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Britney Like You've Never Seen Her

8/5/2006 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Check out this clip from YouTube -- It's Britney like you've never seen her! And yes -- that's Kevin playing cameraman.

Britney Spears stoned

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Really, just leave her alone everyone has acted this stupid a few times in there lives!! Just cause shes a celebrity doesn't make her invincible! She's just a young girl acting silly like any other young girl. The only difference is if she burps, farts or acts stupid its front page news, and everyone then judges her as being a moron. Just let her be we've all been there (minus the millions, fame & endless paparazzi) !!

3003 days ago


People need to leave the girl alone. Yes, she is acting strange and she may be drunk. But who hasn't acted silly with their significant other.
eh i SOOOOOOOOO agree.
recently ive been trying to figure out why people hate her and hilary duff.
the've both worked to get to the top when they were younger and just tryin to stick there is hard enough. shit.

3003 days ago


Ok I can see now, that something is seriously wrong with this chick...and whats with the "HUH?" that word is utterly annoying....and she is definately on some kind of drug...SAD!....she has a twitch or something??!

3003 days ago


you people are sad. and cruel. you dont know britney. dont judge her. she is a sweet soul. i didnt see any of you opening your wallets to the victims of hurricane katrina. and leave kevin alone too. he's very good to her. they have a sweet family.

3003 days ago


This was on the CHAOTIC DVD. It's part of the bonus features. It's nothing new, and who cares if she's acting dumb when she's drunk, she was 22 at the time, and she's allowed. None of you are in her shoes, so shut ur ignorant mouths.

3003 days ago


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3003 days ago


Part of the price of fame and the perks and wealth that it brings is that you ARE in the public eye. Some, like Princes William and Harry are born into it and those are the one's I feel compassion for because they had no choice. When one goes into show business, even as a teen, being in the public eye and the loss of privacy is the tradeoff. It's no secret that that's what you're in for. And I'm sorry, but being the caliber of celebrity that Brittany is, being drunk...stoned...or whatever, she was an idiot for allowing such candid behavior to be immortalized on videotape. Even if she trusted Kevin implicitly, things can have a way of even innocently ending up in the wrong hands. As a sidebar, I've been pretty damned drunk and even at whatever age Brittany was when that tape was made (I hope to God it was at least before or between her pregnancies), certainly I got silly, but there's a difference between silly and goofy and just plain stupid. I mean, she's not even wasted enough to be slurring her words, yet she presents like a moron.

3003 days ago


Boy, people like me need a life!!
poor girl, I thought she was going to be smoking crack or do a Paris.
you guys got me ha ha she is just been shelterd.

3003 days ago


Those two are ment for each other! She is such trailer trash and he is an idiot....

3003 days ago


WOW! I wonder if your village knows she missing?

3003 days ago


what was that? and yeah i wonder how much Kevin got for that one?
These two are out of control. She says she wants to be left alone. Well she needs to start acting normal; with class, and good sense. She's so trashy.

3003 days ago


Forget Powerball- GEEK IS RICH NOW- BritFed trusted their contract when Videotaping their lives together................... And more importantly the Nerdy dude that they trusted to completely "delete" the stuff they filmed and deemed "OOPS, We're F---'d Up Again" AKA-"PERSONAL AND NOT FOR PUBLIC VIEWING!"

I'm not a fan nor an anti-fan of Brit. If anything, I'm more of a fan now- Go Girl! Have Fun! Be You! Get naked! Get f'd up! Do it with cool dude........

Next time- Figure out how to "delete files" yourself.

3003 days ago


that is true he had to leak this his self

3003 days ago


Britney is hilarious, HUH???

3003 days ago


Drugs are so fun, aren't they?

3003 days ago
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