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Britney Like You've Never Seen Her

8/5/2006 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Check out this clip from YouTube -- It's Britney like you've never seen her! And yes -- that's Kevin playing cameraman.

Britney Spears stoned

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Wow...she is the biggest tool in the world. What is her problem?

2968 days ago


Alright...she's human, just like ALL of us. People make mistakes and learn from them. She's not drunk - she's obviously high. Smoking isn't a bad thing it gets rid of stress and keeps you mellow and relaxed and puts you in a good mood. If I was her, I would be smoking every single day just because of the shit that you people say and put her through and what the media puts her through. Ya'll need to just hop off her cause I know that you all aren't perfect. Nobodys perfect. She's just happens to be a young woman with a lot of money, a good ass career, and has cameras following her. She said, "I'm not an idol...I don't want to be an idol"..nobody wants to be an idol. An idol is someone like...Jessica Simpson. She doesn't do anything except singing about public affairs and shit. Ya'll need to jump of Britneys back cause you know when she drops a track ya'll blast it.

2968 days ago

Furious Spider    

This is what my little niece wants to be? To hell with her I am telling my niece the truth and what happens when you don't go to school and do drugs.

2968 days ago


What a twit!

2968 days ago


She is just being goofy does'nt everyone once in awhile leave poor brit. alone !!!Video seems to be shot around the same time as her others.She still has a devoted fan here. Sorry for everyone else who have no life. If you dont like her then why do you waste time watching things like this Please people!!!!!

2968 days ago

Marge Laigaie    

I think her mother dropped her on her head!

2968 days ago


She is sooooo loaded! Where is her baby while she is getting high? I no longer think she is too good for "k-fed".

2968 days ago


People need to leave Britney alone. Yes, she is acting diffrent . But everyone acts diffrent some time in there life, and stop judging her you don't know the situation they could have got a new camera, they could just be playing around and making a home video and the thing is until you no for sure what is going on you people need stop spreading rumors and quiet trying to get stuff sterd up you dont hear her spreading and trying to start stuff with you, you dont even know the real her....
Also the only reason people might have got this is they probly left this some were and some one found it and sold it and probly tryed to spread stuff when they sold it....

2968 days ago



2968 days ago


She looks like she's on more than weed or alcohol. If she wasn't eating while doing this I'd wonder about speed, with that hitting the table bullshit. Imagine having to work for these two idiots?

2968 days ago

David Stauder    

I have nothing sarcastic to say about BS. The video says it all. But will one of those managers/agents that collects their 10% of her $$ please just take away any kind of camera from K-Fed??!! I mean, that's the least they could do to earn that $$. She's obviously not the brightest bulb. But maybe someone could rent Titanic for her and say "B, you're the Titanic and K-fed is the big fat ice berg that's sinking you.". That she might be able to understand.

2968 days ago


First of all, none of you can spell worth a damn. She's just being silly in what she obviously THOUGHT was a private moment between her and her beau. She's a great entertainer and, after all, that is why she's popular.... not because of motherhood, not because of her ability or inability to always be her best... People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. All of you are retarded!!

2968 days ago

get a life people    

ok this is old and how did TMZ get it...Must be a slow news day

2968 days ago


ppl need to leave brit ney alone she's just like any oher young girl her age going threw a harsh marrage. she's never claimed to be perfect as for role modle she's tryed to shed taht image a long time ago when she danced w/ the snake. yall wouldnt be giveing her a hard time if she wasnt a celbratie . kevin should be ashamed of him self to do this to brit cause she's made him a new so called star but, kevin him self has no moral's rember what comes around goe's around kevin

2968 days ago


She's stoned out of her gourd. Discussions on time travel, punctuated with burps, and "Huh?" Federline is a bad influence on that young woman.

2968 days ago
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