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Exclusive: Prosecutor in Gibson Case Removed

8/7/2006 10:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the prosecutor who filed DUI charges against Mel Gibson has been removed from the case.

Ralph Shapiro, the Deputy in Charge at the Malibu branch of the D.A.'s office, has been taken off the case. The new deputy D.A. is Gina Satriano, who is currently handling the case against Rodney Alcala, accused of mass murder. In the past, Satriano prosecuted Courtney Love for assault.

We're told the switch occurred late last week. TMZ contacted D.A. Spokesperson Sandi Gibbons, who said the switch "was not the least bit unusual." Gibbons added that supervisors routinely file cases and then are replaced by trial deputies.

TMZ noted four cases to Gibbons in which the Deputy in Charge personally handled a high-profile case -- Shapiro's predecessor in Malibu, Lonnie Peterson, handled cases against Nick Nolte, Nicole Richie. Deputies in Charge also handled cases against Zsa Zsa Gabor and the accused killer of model Linda Sobek. Gibbons responded by saying those were "four cases out of tens of thousands of cases," repeating that it is typical to give cases to "experienced trial lawyers."

Shapiro, who is Jewish, could not be reached for comment. As TMZ first reported, Gibson hurled several anti-semitic comments at the arresting deputy, though the comments are not the basis of the prosecution's case.


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the wise old owl the Plot thickens. It sounds like a MOVIE in the making to me. Hurry up Mel. You can produce , STAR, AND DIRECT . Buy the rights to this one. Before somebody else comes along snatches it. WE ALL KNOW YOU NEED THE MONEY. Besides, we know you wouldn't want some Jewish person to do it. I couldn't of wrote this better myself. More twists and turns than a BAD SCRIPT.

2968 days ago

ManBearPig Huntress    

Hey Poster #3, Mad Max - Mind if I hold the curtains open for ya'?

2968 days ago


Don't you people have anything else to think about ? I am personally getting
sickened by all of your BS on what he said. I would like to have a mic in your homes to see what you have said time to time.

And, before you reply, I am reading this in hopes that people are starting to wake up to the fact that he is a human, not to grasp more gossip, I am sick of it already.

Leave the man alone. Personally, I am now more encouraged to see more of his movies, just to prove you bastards wrong !

In my case, I feel so sorry for the

2968 days ago


This happens all the time in the justice system. "Hey Joe, I have too many cases can you take ......" Really not a big deal. TMZ is really looking too hard for something to continue reporting about.

2968 days ago


This site has to be run by Jews because everyone else has moved on. Just trying to make a buck and trying to percesute another Christian!!!! Same old dance different day!

It's like the Jewish Mom who calls her kid and tries to make them feel bad "you never call". Beat that dead horse, just beat it some more.

.02 of the world population is Jewish but is sure sounds like there is 90% these days. They do a great job Wailing! They don't call it the Wailing wall in Jeruselum for nothing! Of course in the Jewish good book anybody who is not Jewish is considered a "Heathen". It is good to lie, cheat and steal from anyone else who is not Jewish. Go Figure, eh?

Can't wait for Mel's movie to come out. Me and 20 friends are going to see it. Twice!

GO MEL GO!!!!!!

2967 days ago


Can anyone here actually say that they have NEVER said something completely stupid when they were blitzed? I made a HUGE mistake one time and had a fight with my husband and THEN proceeded to get totally drunk off my butt. Anyone here knows the combo dont mix. That was three years ago and I still feel bad for what I said to him. Hes an awesome guy and forgave me wholeheartedly because he knew I didnt mean anything I said. I believe the same for Mel. He is an incredible actor and knows he has a problem. He has apologized a million times and is trying to rectify the horrible situation. I think sometimes we forget that celebrities bleed and hurt just like us. They're not robots,they're human and being human he should have the right to make mistakes and we should be hman and forgive.

