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O'Reilly - Olbermann Feud Gets Ethnic

8/8/2006 5:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

oreilly-olbermann-feud-gets-racialThe ongoing clash between cable titans Keith Olbermann and Bill O'Reilly has officially been deemed offensive. After a Nazi gesture was used, the Anti-Defamation League has now decided to join the fight.

In a letter to MSNBC's Olbermann, the ADL states their "deep dismay" with the "use of the Nazi 'Seig Heil' salute." Olbermann used the gesture while holding up a mask of O'Reilly during a recent Television Critics Tour.

Olbermann was quick to explain his actions to TMZ, saying "I did that in the persona of Bill O'Reilly because he's been defending the Nazis at Malmedy for the last year." (The so-called 'Malmedy Massacre' of American POWs by German troops occurred during the famous Battle of the Bulge in World War II.)

The ADL, however, claims any use of the Nazi gesture "Even in jest - only serves to trivialize the Holocaust, and denigrate the memory of the six million Jews and others who died as a result."

Since their heated feud began, O'Reilly has referred to Olbermann - although not by name - as a "notorious smear merchant." Olbermann has named O'Reilly his "Worst Person in the World" at least 15 times.


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i watch o'reilly every night and he is right on the ball. He gives you the facts with no spinning. He has gotten Judges off the bench that give sexual prediters a 6 mos. sentences.
He is a great man that only believes in the truth.

2998 days ago


Olbermann is the best news reporter on the news scene today. He is the best because he is the only one with a sense of humor and he shows it on air. The second best is Jack Cafferty because he is surly and old. O Reilly is a gossip show host who should swallow a condom full of bees.

2998 days ago


If you check the ADL's Media Watch archives, it puts this letter in perspective. They've chastised every news outlet, print and electronic, and every host of every show, it seems -- including Fox, CNN, PBS, even C-SPAN! So this is sort of what they do -- direct lightning bolts at the media to let them all know they've got some influence with a particular constituency and to be careful. Plus, please note, the ADL criticized Bill O'Reilly long before they ever got around to Keith.

2997 days ago


If O'Reilly was a fair and balanced journalist he'd give his oppisition's opionion more than just the last word.

2997 days ago

Andrea Mackris    

Keith may have never married but then again he didn't sexually harass a female co worker while married. Bill never did deny the claim and settled out of court. Bill O'Reilly what an F@#$%ing joke! Fair and balanced my ass. A girl is murdered last month and he blames the victim. He's an asshole.

2997 days ago


This is the reason why uber-feminist feel men are menopausal and go through
"mid llife crises" and "second childhoods". Because two old geezers lacking
the sense God gave a Tse Tse fly are given air time to make jack-asses of themselves and a mockery of the evening news.Never thought i'd miss Huntley and Brinkley (or Douglas Edwards for that matter).

2997 days ago


I much prefer Olberman and his style of interviewing and calmly talking with his guests. He interjects some comic relief to the program with his worst people in world episodes. O'Reily is a full blown, hour long rant directed at the audience and his guests - who can't get a word in without O'Reily interjecting all the time. Why does O'Reily even have guests - the only opinion we hear is his.

2997 days ago


Most of the comments posted here regarding Bill O'Reilly, betray a nasty, divisive, intolerance and hatred of others for simply holding an opposing view. That O'Reilly has refrained from mentioning or reacting to Olbermann's behavior is commendable. That Olbermann's behavior is unacceptable is really pretty much self evident to the vast majority of adult Americans, doesn't particularly deserve discussion and O'Reilly would seem to be correct to characterize it as "Smear".

Surely legitimate debate is within the realm of acceptable behavior. If you disagree, tune to another channel. If Bill's guests feel abused, he will soon run short of supply. Oddly, it seems that those people who call most vigorously for compassion and freedom, seem to be the first to attempt to silence, defame or destroy those with whom they disagree. Talk of boycotting sponsors, ridicule and vicious name calling have only succeeded in convincing most Americans that those people doing it are on the wrong side of the argument. Why would people behave that way if they were otherwise in possession of the wit and facts to present a winning argument?

