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Matthew McConaughey -- Shirtless Again

8/8/2006 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sucks to be the other shirtless celebrity on the beach when Matthew McConaughey is around, a lesson Adrien Brody learned the hard way today. Matthew & Adrien: Click to launch
Both Hollywood hotties were sunning themselves in Miami Beach today and while Brody may not be the least fit guy on the block, he paled in comparison to super-sculpted McConaughey.

TMZ, never missing a chance to show Matthew without a shirt on, has compiled a group of photos from the day and we want to know who you think has the better beach bod.


No Avatar


Matthew is sizzling!!!! YUM!

2995 days ago

Alex Rogers    

I stole their shirts when they werent looking.


2995 days ago


Wish I was there-I am in Lauderdale would have ran to see Matthew

2995 days ago


matt has a small dick.

2995 days ago

Kevin Keckeisen    

Matthew's a freakin' hack and is totally unworthy of his mediocre fame status. Only reason he's got the little fame he does is because that PAYWHORE show 'Entertainment Tonight' spent 4 solid months telling us of this struggling actor who guarantees will be "the next big thing". Well, yeah............. if your agent's paying for all that coverage, you have a shot. He's a scam.

And TMZ, slow news day, eh? Just sad.

2995 days ago

Kevin Keckeisen    

Yeah, a small circumutilated dick. Just ask Sandra Bullock.

2995 days ago


Where do all these caucasian white guys get their butts, chest and backs waxed? I know they're hairy naturaly but everytime you see them they look like wannabe Seymore Butts porn stars.

2995 days ago

Sam Doe    

These celebrities always seem to be breaking up -- as we hear from this ex-lover of Tom Cruise.

2995 days ago

get a life people    

whoever works for youtube you need to get a life...........we have all seen the fake stuff on that web page............

2995 days ago

the kid    

Matt... why don't you come down to the Wedge in Newport Beach, we'll teach you how to bodysurf some big juicy waves. You're in shape and I'd bet you'd pick up a style fast... you'd be doing something nobody else in your realm would have the nuts to do. The media would label you a STUD on the water. You'd love it... seriously, come down.

2995 days ago


I am so sick of Matt's narcissism and his shortless bod, it's just so obvious that he does not give a damn about anything or anybody else in the world but his freaking body. And by the way I like Brody's stomach better because Matt ' got that type of stomach that looks a little round and pregnant no matter how buff the owner is.
Even those videos of Matt running or talking - they just screem how much he loves himself, And while high self esteem is one of the greatest things you can do to yourself, still who needs a guy who only cares about his abs and stuff? I have no idea how Penelope could stand him for all this time. probably because she never really learned Enlgish.
Besides Matt is not tall, so all his buffness is not suported by descent height. His face is far from being handsome. Even his movie roles- boy, all he does (Failure to lunch) is adoring his own body and so-called sexiness.
I mean serisoulsy - if you made all that money why don't you follow in steps of Brad and Angie and do some good to less fortunate, instead of just pointlessly hitting the beach and showing off your so-called perfect physic.
I mean when some one is sexy - one is sexy , period, like Angelina Jolie and when one is not - well, one is not. I am sorry.

2995 days ago


Adrien is more naturally sexy, he's cool and classy. The only point in common is that they both like Spanish actrices.

Brody is really, really hot.

2994 days ago


Both of these guys are okay. Noithing to write home about.

2994 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

Oh give me a break - Adrian looks fine. He may not be as defined as Matt but who cares.

2994 days ago


OMG Matthew is BEAUTIFUL! It would be amazing to have his babies!

2994 days ago
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