her money on him, because unfortunately they have weakened the gene pool with their spawn and those kids need to be supported, and she isn't even smart enough to scoop worms in a tackle shop.

A mind is a terrble thing to not be born with.

2999 days ago


I can't believe that I actually feel sorry for K-Fed...

2999 days ago


The scary thing... that actually makes kevin look like the better person.... sheesh brit.

2999 days ago


and they had kids...



2999 days ago


From watching that video and seeing how she was acting, I really think that Britney is on drugs. She acts like a drug addict.

2999 days ago


This is your brain on drugs!

2999 days ago


She's HAS to be on something

2999 days ago

Ms. Confessions    

Gotta Love Britney!! She hasn't missed out on life. She's missed out on a decent education...

2999 days ago
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