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Top Stories for 08/08/06

8/8/2006 9:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The knives in the ongoing fight between Tori Spelling and her mom Candy just got a whole lot sharper.

According to reports this morning, Candy is cutting Tori out of two planned television tributes to her late husband, and Tori's dad, Aaron Spelling. And Tori is none too happy about it.

One of the tributes to the legendary TV producer, an ABC special, was to be hosted and executive-produced by Tori but has been killed completely by Candy, says a People magazine source. "All of [Aaron's] stars had signed on and some interviews had already been taped . . . But Candy wouldn't release the clips of his shows because Tori was involved in the project."

Candy's rep confirms that the show won't go on, but says that Candy "didn't feel the timing was right . . . since the Emmys were doing a big tribute to her husband around the same time." Speaking of the Emmys, Tori reportedly lashed out at her mother at a barbecue over the weekend, , calling her a "b**ch," says Lloyd Grove, because Candy is also trying to bar her from the Emmys and the tribute to her dad there.

Tori's rep says the rant was misunderstood, and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (the Emmy-bestowing body) says a Spelling celebration has yet to be finalized.

Brinkley Gets What She Wants – 'Cause It's Hers

Peter Cook's lawyer has said that his estranged wife Christie Brinkley "can have whatever she wants" should they eventually split up, but sources say that Christie would get the "lioness' share" of the couple's assets anyway.

"Christie brought most of the money into the marriage," confides one source in the New York Daily News. She was, according to the source, the principal investor in the pair's Hamptons properties, and that their prenup entitles Christie to most of their assets.

Separately, the other woman in all of this is no shrinking violet, as e-mails that Diana Bianchi's Southampton High School classmates might release could reveal. The now 19-year-old vixen, according to a source, "had a thing for some of the school's jocks and she made it clear in these e-mails that she didn't want other girls going near them." Bianchi's lawyer says, "We're not going to respond to all her high school friends."

Hef Doing Just Fine After Stroke Report

After a newspaper report that he was in ill health – or that he had in fact suffered a stroke – Playboy founder Hugh Hefner insisted on Monday that he was feeling just fine. "I've never felt better," said the 80-year-old publishing magnate. "We had a lingerie party Saturday night and I went up a little early because Holly [one of Hef's girlfriends] had a cold. I am in very good health."

Hefner hosted his annual "Midsummer Night's Dream" party at the Playboy Mansion Saturday night, welcoming Owen Wilson, Jack Black, Johnny Knoxville, and Jimmy Kimmel, amongst other guests, to his cozy confines, according to a Playboy rep. And the next night, Hef hosted a movie screening.

Dixie Chicks Cancelling Dates Due to Poor Sales

Country-rock trio the Dixie Chicks have ditched several concert dates on their "Accidents & Accusations" tour after slow ticket sales, but have added several others to, as they put it, "accommodate demand."

Kansas City, Houston, Memphis, and Knoxville, Tennessee, are amongst the cities that have been removed from the original schedule. Other cities' dates, like Nashville, LA, and Denver, have been postponed. Some DJs and music-industry insiders are saying that the Chicks' changing musical style has alienated some of its country fans, and that the new album, as one radio station manager in Indiana put it, hasn't "had that big of an impact around here." And yet other radio folk say that the damage from the group's criticism of President Bush and the war in Iraq hasn't yet been fully repaired.

The band counters that their album spent several weeks at the top of the country albums chart and has already gone platinum.

Goodie Bag: Bono and Steve Martin Are Neighbors, Ebert Has Surgery, Baldwin To Play Director on "The Sopranos."

New York magazine has published a controversial and – it says – accurate map of where stars live in New York City, and the map shows how the confines of Manhattan can make for some strange celeb bed- (or, at least, block-) fellows. . . Film critic Roger Ebert, on the mend from cancer surgery, had a minor surgical procedure Sunday to repair a blood vessel that burst near the site of his original surgery for a recurrence of salivary cancer. Ebert will soon begin physical therapy . . . Daniel Baldwin will play the director of the horror-gangster film that Christufuh (Michael Imperioli) so badly wants to get made on "The Sopranos." Baldwin was recently involved in an automobile accident in Los Angeles.

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No Avatar


What Dlist TV movie production company will turn this gripping saga into a Spelling quality movie of the week.And who will they get to play Tori.......Barbero?