2967 days ago

Shelly Taylor    

I find it sad that there are so many hateful people out there. Obviously there is a lot of ignorance about the others beliefs. More importantly, where in the Bible does Jesus say to hate your neighbors, or anyone for that matter? I've read the whole book many times and I can't find it. When it comes to what Mel did, it is unacceptable for anyone. You can't blame the alcohol, that's just an excuse. He is responsible for his behavior, including his drinking. To condone it and make up lies about Jews (or anyone for that matter) just makes no sense. For others to make antisemetic comments in honor of Mel Gibson is bizarre. Especially, since even Mel himself said his behavior was wrong. Hate serves no useful purpose. Why are people so hell-bent on spreading hate in the name of religion?

2967 days ago


OK, guy`s Let me tell you what is going to happen.Mel will get away with this! SO, I say ,"he who is with-out sin cast the first stone" Leave his a** alone, now.

2967 days ago


HarveyHarveyHarvey...So is this worth it---deliberately stirring up animosity on both sides for the sake of ratings and your new-found fame? TV contracts anyone? You are so myopic that you will never truly grasp the far-reaching consequences of your actions and for that I grieve for you, me and the rest of humanity.

Hmmm.... I wonder who in this entire sordid affair is the most despicable: the drunken fool or the wily weasel who exploits people's weaknesses for personal gain.

2967 days ago

Larry 'The Cable Guy'    

Let Mel heal in peace already,

On the news:
Stop Attacking Mel Gibson, Put up or Shut up, link:

2967 days ago


LOL at the idiots who act as though Mel Gibson spoke to the U.N. or at a public rally, or even an interview.

Newsflash: it was 2:30AM, he spoke to a (jewish) cop, DRUNK off his mind. This story IS being blown out of proportion. Maybe, just maybe, you can argue that it isn't IF he was speaking publicly (not privately to a cop while drunk) and/or he didn't apologize (which he did). But that isn't the case here, MOVE ON. ridiculous shit like this really dimishes real claims of serious antisemitism. And it makes you all seem too sensitive, unforgiving, vindicative and hypocritical.

I am Asian American and i have the media, films, tv, AND people, celebrities and noncelebrities, say offensive things about my people all the time. IF Mel had said "Asians" to an Asian cop and went off drunk on a HIGHWAY AND then apologized, i KNOW that my community would not be this petty. Additionally, the media would not have covered it this extensively.

I am still waiting for MY apology when Sarah Silverman, a JEWISH comic, called my people "chinks" on the Conan O'Brien show and then REFUSED to apologize, even slandering an activist who demanded one.

beating this story to death and blowing it out of proportion only makes you look hypocritical. i hope one day you people who hate will be judged NOT by how you lived for 50 years but by a single drunken moment. hypocrites.

2967 days ago


And onther issue I need to raise is Rob Schneider. Dont get me wrong I think he is a hillarious actor. the first date my hubby ever took me on we saw Deuce Bigalo and laughed the whole night! HOWEVER< for him to put a huge ad in a paper stating he would NEVER work with Mel gibson because of his comment is just outta control. I mean come on people whens the last movie you saw them working together anyways? Let me think...NONE!!! If he had actually done movies with him the ad still would have been stupid but at least he would have made an opinion. The fact he's NEVER worked with him to star with just made the ad just ridiculous!

2967 days ago


Maybe Mel's trail will be like his last movie, in a forgein obscure language. Isn't his lastest movie the same way. I know I'm not impressed by all these subtitled movies, but I'll not pay $ 10.00 to see a subtitled movie again. If he not happy with america and americanactors he can go join Russel Crowe. But to get back to the present.. He screwed up and now has to eat dirt. Go into rehab and fake it like the rest. You'll be forgiven. Like Aways.

2967 days ago


What's so tragic about all this hoopla is that Mr. Harvey Levin has succeeded in reenforcing the stereotypical Jew- selfish,self-righteous, vindictive and ready to make a quick buck at the expense of the gentiles and his fellow Jews.

2967 days ago


it sounds like this has become a bashing ground for people
who have a problem with jews.
its starting to sound like a romper room in here
all this story is attracting are the immoral, simple minded cretins
who are morally bankrupt and ethically inept

2967 days ago
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