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Katie Says She Feels "Ripped Off"

8/8/2006 2:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Couric says she still reels from the loss of her husband eight years ago, but feels lucky to have a "sorority house" at home to help get her through the tough times.

In an interview with Parade magazine that appears this Sunday, Couric says that she's "doing great" and that her daughters -- Ellie, 14, and Carrie, 9 -- are "thriving." And yet, says the soon-to-be anchor of the CBS Evening News, "when I see a father walking down the street with a little girl and holding her hand, my feeling of loss is palpable. I'm so envious. We were ripped off. I was ripped off, and that's all there is to it."

Even though she doesn't currently have a significant other, Couric tells Parade's Jacquelyn Mitchard that she has "a very full social life." But she admits that a little romance would be nice. "I would love to be married or in a really solid, committed relationship. I'd love that now. But [the right guy] just hasn't materialized."

And she realizes that sooner rather than later she'll have to introduce Ellie and Carrie to the world of men, given her distaff-heavy household. "I've started to think that it's important for my girls to realize there are some really nice, wonderful men out there, because we live in a bit of a sorority house here," says Couric. "Everyone in our house is female. Even the guinea pig is female."


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I am sincerely sorry about her loss - it would devestate me if I was to lose my husband, but I am so glad she's not on the Today show anymore! I can't wait til Meredith V starts next month!! Now if they could only get rid of Ann Curry...

2998 days ago

Alex Rogers    

Thats so interesting. But I dont think that my grandma reads this webpage, so who gives a f*ck about this sh*t fake-news anchor.

Just a hint: Your ugly Katie. If you find a man its because of your money, and he is definetly cheating on you.

2998 days ago


TMZ has an agreement with PARADE. they spotlight the magazine EVERY month. more and more i am becoming suspicious of TMZ. The poor mishandling of the Mel Gibson thing sparked it. Harvey Levin is a very unethical guy and thus he can only create unethical work i.e. this site.

2998 days ago


I think katie leaving the Today show was agood thing for her. No more early morning wake ups maybe she will get to eat breakfast with her girls now. The chemistry of the crew on the Today show was good they seemed like family . hopefully with Meredith it will be as smooth. I hope she does find a man for her life. Jay dieing left an empty hole and both Ellie and Carrie were so young when he died. Remember every one get that colon checked!!! :(

2998 days ago


Hey Katie- try raising 3 kids on a $35,000 per year salary and be told that you make "too much" for assistance. While your husband's death is a tragedy, and I sympathize, PLEASE PLEASE stop whining. You have great kids, a great career, and have more money than you and your kids know to do with!!!! Take a subway ride to the South Bronx, Harlem or even Westchester. I am certain you will feel quite lucky after that. By the way, Meredith sucks!

2998 days ago


Katie might have better luck in finding a man worth keeping, if she starts going after single men... the last one was still married. I do not think highly of her at all.

2998 days ago


Katie Couric is being paid $60 million for her job at CBS. Katic Couric will not cover any wars like Christianne Ammanpour, who is also a mother, and Ann Curry, another mother of 2 children, all of whom have been covering the Israel-Hezbollah wars.And other female anchors as well.
Does anyone think Katie Couric is worth $60 million? So what Katie is saying is that 'Katie's life is worth more than the other female reporters?"
I don't.

2998 days ago


Isn't it kind of ironic how she is talking about her deceased husband now, when she is getting ready to start her new anchor position on the Evening News. I am glad she is no longer on the Today show.

2998 days ago


Katie Couric's 'dead husband' story is katie Couric's 'oh poor me...look at how I have and am still sufferring..."
We have all lost loved ones, but I find her interview pathetic.
Katie Couric needs another sad story to hawk around for people to feel sorry for her.

2998 days ago


How mean! Just because she's got a lot of money doesn't mean that she's not allowed to mourn the loss of her husband. She's still a human being and allowed to speak about how her life has affected her. How petty to turn her comment into a statement about how screwed up our government asistance programs are. The programs are INDEED a travesty, but the two are just not related at all.

2998 days ago

Alex Rogers    

I cant wait to see Katie bring that high caliber journalism of hers to the evening news.

And I thought that the ret-elling of world news couldnt get any dumber. This is going to be great!

2998 days ago


Katie, I am so sorry for the loss of your husband. I can not imagine what it would be like to loose my husband to cancer so young. If you would like to "be married, in a really solid committed relationship" try finding one that isn't married. My heart goes out to you and Mrs. Werner. She must be hurt at the loss of her husband and having to raise her kids on much less. I find it hard to pity anything more of you then your husband dying to cancer.

2998 days ago

Paul Sweeney    

Man, some of these postings are mean .... really mean, man! I had the privilage of hearing Katie speak. She spoke about her life, she spoke about the world, and she spoke about her love for people. She was very cool ... you guys are too mean ... Katie's cool!

I'm in the book, Katie!

paul :-)

2998 days ago


Maybe tou could find a guy worth a crap if you were'nt such a manipulative, controlling bitch. And my source is someone who knows...

2998 days ago


I lost my husband at 20, we had only been married for 14 months and had a baby on the way and I survived. I didn't have a house with a staff that allowed me the time to grieve. I had to go to work so I could take care of an infant that was born 3 weeks after his father died. Where is MY $60 million?

2998 days ago
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