2997 days ago



2997 days ago


Re posts 64 and 72 -- Zone, you've been taken in by a fanfic site which hasn't the consideration to make it clear that's what it is. Haven't you grasped that FTRMT is a GROUP EFFORT and that the story keeps evolving and changing, with everyone adding ideas as they spring to mind? It's a rather nasty project, but this is the Internet and that's their creative bent. At least the authors don't intend FTRMT to be understood to be real, as O'Reilly's intends his daily and nightly bloviations to be. In addition to which, the lonelyheart protagonist of the blog doesn't have millions of listeners hanging on (and swearing by) "her" every word, as O'Reilly does!

2997 days ago

Alex Rogers    

But I dont want to learn Hebrew

2997 days ago


The criticism of O’Reilly is interesting and I have discovered there is little basis to it. He is definitely not the conservative villain naysayers perceive him to be. He shoots straight, calls it like he sees it, presents both sides to every argument, has a great sense of humor, especially about himself and, yes, he can be rude when need be. So sorry Keith, was an avid viewer, but had to tune in to the O’Reilly Factor to see the source of your angst and I haven’t been back your way since.

2997 days ago

J.luc Francois    

It's always hilarious to listen o'reilly calling for the firing or boycot or wathever of other newspeoples that don't agree with his sick opinions,when it comes to talent,o'reilly is to journalism what the" dogs playing poker" are to see them in a lot of houses,but they rarely add class to the wall they are hanging on...........and, another thing, why does he have this:"most ridiculous item of the day",when in fact,HE HIS the most ridiculous item of the day..........everyday..........I know he his PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN,but the real question would rather be: is AMERICA proud to have him? maybe not....

2996 days ago


I've said it before and will keep saying it every time a Jew starts getting their knickers in a knot over every little perceived or misperceived affront to the and the f*cking "IT WAS 60 GOD DAMN YEARS AGO GET OVER IT" Holocaust.
Why is it we don't hear a peep out of Native Americans many tribes of which (equivalent of individual European Countries in size) slaughtered to extinction by the horrifically scared stupid settlers who came hear and stole their land and lives from them to a degree that DWARFS the Holocaust.
You don't hear African Americans make as much noise when someone in the media makes some stereotypical remark or takes some mocking shot at them and they were dragged here in chains. People who were Kings and Queens in their native land. DRAGGED HERE LIKE DOGS! But only the Jews have suffered and find a slight in every other word that someone says that in any way shape or form refers to anything regarding Hitler or the Holocaust. Hell look what we did to Japan and those that are not even here in this Country get along with us better than the Jews who live here among all of the rest of us. We can all trace our ancestors back to some kind of persecution. If it didn't happen to your Parents or Grandparents the SHUT UP! It's over and your people have evidently regrouped, repopulated and more than prospered. Not nearly as many Native Americans or African Americans can say the same.

PS: Someone tell me if you can. Isn't Keith Jewish himself? I may be wrong but I'm still sick to death of the Jews whining here and not minding at all that our protecting that God damned Israel is indeed the root of many of this Country's problems and will be the death of all of us if we don't cut them loose and say. "Hey we helped you get your Jewish State. Now you wipe your own asses and fight your own battles. And GET THE HELL OUT OF LEBANON"! They've been squatting in a corner of it for decades. THAT'S why there's strife between Israel and Lebanon. Lebanon was just getting themselves to a good place and WHAAAA. Two interloping Israeli Soldiers got kidnapped. Now Bush, that scum bag idiot of a President has a reason to start a new war for Profit.

I wonder what percentage of American Soldiers are Jews from well off families compared to Blacks from lower income families. Hmm. I say let's make it mandatory here like Israel does. A two year stint for all. Rich and poor alike. Then let's see how many Corporate Fat Asses are so quick to rub their hands together and start seeing $$$ when they hear WAR. Nope not if their kids will have to go. Not just the underprivileged who fall for the snow job about all they'll get out of being all you can be. Yeah be all the sucker you can be and let a crooked, draft dodging, drugged out drunk of a President who's family still picnics with the Bin Laden family send all the underprivileged kids of the U.S. to war. They're only messing up our nice neighborhoods right. WRONG! I'd like to see all the fat rich kids go. The one's who's Daddies had their Daddies buy them out of going to Vietnam.
Sign me,
A fed up, white, middle class, Italian-American!

2996 days ago

Alex Rogers    


You are sending out too much truth for people to take. They wont be able accept the kind of hypocrisy that you are presenting. That will just be responded to with charges of racism. The system in place is set up to demonise people who make statements like yours, regardless of how truthful they are.

Scary isnt it

2996 days ago
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