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Britney Like You've Never Seen Her

8/5/2006 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Check out this clip from YouTube -- It's Britney like you've never seen her! And yes -- that's Kevin playing cameraman.

Britney Spears stoned

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She's so cute!!!!!!! I love it when someone is confident enough with his or her self to not be afraid to act silly around loved ones. More people should share her goofiness. In a sad world such as the one we live in a little laughter will go a long way. I love this girl!!!!!!

3002 days ago


Poor little Britney! Can't she see her husband is making a blithering idiot out of her?

3002 days ago


I am a Connecticut Yankee who has lived Georgia for the last 10 years and believe me, ever since Jeff Foxworthy made being a Redneck popular and profitable, even the southern aristocracy (descended from Plantation owners) have been jumping on the Redneck Wannabe bandwagon. How much of Britney's behavior is genuinely stupid, clueless, crude, and tacky? Its hard to tell. So much of the way southern women behave, in general, is completely artificial. I have actually been socially ostracized for being direct and honest. My guess is that she is probably genuinely stupid, lewd, and crude but the reason for the release of this video is where the artifice lies. I think it was created to show us the down home country girl, real person just like you and me, that Britney truly is, so she can regain some of her lost favor, popularity, and likeability. What these two idiots don't realize is we have seen enough of how tacky and classless Britney is already and it is one of the key reasons why we hate her.

3002 days ago


What a retard! I think she's eligible to be a Howard Stern WhackPacker!

3002 days ago


wow brittany what were you on!!!! you are weird, but i still like you... you are the shit even tho you do act like a hillbilly ha ha....

3002 days ago


Debra and Karin,
we are trying desperately to leave the girl alone. Her career is history. She is old news. We wouldn't mind if she just burned out and faded away. She is the one who keeps trying, through devices like this video, and deliberately stupid public actions, to get our attention, even if it is negative attention, to keep her name in the news. We wish she would go away. She is pathetic and embarassing.

3002 days ago


There were some hicks who had a kid and Britney was her name-oh, B-I-M-B-O, B-I-M-B-O! OMG is she dumb or what? And people idolize her WHY?! Friggin' brainless bunch of people. She shouldn't have been allowed to breed since this obviously was videotaped before she bore her baby boy. This should've been some hardcore evidence that she shouldn't have been allowed motherhood rights at ALL! I feel sorry for her child and the one that's coming - hold on kiddos, mama's a friggin' nutcase! Hope you can cut loose BEFORE you turn 18, run as soon as you can walk!!! STOP BREEDING BRITNEY - you're not doing the world any favors!!!

3002 days ago


for the record nobody is "10 times better" than anybody else. We are all equal. Both Britney and Jessica are phony as hell. It is a necessity of the business they are in. If you think, for a minute, that Britney is real and being herself, then you are very naive and deluded. You may need to get out in the world and gain some experience interacting with people.

3002 days ago


HELLO!~!? Am I the only one who thinks that this clip is result of "Deleted files" from the Brit'nKevn "reality" series filmed and produced BY THEM! ............. Series Finale.................. The "SURPRISED EVERYONE EVEN MOM & DAD!" WEDDING!!!!

I believe this is THEM- 4 REAL- I say CONGRATS!

So BritFed trusted the contract when Videotaping their lives together................... And more importantly the Nerdy dude they trusted to completely "delete" the stuff they filmed and deemed "OOPS, We're F---'d Up Again" AKA-"PERSONAL AND NOT FOR PUBLIC VIEWING!"

I'm not a fan nor an anti-fan of Brit. If anything, I'm more of a fan now- Go Girl! Have Fun! Be You! Get naked! Get f'd up! Do it with cool dude........

Next time- Figure out how to "delete files" yourself.

3002 days ago


if Britney ever seemed glamorous and respectable to you (even her first video was Pop-Tart trash, and sent very irresponsible messages about sexuality to her target audience who were pre-teen girls), I would hate to live or raise a child in your world.

3002 days ago


What a fruit loop

3002 days ago


you are overstating the obvious. By now, even Britney knows K-Fed's agenda. She accepts that and may even like the arrangement. It is THAT important to her to have a man. Some women have low self-esteem and are desperate like that. I don't see why you are villainizing K-Fed for seeing and seizing an opportunity. Britney is hardly innocent of that sin. I mean, isn't that exactly what Britney did herself when she took K-Fed away from Shar Jackson, the mother of his children? Or don't that Black woman and those half-breed children count? Doesn't it matter that those two children are without a father in the home? Shar Jackson was informed of her split with K-Fed by the Papparazzi. Britney is reaping what she has sown.

3002 days ago


Britney is getting exactly the reaction out of you that she intended to get when she made this inane video. She has got you believing that she is genuine and downhome. You have been played. My God, don't be so easily manipulated.

3002 days ago


It's difficult to really say if Brittany and Kevin filmed this with the idea in mind to release this to the public. However, no matter what anyone else thinks my opinion is IT'S HALARIOUS! I have actually watched it several times because it is very funny! A bit on the stupid side but nonetheless funny! Be mindful of the fact that Brittany is no fool when it comes to business and promoting her self and creating publicity and buzz! Again back to my initial point, who knows if they intended for this to be released. I am an actor myself and we do have some funny silly moments of me on ( home camera) acting silly and not like my public image. People are people and most of us have our moments with our companions when we are acting silly and perhaps a little bit unlike what we usually are like. Brittany much like her idol ( Madonna) knows how to continue to develope a variety of ways to keep the public talking. And in show business be it film and or music, any publicity is better than no publicity! I think the public takes things like this tape of Brittany and get out of hand with it, she is just a person like anyone else. And hey come on, the girl isn't hurting anyone. The issue here is if you don't like what you are watching, then don't watch it! Again I thnk it's HALARIOUS! People from Louisiana aren't " red neck " as if " red neck " automatically equates horrible people, it doesn't! People from Louisiana do have different dialects in different parts of Louisiana, but not " red neck ". The more typical dialects are either of cajun wich also does not automatically equate " horrible people " nor stupid uneducated people. When you observe Brittany in interviews on different shows, she generally never speaks with that dialect. She may be acting in this clip, or just being silly. Or maybe somehow she has picked up that way of speaking along the way. She is surely NOT drunk in this clip. Ok the belching is a bit much ( haha ). I do like class taste and a bit of sophistication! But again, perhaps just a candid private home recording for she and Kevin, for their own private use and either they released it for the public or someone else did. Who knows. If you watch it a couple of times you will laugh more with each time. The first time I watched it I laughed a bit but I thought what is she doing? But then I watched it a few times and found it HALARIOUS! Maybe it's just because most often I rather try to find the humor in things rather than tear someone down! In any case, GOD BLESS TO BRITTANY, KEVIN AND THEIR CHILDREN!

3002 days ago


I want to know "Why" in the world would her hubby humiliate his wife the way he is doing? Making her look like trash.. with her "HUH'S".. she is wasted as anyone can see. Next why in the world would she allow him to video tape her while she is wasted, talking trash,looking like trash, and gotta wonder where is the baby at while this is all going on ....geesh ...her memory is goneezoo, she don't remember things, good grief does she remember she has a child ? Oh and lets not forget that she loves to act babyfied herself for "attention" And then how about Brittney not knowing what is going on in her life? Unbelieveable..They both are sick in the head.. and should have that baby taken and put somewhere safe!!

3002 days ago
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