2967 days ago

Shadowrider Anna    

This is the first time I have even felt compelled to leave a comment here. Tori Spelling may the most classless human being on the planet and her husband is no better. Her behavious on TV has been deplorable, listen up Tori, no one cared about your life before and no one cares about it now, you have become someone to just laugh about when we see you on TV. You claim to have a wonderfull realtionship with your new step-children, but give no respect to the mother of thos children. you have no respect for anyone and i cannot imagine why your mother would feel proud of you at all. Having said that, he was your daddy and whatever problems you have now are your own creation yet I do believe that you shouldnt not be shunned for your idiotic behaviour and be allowed to mourn your papa and not only be invited to all the shows but be second in line to give thanks for the one man who was always there for you and also to the man that gave you this life you seem to enjoy flaunting in front of the whole world. I dont know you and i didnt know your daddy but i watched his shows. If i were you I would go anyways to show your respect for him.. after all isnt what this is all about. your dad.. not you.. or you new carbon copy hubby and not his ex.. you are classless.. no amount of money could buy you that.

2967 days ago


I hate it when families cant' suck it up and at least be polite to each other. The fighting is going to drag them both through the mud. It's like the divorced parents who won't be nice on their daughter's wedding day. After a funeral is not the time to bring out the claws.

2967 days ago


She almost doesn't graduate because she gets drunk at prom.
She gets dumped by David because she won't have sex with him.
She almost gets raped by the campus stalker.
She gets thrown down the stairs by Ray Pruitt.
She doesn't win Rose Princess.
Her football player boyfriend moves back to Beaver Falls to become a coach.
She finally has sex with David and then they break up again.
She gets addicted to pain pills.
Her rich boyfriend Noah goes psycho and becomes an alcoholic.
Her father dies (both of them!)
I know there is more....but I am too overwhelmed now just thinking about all this!

And now her mother turns into real life Elise Martin! ARGH!

2967 days ago



2967 days ago


somebody needs to post a side by side photo comparison of tori spelling, teri hatcher & mr. ed

2967 days ago


It is clear that Candy Spelling has orchestrated the 'Fall of Tori Spelling', even when Aaron Spelling was still alive.
Candy Spelling is bent on destroying her own daughter.

2967 days ago


Sweet thing,
pls don't write any more comments. you need to take a grammar course.

2967 days ago

Alex Rogers    

Tori Spelling could turn around her life by becoming a scirntologist.

2967 days ago


I heard at Jennie Garth's wedding, Tori's real life boyfriend, Noah, from the show took off with Kevin Spacey.

Tori definitely has issues, but her mother's behavior only makes her look a real loser.

2967 days ago


If you don't like Tori, that is one thing, but why do you need to complain about her looks? After all she can't help what she looks like.

2967 days ago

My two cents    

I think it is absolutely HORRIBLE that Candy Spelling would be so vindictive as to try to cut Tori Spelling out of anything. Candy needs to dig a bit deeper into her heart (if she has one) and understand that Aaron Spelling NEVER would have wished this upon his daughter, but something tells me that Tori will go out there and live a nice life regardless WITHOUT her mother controling the purse. Shame on you Candy Spelling. You are an evil woman.

2967 days ago


Tori and her husband remind me of the Twilight Zone episode where the greedy children awaited their father's death and were asked to put on and wear ugly masks and then they would get their money, only to later realize upon their father's death that they were permanently hideous.

Yes that is who they are. Tori had the audacity to exploit and humiliate her family in her sitcom (specifically her mother) and then expect she would inherit a fortune. She is stupid as well as talentless and ugly (on the inside and out). P.S. did I mention she stole her current husband and wrecked a family, ugh.....

2967 days ago

Jean Coughlin    

I've seen the bitterness develop in less affluent, less famous families than the Spellings. But I can hardly sympathize with Tori.

She undoubtedly made a lot of money on 90210. Why didn't she buy a house, pay it off and watch it increase in value? If she spent her $ on clothes and surgery, too bad.

She saw her father once in the last 8 mos. of his life. So much for devotion.

She apparently was peeved that mom only spent a million on her wedding in a marriage that lasted less than a yr. and ended in adultry.

She then badmouths her new boytoy's ex for taking exception to her husband-stealing. And, yes, had the ex booted out of a music fest. Just like mom nixed Tori's participation in a tribute to her father.

I'm sure Tori was well taken care of by dad in her trust. After saying all the nasty stuff about her mom, belittling her on her semi-reality show and ignoring her ill father, I'm not surprised that mom has cut Tori off.

Tori is hardly a class act...and I suspect, neither is her mother.

2967 days ago

Shadowrider Anna    

sally . i just came to this country a year ago.. so f*ck you. did i spell that right?

2967 days ago
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