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Confirmed: Dave & Jenna Are a Couple!

8/8/2006 6:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

From Jeff Davidson's Sound Bytes blog

Dave Navarro has had a tough year. First, he received a lot of flack about his "experimentation" with men that allowed him to satisfy any inner questioning of his sexuality and then, of course, he most recently split with wife Carmen Electra. But, Dave may be in position to share some good news...

As Star first reported, TMZ has confirmed with legendary adult film star Jenna Jameson's publicist that she has split from her husband and is, in fact, dating Dave. This actually makes sense given the pairing of rock stars and porn stars. Tommy Lee was reported to be dating "Vivid Girl" Stefani Morgan, and of course, Tommy also turned Pammy Anderson into an amateur porn star! Then you also have Evan Seinfeld of Biohazard and VH1's "Supergroup" fame who is married to adult star Tera Patrick and Korn's Jonathan Davis' wife is recently retired from the biz.

I must say this is a nice score for Dave. It would be tough for Dave to find anyone to replace firecracker Carmen, but from what I've seen, ahem, I mean "heard" Jenna is up to the task.


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Seeing as she only does female on female action movies i doubt she has an STD and when she does a movie with a man it's with her now (ex) husband. When she got married she refused to do any other men... I doubt she has an STD. They do HIV testing in the porn industry.

Just because you're a porn star doesn't mean you have diseases.

2963 days ago

duh...totally !    

These are 2 of the dirtiest celebs out there! Both 'experamenting" w/the opposite sex. ..... they deserve each other! NASTY ! oh yah....this will last about 5 secs in Hollywood anyway !

next time we see either one of these 2 scumbags, they'll probably be on the Surreal Life LOL

2963 days ago

Matthew Huthmacher    

The fact that 15 people even COMMENTED on this prior to me is amazing. Let him do what he wishes...with whomever. Don't you do the same....?

2963 days ago


dating a whore? good luck with all THAT!!

2962 days ago


Jenna is a beautiful, intelligent and articulate woman. You naysayers can just f*ck off.

2962 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

This is perfect!!!!!!!! Now they can work together, She can maintain her reign as a human excriment dumpster.

And he can be the "FLUFFER" on the sets of the porno movie. You know what I mean. What a Homosexual loser, and failed musician.

He should have kept the gig he had with Mentos...

2962 days ago


this is not true. check out jenna's myspace and she gives you the scoop about whats really going on in her blog...

2962 days ago

Shannon this gross or what?? I mean he "tried" guys??? Ewww. If you have to try to make sure that it isn't what you want, makes you wonder ladies. His door doesn't close and lock. It pushes right straight thru to the other side. Porn star or not I wouldnt touch with 10 foot pole. Besides his friend that he "tried" might have used it on him.

2960 days ago


I really have no opinion on any of this except for some of the disgusting comments I read after the post.
As has been stated in 2 other replies, homosexually or bisexuality does NOT make someone a bad person or worthy of a heterosexuals scorn. Nor does someones promiscuity/career choice alter their personal value.

2960 days ago


You get paid to have sex with a few million people on video and you're branded a whore. Gosh you people are so judgmental.

2959 days ago


jenna is beautiful. her book was your minds up and read it....

2958 days ago


I just think it's sad that these folks toss each other around so carelessly. How can they have any kind of relationship with anyone the way they treat the sanctity of marriage? I personally can't 'transition' as quickly as they do. Unless this is a huge publicity stunt and we are all falling for it, I hope they can justify their actions. I feel bad for Carmen. Dave is confused. And Jenna, well, she's just Jenna. Too many men, too little self esteem involved here.

2958 days ago

irish dave    

jesus, we must have better things to do with our time than this, eh?


for all the moralists, christian etc critics, ehm, in your bible, this famous guy said "cast the first stone" and who the hell hasn't rushed into a relationship, made a poor choice, or found somenone to bounce out of a hard time.

I liked the entire thread of everyone. It's cool, everyone voicing their opinion...

Jennas determined to get about a male-dominated world, good for her. Courtesans did for centuries because it was the only get to get some power and rise about the murk and the mire.

Sure the world needs better role models but that's why we're all a celeb gossip website, and not a quantum physics one.

judge not, or else be judged, was another thing that famous guy said.

and one last famous quote to end off a freakin' long night

"when it comes down to it,
let them think what they want.
if they care enough to bother
with what i do, than i am already
better than them" - Marilyn Monroe

adios amores

2958 days ago


Jenna Jameson is NOt smart...for example smart girls dont lay around and get F***ED all day for their careers... and he is a disgusting pig who should have kept his nasty bi-sexual Penis in his pants while he was married

2958 days ago


Who Cares about these morons anyway!
Cry me a river. Poor Carmen. What does she expect? Its Dave Navarro.
They have no sense of the real world! I bet the relationship with Jenna Jamison will last too! Not! She is a Whore! Hot, but still a whore!

2958 days ago
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