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Britney Like You've Never Seen Her

8/5/2006 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Check out this clip from YouTube -- It's Britney like you've never seen her! And yes -- that's Kevin playing cameraman.

Britney Spears stoned

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People need to leave the girl alone. Yes, she is acting strange and she may be drunk. But who hasn't acted silly with their significant other.


Uhhh....she may be drunk, and she's pregnant. Are we supposed to be ok with that?


2940 days ago


i feel that britney at the time was going through some things, but yeah i do feel that she is crazy and kevin sounded the most intelligent one!!!!

2940 days ago


#15 I was just thinking the same thing. HUH???? Is Keving making his "own" money by "leaking" these videos and his wife's whereabouts to the press?? How low can one go??RUN BRIT, RUN..... Take your kid(s) and go. You are better off without this creep. BTW, How does Kevin pay child support to Shar? Or does Brit pay that as well?? Poor Britney, she really did not know what the heck she was in for when she met and married this loser. God bless those poor kids...

2940 days ago


If they are allowed to continue having children, they will eventually give birth to a, um, or would it be a stupid-virus?

2940 days ago


OMG I love her, come on seriously she is just like everyone of you dumb asses who get drunk and stupid. We have all had those moments. Now as for Kevin he is trash. I would so love to hang out with her, she kills me. I feel bad for her that the media is making her out to be like this all the time....well hey just look at it this way she must be doin somethin right she's the one with the money not us

2940 days ago


Oh my gosh! What a hick! This video explains ALOT!

2940 days ago

Bichney Hatin Spears    

She isn't worth being hated, just feel sorry for her. She was built up by greedy managers so millions of gullible teenagers would spend their every last dollar on her concerts, posters and cd's making her filthy rich. Now that she has all y'alls money she doesn't care that you know the real her. She's just trailer trash like the next southern bimbo. blech At least I never fell for it nor wasted a penny on that nitwit.

2940 days ago


so so so silly.
shame on kevin who probably sold this for money.
people need to live their OWN lives and give this poor girl some much needed privacy.

2940 days ago


omg, what losers!!!!! she is so a freakin redneck!!!!!! & kavin is just a gold diger!!!!! & a loser 2!!!!!!!!

2940 days ago


Yeah, she seems really drunk or something but I think she's cute. She seems innocent and naive and that butthead of a husband of hers should be horsewhipped for shooting that video without her knowing it and then giving it to the media. What a jerk. He doesn't deserve her.

2940 days ago


LMAO OMG. What is wrong with her?!?!

2940 days ago


I just lost 3minutes and 3seconds of my life. What a bummer!!!!

2940 days ago


Boy I'm glad to see that she has some normal traits, for a girl her age (at the time the video was taped). She must have been about 22 or so. To be drunk in a hotel room with your boyfriend is a typical thing to do. Also, to be very confused about time travel when your drunk is probably normal as well. At least she is shown doing what other young woman do on a Friday night. The only difference is she has been on tour all week instead of working in an office. She ends her night kicks back in a hotel room, instead of some appartement, and has a few drinks with her b-friend. She then gets silly and starts to ramble. I don't think there are many women on this board who can say "I've never done that" Britney may have a glamous life and a fancy house and millions of dollars but when it comes down to it she can still be as normal as the next gal. Quit being so harsh on her!

2940 days ago


Leave her alone! she is not a f******* dummy! She makes more money than God. You think she is stupid???!!!! At least, Brit didn't need to make all her money by showing her new lovely marriage like Jessica, loser, big ears with a Rumplestillskin, nose, Simpson. I saw her (Jessica opening act, when Ashlee (the lip singer) was her back up dancer) in Tampa back when Ricky Martin was big in 2000. Not only, was she fat,and SO not goodlooking ( thank God for plastic surgery to save those so called stars, "Stars". Not only, did she look bad, her music sucked and everyone in the stands went for a beer break while she so called, sang ( or cow calling?) . At the time I was 24 and thought, Oh my God this poor girl sucks!! She better hide or get a new identity. Everyone hated it and left!!! Listen people, those not in the public eye, we could all be amazing if we had the money of Hollywoood, but what profession is that????? I would rather give my life savings and work a job that helped cure cancer or educate the children of our future and not take unglorified money and be in magazines to look like someone I really hate inside!! At least, Brit realizes the importance of life, as a young woman. There are those in the limelight, that feel, they are So superior, that they have to divorce a loyal husband and feel like a martyr afterwards. I give Brittnay a lot of credit. I once thought of her as a teeny bopper, but she has grown in more ways than one as a woman who tries hard. She has stuck through a lot of mud and Jess gave up b/c she was insecure. If anyone has a right to feel that way it would be Brit. Back 2 back pregnancy is a challenge, itself, along with being a new married mom and fighting off rumors, give her a break she deserves more money than she has. She knows, after marriage and children how hard it is out there and she has given up herself for family, something Jess doen't know how to do b/c her plastic, self saw herself as a star overnight b/c her loser show that only was big b/c Nick was real, like any average normal guy, which Princess couldn't understand. Maybe, if everyone grew up with brothers they would understand the behavior of men !! Go Brit, screw the outside.

2940 days ago


what a sad and scary thought that these two have spawned children

2940 days ago
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