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Confirmed: Dave & Jenna Are a Couple!

8/8/2006 6:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

From Jeff Davidson's Sound Bytes blog

Dave Navarro has had a tough year. First, he received a lot of flack about his "experimentation" with men that allowed him to satisfy any inner questioning of his sexuality and then, of course, he most recently split with wife Carmen Electra. But, Dave may be in position to share some good news...

As Star first reported, TMZ has confirmed with legendary adult film star Jenna Jameson's publicist that she has split from her husband and is, in fact, dating Dave. This actually makes sense given the pairing of rock stars and porn stars. Tommy Lee was reported to be dating "Vivid Girl" Stefani Morgan, and of course, Tommy also turned Pammy Anderson into an amateur porn star! Then you also have Evan Seinfeld of Biohazard and VH1's "Supergroup" fame who is married to adult star Tera Patrick and Korn's Jonathan Davis' wife is recently retired from the biz.

I must say this is a nice score for Dave. It would be tough for Dave to find anyone to replace firecracker Carmen, but from what I've seen, ahem, I mean "heard" Jenna is up to the task.


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I really don't think Jenna is all that intelligent! How high of an IQ do you need to spread your legs? Carmen is better off without Dave and hopefully won't want him back after he's been with Jenna.

2965 days ago


Jenna looks like a man in drag and Dave looks like a werewolf.

2965 days ago


I think they are perfect for eachother. Am I the only one that thinks he is totally gross! I just think he is freakish and him and jenna will undoubtly make beautiful movies together. Carmen needs to find herself anyway, and she is finally on the right track.

2965 days ago

wendell dixon    

Go for it least you know what kinda skills that she has in bed-lol....If you like it..I love it....Funny how folks can comment on someones elses relationship when their relationships are in shambles..Im not a hater on you bro..If you're be it..Hey you found the ultimate freak for ya...At least I can say from one man to the go from one hot chick to the next..forget what someone thinks of your thang man..Jenny rocks@!1

2965 days ago


One skank deserves another!...........but, oh, wait, he already had his skank (Carmen)..........guess he just likes the skanky women. He must be confident if he thinks he can "measure" up to ALLLLLL the men she has been w/ in her "business".

2965 days ago


No longer with BEAUTIFUL Carmen and now with a HOOKER. Nice move Dave!

2965 days ago


Both gross! They both make me want to vomit!

2965 days ago


FREAKS! What else can be said!

2965 days ago


Love is fleeting. Herpes is forever.

2965 days ago


Oh Brother here we go again!!
I wonder if he has removed Carmen's initals from his chest yet? (Tacky) Remeber you never get a tattoo of someone's name or initals on your body, dumb ass.
You would think he would respect himself more, oh wait I am sorry I forgot he boasted about being bi sexual, must have been all the enemma's ha ha

2965 days ago


From classy to trashy! They are both in marriages and now they are both conviently getting divorced from those marriages. Seems like this has been in the works. Since when did B listers become so self important and only here to service their ID's? Digusting.

2965 days ago


Those celebs certainly don't waste any time finding new (mating) partners...I wonder if Dave is gonna ask Jenna to hook up with any women for him. She's definitely not shy, and supposedly Jenna claims to have already had sex with another C-listed busty blonde (who denies it)...I wonder who's telling the truth :)

2965 days ago


BlackMetal and Sara ... By religion and moral standards, respectively, I assume you mean Christianity; in which case, you might want to learn a bit about Christianity before you go attacking it. If you did know anything about true Christianity, then you would know that Christians are called to love people despite their sin and Jesus Himself spent much of His time around prostitutes and whores (an action that was looked down upon more in His day than in ours). So, instead of assuming that someone's judgmental ideas come from their religion, do a little research and realize that it is a problem with the person, not with the "religion". By the way, it's kind of ironic that you criticize someone for being judgment (calling that person a "self-righteous pig") when you yourselves seem to be the poster children for judgmentalism. Pot calling the kettle black? I think so. By the way, Sara, are you not judging that person by your moral standard (which just happens to be different htan hers)? Don't try to get philosophical if you have no idea what you're talking about.

2965 days ago


I am not a fan of porn, nor am I a fan of Dave's. But is it really fair to judge someone so critically? I've seen documentaries about Jenna, even read her book out of curiousity. I was actually very impressed. She built a whole empire off what she does best. Why judge her? Who doesnt like sex? And why judge based off sexual preference?

Just because they are stars, she happens to be a porn star, that doesnt mean they cant pursue happiness and love. They have every right to.

Until this turns into a train wreck, give them a break! Let them enjoy their time together. When and if it crashes and burns, then its fair ground. Just give them a chance guys. Who doesnt want to be happy??

2965 days ago


She's just his beard!

2965 days ago
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